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Okeeey so I don’t usually post stuff but a friend of mine asked me to make a true crime tag yourself and I thought tumblr might appreciate it. I have no idea why there’s like 400 typos in it I swear English is my first language wtf. Anyway it’s just a meme it’s not meant to be disrespectful or gross or anything please enjoy my completely unfunny sense of humour. (Also I blatantly stole the d a m a g e d thing from another tag yourself I apologise)

True Crime Would You Rather
  • 1. Would you rather have a personal conversation with Charles Manson or Arthur Shawcross?
  • 2. Would you rather have the Zodiac Killer's identity be discovered or Jack The Rippers?
  • 3. Would you rather have dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer (a vegetarian one, of course) or run around in a clown suit with John Wayne Gacy?
  • 4. Would you rather attend an AC/DC concert with Richard Ramirez or go arm cast shopping with Ted Bundy?
  • 5. Would you rather hang out with Dylan Klebold, sharing a Dr Pepper or watch a movie with Eric Harris while chewing on Slim Jim's?
  • 6. Would you rather clear up TJ Lane's skin or give Dylann Roof a new haircut?
  • 7. Would you rather play Dance Dance Revolution with Adam Lanza or play DOOM with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold?
  • 8. Would you rather have a personal conversation with James Holmes or Kip Kinkel?
  • 9. Would you rather try to solve a cold case from 20 years ago or solve a brand new one (if you were an investigator or officer).
  • 10. Would you rather interview a survivor from a mass shooting or interview a person who survived a serial killer's attempt to murder them?
  • 11. Would you rather risk your own life to save others or have others risk their own life to save you?
  • 12. Would you rather be one of the "hot girls" that TJ Lane supposedly responds to or be the only (that we know of) person who has gotten a response from Dylann Roof since 2015?
  • 13. Would you rather watch a true crime documentary or read a book?
  • 14. Would you rather visit the Columbine Memorial or attend one of the annual Boston Marathons?
  • 15. Would you rather only be able to read about your favorite case and no others, or not be able to read about your favorite case but have access to all others in the history of the world?
True Crime Asks

Send me a number and I’ll tell you:

1. Who’s my favourite serial killer. Why?

2. Who’s my least favourite serial killer. Why?

3. Who’s my favourite mass murderer. Why?

4. Who’s my least favourite mass murderer. Why?

5. What’s my favourite case that doesn’t involve a serial killer/mass murderer. Why?

6. What’s my favourite unsolved case and why.

7. How I got into true crime.

8. What I prefer: serial killers or mass murderers. Why?

9. Who I prefer: Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. Why?

10. Who I prefer: Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold. Why?

11. What’s my favourite true crime book. Why?

12. How many victims of my favourite murderer I can name.

13. What weapon I would use to kill someone. Why?

14. Do I support Death Penalty. Why?

15. Would I prefer to be executed or spend the rest of my life in prison. Why?

16. Execution methods- from favourite to least favourite.

17. Favourite true crime TV shows.

18. Favourite true crime movie.

19. Do I own any true crime merch.

20. Favourite true crime blogs!

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Siblings Of Notorious Killer

1. Elisabeth Behring, Half sister of Anders Breivik 2. David Dahmer, Brother of Jeffrey Dahmer 3. Byron Klebold, Brother of Dylan Klebold 4. Kevin Harris, Brother of Eric Harris 5. Ryan Lanza, Brother of Adam Lanza 6. Kristen Kinkel, Sister of Kipland Kinkel 7. Tammy Homolka, Sister of Karla Homolka 8. Amber Roof, Sister of Dylann Storm Roof 9. Angela and Joey Arias, Siblings of Jodi Arias

why would u hate on the true crime community when theres nazis, pedophiles, tweakers, shoplifters, and a TON of other groups on tumblr much worse than the tcc? most of us dont condone what happened and we are just interested in the psychology aspect of it. it just doesnt make sense why we are getting attacked when we didnt fucking do anything

Y'know I rarely come across another LGBT member in the TCC so if you see this and want someone to meet who both shares interests with you and is also a part of the queer community you are more than welcome to reblog or like this so I can see you and follow you or can message me because I’d love to meet you

Types Of People In The TCC Right Now

People Who Are Sick Of Seeing Randy In Every Other Post And Reading About The Gender Drama. These People Want To Return To Their Normal Dashboards.

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People Who Are Amused With The Drama, Rants, And New Information Being Released About The Randy.

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People Who Are Excited About Randy Stair and want to learn more about him. These people have a 90% chance of finding him attractive because he looks like Klebold and Roof.

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People Who Have Been Inactive But Are Logging In. These People Have No Idea What The Hell Is Going On Or Who Randy Stair Is, All They Know Is That He’s Showing Up On Their Dashboard In Every Other Post. 

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People Who Are Directly Involved With The Drama About His/Her Gender. They Were Probably Doing Just Fine Until They Saw The First Post About It And Then Decided To Insert Themselves In The Drama. They Believe Their Opinion Is Right And Are Pretty Much Fed Up With What They Deem As Other Peoples Bullshit.

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Back by popular demand! (kidding though no one asked for this), part two of my dumb true crime tag yourself. 

Here’s a link to part one (if it works): x

again lemme stress this is a dumb joke and it’s not meant to be insensitive or taken seriously. enjoy. it cheers me up to see people tagging their friends and having fun with this stuff.