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The First Move || Adam Hann Oneshot

Word Count: 2,061
Summary: “Hey! i was wondering if you could write something along the lines of you being friends with the band and going on tour with them but you’re in love with adam and try keep away from him, matty notices and does something about it”.
Author’s Note: This is so freakin cute and sweet and I am in love with every bit of it. Hope you feel the same. Be sure to throw in a like or comment if you liked it! I love seeing feedback from you all. Please feel free to read my other work here! Enjoy!

It was love at first sight.

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if i believe you (next door)
the 1975
if i believe you (next door)

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loving someone by the 1975 pride month lockscreens // requested by anon

Zodiac Signs as The 1975 lyrics
  • Aquarius: Step into your skin? I'd rather jump in your bones.
  • Pisces: You look famous, let's be friends and portray we possess something important.
  • Aries: And you're the only thing that's going on in my mind, taking over my life a second time.
  • Taurus: You used to have a face straight out of a magazine, now you just look like anyone.
  • Gemini: And if I believe you, would that make it stop, if I told you I need you?
  • Cancer: I searched all day it drove me insane. Where would I be if I was my brain?
  • Leo: Get someone you love? Get someone you need? Fuck that, get money.
  • Virgo: We're all human, we're just like you man. We're sentient, we're something.
  • Libra: But you call me when you're bored and you're playing with yourself.
  • Scorpio: I personify the ‘adolescent on a phone’, speaking like I’m bigger than my body.
  • Sagittarius: I said, hey kids we're all just the same. What a shame.
  • Capricorn: She wears a frown and dressing gown when she lays down.