adam is my spirit animal

How Ben Wyatt is my spirit animal

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If I ever met him, I’m pretty sure this is how I would react, too xD


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In which Tom is me being pissed when somebody changes something I like.


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

On July 9, I went to the Pittsburgh warped tour date with my best friend and my dad. Sometimes I think that my best friend and I are bad luck because every time we go to a concert together something is bound to go wrong (seriously it always happens..).

Anyways, when we got let in, the very first thing we did was run to the journeys tent to get wristbands to meet Pierce The Veil. We got them then went to the Asking Alexandria tent to see about meet and greets. We had gotten the tickets for the meet and greet ( bare in mind that my dad was with us, which means that he met asking with us.. Not a problem considering he actually likes Asking..).

Once we finished running around to different tents, we finally went and started watching bands play. By the time we were in the crowd for Mallory Knox, it had started to rain.. It stopped after a while and when Escape The Fate came on after, the rain had started back up (not that I minded.) Craig announced that they were going to their tent which was great. Ive been listening to escape the fate for around 7 years and this was my first time seeing them live ( it was everything I hope for!). Unfortunately, Craig and TJ weren’t at the tent but Robert and Thrasher were. When I met Robert I told him about how long I’ve been waiting to see and meet them and we cracked a few jokes about how next time I’m not going to wait 7 years.

After this, it was around 2:30 which meant that the Pierce the Veil meet and greet was starting soon. When I met PTV it was great because they’re a band that means a lot to me.

Next was meeting Asking.. Oh god where do I begin with this one!? First we had gotten to the tent like and hour early ( not that we cared.. No one we wanted to see was on until later) and after a few minutes of waiting.. It started to pour. We of course got soaked so when Asking finally got to the tent I was unbelievably happy ( not just to meet them but to finally get out of the rain). Meeting Asking ( minus Denis because rumor was he was doing stuff for the new album) was awesome and oh my god it was embarrassing..

A few nights before Warped, my friend and I decided to print out the guys’ faces and put them around my kitchen for my parents to find.. Forgetting that my dad was with us, he mentioned it and my god the look on Sam and Cams faces were priceless considering all the heard was “ Cams on a zucchini and Sam has a light switch as a dick” . It was fucking awesome. When we finally had finished with meeting the band, we went and got in the pit area in the pavilion ( which was a fucking struggle not gonna lie). We had somehow made it front and watched the other bands preform including Pierce the Veil, Attila, and BlessTheFall.

When Asking finally took the stage it was fucking mayhem tbh. Ben had noticed us in crowd and shot is a look of amusement that we had made it to the front and laughed because we were in front of Cam the whole time. When the show was over, the guys threw they’re pics/drumsticks in the crowd and I got Sams bass pic and fuck was I happy. Also, in the morning we had met Nick Major from Alt Press ( my spirit animal tbh ) and Adam Elmakias. It was a great day and I can’t wait for next year!