adam is the most random person ever

millie-hayes  asked:

could millie and coby pretty please have dares, but could everyone else please (with a cherry on top) have truths? :*

(Since you asked so nicely, yes.)


  • Emery- Out of all the people you no longer keep in touch with, who do you miss the most? 
  • Danny- Do you think you’ll be a good husband to Shannon? (Also are we gonna be invited to the wedding?)
  • Eli- Tell us what your relationship with your biological parents was like before you ran away. 
  • Christie- Do you think your life would be better or worse overall if Adam had stepped up and been a father to Sophie from the get-go? 
  • Abbie- What’s stopping you from pursuing a relationship with Nate? 
  • Gabe- Do you think you’ll ever have kids of your own? 


  • Millie- Find a random person and hold their hand. If they ask why, tell them that you’re on a date now. See where it leads you. 
  • Coby- Find a tree, any tree. Gather as many people as you can. Act as if you’re about to show them a treasure chest, but instead, just show them the tree. You also have to kiss the tree.