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Ep. 56

Alright. I’ve watched it (all glorious 27 minutes of it), and I’m done ugly crying, and I think I’m ready to be coherent about my thoughts. [SPOILERS BELOW-like for reals. You’ve been warned.]

First of all, the length. Can we all just take a second to bless the AOJE team for actually giving us what felt like a real-time conversation between Jane and Rochester, rather than trying to shrink it down into a manageable bite? It felt like one of those emotionally havoc-wrecking times when you have to stay up all night to cry and hash things out with someone, and that couldn’t have happened in a 10 minute episode. I felt drained at the end, just like they did, and that’s a good thing.

It has been a constant point of anxiety for the entire fandom just how the team would adapt the “I’ve got a wife in the attic” thing into something believable and interesting, without losing the integrity of the story and characters. I’m glad they went the route the did. “M” wasn’t made out to be just some crazy person. They showed her mental illness as a complicated issue, without using her has the scape goat for all of the problems, which is why I’ve never really loved the book.

I’m also sooooo glad that Jane’s reasoning for leaving was about how Rochester treats the women in his life. She stood up for Adele and Grace and BLANCHE, of all people, even his wife. She called him on his shit and made a brave choice in leaving, and I love her for it all. 

HUGE kudos to Alysson and Adam, too. I was a sobbing mess at the end, and their acting was phenomenal. I lost it when Adam started crying, and of course I always lose it when Alysson cries. I can’t imagine how intense of a shoot that must have been, but the result was so real and raw and generally heart-wrenching (in the best possible way!)

At some point I’m going to need to dive in for another viewing to catch all the details, but for now there is definitely a keg of tea calling my name.

Today's AOJE: Steps

This episode really was emotional (and interesting) for me:

1) I watched it on my work computer (which has no sound) so I completely missed out on any dialogue.

2) But the body language.  HOLY $%#! ESPECIALLY between Jane and Rochester. The arm bumps…sigh.  And when he started crying and she was rubbing his back?  I lost it.  At work.  It wasn’t pretty.

3). And where the hell is Adam?! I’m sure this new fellow is lovely, but after reading Nessa’s post, I’m super bummed we won’t see Adam, again. :(  

So yeah.  Emotions.

EDIT: Now I’m in denial and hoping Eric Bruce is a hoax.  Like, you know, it’s really Adam, but they’re just saying it’s someone else to make us all super depressed and then we’ll all be really happy when Adam shows up, again. (I know this isn’t true, but a girl can dream…)

EDIT #2: Eric Bruce is NOT a hoax. I found his LinkedIn profile.  He’s cute.  I still miss Adam, though.