adam eriksson


Photos from yesterday’s #BruinsGameShowLive featuring Marchy on a milk crate, Pasta’s huge smile, dreamy Patrice, Dougie whispering something into Pasta’s ear and focused Krejci.

Photo credit: Steve Babineau

Bruins as desserts

Claude: lemon meringue 
Chara: Pirouette (those chocolate sticks)
Dougie: rice crispie treat (so damn pale, and requires minimal cooking skills)
Quaider: sugar cookie (ordinary, delicious, and easily breakable)
Sieds: streusel
Krug: a cinnamon teddy graham
Miller: a pinterest recipe for healthy no-bake almond energy balls
Bart: day old donut (not your first choice but you’d def eat it anyway)
Tuukka: 80% dark chocolate (dark and bitter)
Subban: a jolly rancher
Svedberg: strawberry pop tart - store brand
Lucic: a bearclaw
Pasta: miniature cupcake
Carl: Flan 
Loui: milk chocolate truffle
Krejci: creme brule
Smitty: vanilla cake pop
Bergy: tollhouse chocolate chip cookie
Marchy: hot chocolate with chili powder
Caron: bundtcake with no icing (good in theory, but so many better desserts yo)
Cunningham: gummy bear
Paille: a bagel (because he has the right idea, but also completely missed the point)
Soupy: pain au chocolat (so fancy)
Kelly: flourless chocolate brownie


Alternative rock band Grizfolk have treated fans to a new video that encapsulates their time on tour opening for Bastille. The musical quintet consisting of members Adam Roth (vocals), Fredrik Eriksson (guitar), Sebastian Fritze (synths), Brendan Willing James (bass) and Billy Delia (drums) gift viewers with an intimate experience of what life’s been like on the road. The video, shot & directed by Crooked Cynics, intercuts footage of the band performing the excellent track “Bounty On My Head,” with snippets of behind the scenes action and stops at tourist locales. 

Although the track used is a live version, one could not guess due to the band’s mastery over the song. It sounds just as incredible as the recorded version and captures the energy and enthusiasm the band has for both their music and their fans.

Grizfolk is definitely becoming a rising act to follow and already have several high-profile festival gigs lined up such as Boston Calling and Hangout Music Festival. Catch them at a show and you won’t be disappointed. 

Check out our interview with them here.