adam is totally trying to be seductive in this

drunk Taylor/baby koala

The party

Adam is having a party at his house in two days, after the success of his recent singles he is in a great mood, he even invited his friends from the u.k so it’s going to be awesome. I have been begging him to let me help plan it out but he won’t let me and I’m a crazy good party planner.

‘I love you but I don’t want your control freak alter ego shooting down my fantastic ideas ’’,he said sticking out his tongue ’’no we are not bringing live tigers to the party’’, I said starting to get worried that he was serious about it ,yes a couple of days ago I overheard him talking to Charlie about how cool tigers would be.

‘’you are not hosting a circus Adam Richard’’,’’geeze I was joking Taylor ,but maybe I will have to take back the deposit for the alpacas he said going up the stairs smirking.’’haha you are so funny I hope your girlfriend finds you as funny as I do I said with sarcasm .’’actually she does’’ he shouted back just before he disappeared from my sight.

‘’I mean he won’t even let me put a photobooth how rude I huffed into the phone telling Karlie about the party.’ ’let the man live Taylor he has never been all up in your party planning and you have had  a lot of those’’ ,she said laughing.

‘’if he had asked I would have allowed him to help’’,’’reaally… ‘’karlie said chuckling.’’well yah I mean I would not let him near the actual planning but I would let him mind the grill ,oh wait I’m better at that too  but that’s not the point’’ this time I laughed because Karlie had a point, damn her always the smartass.

Later at adams

‘’so how many of your friends are coming?’’ ,’’well the whole list rsvped… I was lucky they are all in l.a for different reasons including ellie’’,I replied.

‘’well maybe she can stop calling on radio shows about when our next single is coming out and ask me in person’’adam laughed.’’ speaking of the single when is it coming out it’s such a vibe’’ I said.‘’did you just say vibe babe ,you are totally morphing into me’’ ,’’you did not trademark the word so shut the fuck up’’ I said hitting him a little.

‘’I love this…watching tv just the two of us ‘’,adam said.’’I know everything was so hectic last year it was go every time and now I just get to be with my boyfriend without trying to cramp all our dates in between tours.’’

as much as I love relaxed Taylor I can’t help but feel like I’m locked out with that onsie of yours’’ ,he said raising an eyebrow.  ’’well I can unlock it I said looking at him seductively,’’ then unlock it’’ he said gripping my waist.

i started taking down the zipper while I still maintained eye contact with him then the zipper decided to jam me being the clutze I am I started fighting with it then elbowed Adam by mistake a little too strongly. I stopped and looked at him then we both burst out laughing.

‘’well that moment was ruined ,so much for the onsie strip show ’’ I said still laughing,’’speak for yourself I just got a whole new level of turned on’’, he said scooping me up bridal style. I just giggled as he carried me upstairs god I was whipped.

Night of party

‘’pass me the compact’’,I said to gigi some of the girls had come to my house so that we could go together to the party.

Everyone was already in a hyped mood and no one had started drinking yet .Today I was feeling sexy so I chose a skimpy black strap dress which was just below knee length and a slit that went right to my hip, my boobs were looking great in this dress if I said so myself.

‘’I see slutty swift is making an appearance today Alana shouted, the girls started wolf –whistling .i just grinned as I continued to look at myself in the vanity mirror,

’’poor Adam are you trying to give him a stroke Ellie laughed ‘’oh please this old dress I said smirking. ’’someone is getting it good tonight’’ gigi said .’’bow chicka wow wow’’ Este joined in on the pile on taylor club.

We finished our makeup then took several cars to adam’s house which was a twenty minute drive from mine by the time we arrived the party was in full swing and his house was packed I didn’t even know where all the people had come from  and they were having a great time ,the music was awesome obviously since half of them were dj’s anyway.

I had to say hie to a lot of people as I navigated to go and find adam  ,he was standing right at the pool with a couple of his friends they all kind of stared at us for a bit for a good reason, half of my friends were victoria’s secret models so it was kind of hard not to but my favourite part  was even as I was sandwiched with these exceptionally georgeous women almost all the time he only had eyes for me and everyone knew that.

‘’yep I was right someone is getting it good tonight’’, gigi whispered as we were about to join the guys and she was right because the way he was looking at me the dress was already out of the equation.’

We were laughing and drinking and having a good time, well most of us my boyfriend does not drink at all and I don’t know how he does it .i started getting a bit tipsy and when I’m tipsy I’m the most affectionate person you will ever meet and my boyfriend had to carry that burden tonight.

I became touchy feely ,at first it was cute then it started getting a little bit Adam was the host he kept moving from group to group talking to his friends from all over. at first I let him so that I could catch up with my friends then I started feeling needy.

‘’hey babe did I tell you how amazing you look in that dress ‘’adam whispered in my ear when he finally came back to our group, I just giggled uncontrollably yes the drinks were catching up now.

‘’well by the way you were looking at me you didn’t have’’, to I whispered back stepping closer to him and putting my hands right around his neck.

