kiis1065: @adamlambert vs @gordie_pics #ImitateAmate

Top 10 Highest Bids 7/31 @ 9.30AM

1. Elliott Puppet - $2,500 [x]
2. Blaine Dalton Academy Uniform - $700 [x]
3. Kurt Locker Props - $550 [x]
4. Collection of Blaine Signature Bowties - $375 [x]
5. Blaine (Wanna Be Startin’ Something) Michael Jackson Costume - $325 [x]
6. Star Light from Kurt and Rachel’s Apartment - $275 [x]
7. Blaine Christmas Sweater - $225 [x]
7. Collection of Blaine Signature Bowties - $225 [x]
7. Collection of Blaine Signature Bowties - $225 [x]
7. Set of Kurt and Blaine Wedding Rings - $225 [x]


Body rolls. Aussie accent..and it seems as tho Adam is a pleasure treasure..

  • Adam:Yeah, I think in general I'm just kind of like favoring more a natural look. (About his hair color)
  • Ash:It happens when you get older I think, I think you just kind of like really dig youself a bit more and you're like "Why do I wanna change?"
  • Adam:Yeah, self acceptance, yeah. And you just called me old, thanks a lot. (laughs)
  • Ash:Hey, I'm older thank you, dude.
  • Adam:Are you?
  • Ash:Yeah.
  • Adam:You don't look old.
  • Ash:I am older.
  • Adam:You look very young.
  • Ash:How old do you think I am?
  • Adam:Well now that you're saying you're older than me ... But you don't know how old I am, do you? Is it on your wikipedia page?
  • Ash:I'm assuming you're like late 20s.
  • Adam:Well, thank you SO much. I'm not.
  • Ash:Yeah, well I'm late 20s. The latest 20s that you can be.
  • Adam:I'm older than you.
  • Ash:But we have great personalities.
  • Adam:And we look young! (laughs)
  • Ash:And we look so young.
  • Adam:So let's keep the illusion alive and we're not gonna name our ages.

Adam Lambert tattoos his biggest fan