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Who should play Adrian Ivashkov in Frostbite?

Who will be the Adrian Ivashkov ? That’s the question that every fan is . Who interpreted the charming Moroi spirit user ? Well, here I brought the dear candidates from fans (and mine ) to suit the physical characteristics of our beloved Adrian . Let’s start .
1 - Max Irons - is a favorite among girls. Unfortunately you have to be a bit serious and noted that the boy is bigger than Danila and that can be a problem. Not to mention that after The Host, not knowing he guy like juvenile adaptations.

2 - Daniel Sharman -The Lovely Issac on Teen Wolf series . Is high, as a Moroi , and has beautiful eyes . Although there is a defect . Adrian is supposed to have 21 , more than boys at St. Vladimir and Daniel looks the same age as Dominic . It is a problem . Although we need to know . If Daniel joins , we would have great support from the girls of Teen Wolf ( Big Fandom )

3 -Douglas Booth - Our beloved Romeo was a candidate newly entered , but many girls say it is the perfect Adrian . In addition he has 21 and looks older than Dominic , without having British accent. Point to Douglas.

4 - Chace Crawford - Another of the most loved by the fans. I admit, it has the charm boy Ivashkov . Unfortunately , the time of youth Chace step and maybe have the same prejudices that Max when juveniles make adjustments .

5 - Grey Damon - The boy has that striking face, just worries me that looks too old to be Adrian . What do you think ?

6-Adam Gregory - Our boy 90210. The boy also goes into the perfect physical characteristics of Adrian, but Adrian You will have the personality?

Now I’ll bring some of that I think would fit the role perfectly .
6 - Torrance Coombs - Bash at Reign series . This big boy thing , but when you see it in the series, at least I see Adrian . In addition , they saw his eyes.  Ivashkov’s Eyes.

7- Michael Fjordbak - The boy is all that Moroi should be . The guy for some reason it does not work in pictures, but if it is my view the act perpendicular changes and see Adrian (though also see Christian )

Well, there are many candidates, but these are the favorites in social networks. What do you think? Are they? Or maybe, our Adrian Ivashkov is waiting to be discovered?