‘’well well it seems like slutty swift is out to play today’’,he said tightening his grip on my waist .i laughed ‘’is this like a thing because Alana said that before?…. and yes she’s out to play’’ I said taking down one of my hand and trailing it down his torso .right on cue ellie started to fake cough then I remembered I was in public and not at all being subtle.

Everyone started laughing I blushed a little but I did not move away from adam and he didn’t seem phased by it not even a little bit ,I could not take my hands of my boyfriend even if someone pried me of him.

‘’hey babe I’m coming back just now I’m going to get some water’’,he said walking away ‘’no baby’’ I said whining doing the grabby hands’’ I wanna come with you’’ ,’’okay someone needs water too’’ he said laughing  taking my hand.

I was one step from being a koala and I loved it.’ ’you are so strong and big babe’’ ,I said caressing his biceps he just looked at me and laughed ‘’drunk taylor is really turning me on right now ,take it down a notch’’ ,’’what will you do if I don’t?’’ I challenged him once again trailing my fingers to dangerous territory .right then este grabbed me away from adam.

‘’why are you dry humping your boyfriend in public taylor’’,she said laughing. ’’I’m so not doing that I said pouting, adam had started talking with one of the girls from his label,’’let me go I wanna go with adam I said whining.’’nope that has to wait slutty swift. I have  something to tell you, ’’again with slutty swift has this been discussed before because I’m hearing it an awful lot today’’I said with a raised eyebrow.’’hush’’este said then she told me her gossip.

As adam was beginning to walk away I called him don’t leave me babe I’m coming with you I smirked looking back at este with a mischevious glint in my eye “now don’t you go and have a quckie with slutty swift’’ she called to adam.” I wasn’t planning on doing that but thanks for the great idea este he chuckled putting his hand around my waist, I turned around and stuck my tongue out at her.

We walked into the kitchen as I clinged on to adam for my dear life ‘’sweetie you have to let me go so I can actually find the water’’, he said laughing “oh okay”. I said cheerfully as I jumped to sit on the kitchen counter he found the water then handed me one ‘’you need this drink it all up’. ’I took the bottle then downed it… I felt slightly better .he walked to me ‘’now that is a dangerously high slit “he said touching my leg which was now on full display.

“You think so” I said pulling him in between my legs ,I took his hand in mine then i dragged  it right up my leg straight to my hip bone ‘’do you like it’’ I said nibbling his ear a little .he groaned I smiled.’’I think I do”, he said taking my lips then we started making out right on the kitchen counter like heavy making out i stopped caring about the giggling voices that walked in on us and they were a lot.

Adams hand was now dangerously near my lady business and we were groping and breathing heavily it was getting out of hand. Alana walked into kitchen ‘’taylor! Adam! noo! get a room or go outside and get some air or something.

adam finally resurfaced his hair looking so dishevelled I giggled a bit, “shame on you adam”, Alana said with a reprimanding tone “slutty swift is drunk we all know how she gets you on the other hand what’s your excuse?”, ‘’hey Alana no slut shaming’’ I said as I continued to giggle’’adam just smirked then left the kitchen looking like he had won the lottery. i was about to follow him when Alana said ‘’you young lady you need to wash your face, and cool down seriously keep it in your pants taylor”.

I quickly washed my face then bolted to were adam was sitting .without reservation I went straight for his lap then frenched him in front of all our friends just to annoy them well that was my excuse .alana started telling them what she had just walked in  on and they were all laughing at how I turn into a baby koala when I’m drunk.

‘’adam come spin the decks for a bit”, burns shouted as he was standing up I put on my best puppy face “noo… baby come sit with me”, I said with my hands stretched out to him ,”let dillon or will do it,I know no one will miss Dillon” I said smirking. Everyone laughed ‘’ouch swift’ ’he said pretending to be wounded. i had a love hate relationship with Dillon, he was problematic but any friend of adam’s I was cool with.

‘’you heard her”, adam said shrugging his shoulders ‘’I’m her bitch’’ ,he sat back down and put me back on his lap .he started kissing my neck and I was giggling uncontrollably like a little girl.’’seriously you guys are disguisting .let’s go somewhere more kid friendly people” gigi said. they all stood up and went to dance.

‘‘taylor get your hands off adams….’’ Ellie shouted just before she disappeared into the dancing crowd.

We were a bit distant from everyone so I decided to straddle him now that we were alone ,I was telling him weird stories about my backup dancers I’m not even sure they were that funny but he was laughing at them like I was the most hysterical person he had ever met.

I started kissing him again then I started grinding on him slowly without actually realising it ,after a while he stopped me ’’babe you must realise what you are doing to me he said looking down at his pants ‘’opps sorry” I giggled “let me get of you so you can calm down a bit then we can continue this after the party “I said winking at him I kissed him one last time then hopped off his lap.

After he had cooled down we went to the dance floor este immediately shouted ‘’I saw you ,you little freaks’ ’,’’fuck off este”, adam shouted back.

My boyfriend is no dancer but he didn’t need to I could easily do all the work and all he needed to do was hold me down and that he did,  my dancing became increasingly inappropriate, he finally couldn’t take it then he dragged me into the house. will was flirting with a girl by the stairs he just smirked at us then said ‘’finally’’….