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loving someone by the 1975 pride month lockscreens // requested by anon

For all of those who are wondering what is going on regarding The 1975 "changing their name":

Matty tweeted the following two statements:

1. “The 1975 are currently working on the final instalment of their trilogy of albums: Music For Cars”

2. “Drive Like I Do will release their debut album during spring time in the coming few years”

What this means (according to the news):

The 1975 is going to release one more album under their current name, completing a trilogy of albums (Music For Cars, consisting of: The 1975, ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI and a third album).
After that third album is released, they will continue under the name Drive Like I Do and release a new album (it’s described as their “debut album” because it will be the first new album they release under that name).