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Get your facts straight.

Hyde (from “The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and Adam (The creature, from Frankenstein) weren’t described as ugly by their authors, they were just uncomfortable to look at.


More American History - How the Hell Did We Manage to Found a Country?

- when Maria Reynolds divorced her husband, her attorney was Aaron Burr

- (Not technically American History but still adorable) when Lafayette returned to France in the middle of the war, Adrienne was so happy to see him she fainted

- Lafayette crying at the hanging of John Andrè

- Abigail Adams basically taking over the ship carrying her to Europe to clean in up and get everything in shape

- The Eggnog Riot of 1826

- When Lafayette negotiated a deal with the french for whale oil, the island of Nantucket all got together to make him a 500 pound wheel of cheese

- Thomas Jefferson trying to get a dead moose shipped to France to prove American animals were cooler

- Gouverneur Morris and the “whale bone in his dick” incident

- Oboes being called “haut-boys”

- George Washington riding in General Braddock’s campaign on a padded saddle because he had just recovered from disentary

- When Lafayette returned to America in 1824, a lady had gloves made with his face on them, and he said “a few graceful words words to the effect that he did not care to kiss himself”

- Deborah Franklin refusing to leave her house and arming herself with a gun when threatened by an angry mob

- Cornwallis missing out on capturing Jefferson as governor of Virginia by 10 minutes

- Joseph Warren showing up to a memorial of the Boston Massacre in a toga

- General Gage having to ask Hancock for help when he was occupying Boston after pissing him off earlier. Hancock refused

- Joseph Warren being a dramatic hoe 100% of the time

- Lafayette mcfucking dying at 4:20 am

- John Adams calling Edward Rutledge a peacock because he was young and southern and dressed very lavishly

- Henry Clinton calling himself “a shy bitch”

- Washington going down and jumping on the ice every morning during the siege of Boston to check the thickness for an invasion

- John Paul Jones being so passive aggressive that he responded to a failed broadside by a British ship with a single musket shot

- Silas Deane being such an inept ambassador that British spies knew what he was having for dinner before he did

  • Eddie and Adam said they had a plan for six seasons and hoping we continue on this new journey with them. (x)
  • We are not erasing the last 6 years; we are introducing new stories and characters. -Eddy Kitsis (x)
  • Lana loved playing both the evil queen and Regina at the same time.“we all possess this darkness inside us” (x)
  • S6E14 was one of Lana’s favorite episodes for Regina. (x)
    • Lana says episode 14 was one of her favorite episodes for Regina in terms of playing 2 characters at once. (x)
  • It took three hours for @LanaParrilla to change from Regina to the evil queen! (x)
    • t took 3 hours for Regina to change into the Queen. Lots of applause for @LanaParrilla and how hard she works! (x)
  • Robert: there wouldn’t be a lot of hope for Rumple to be a Savior. (x)
  • Robert really loves playing both good and evil rumple (x)
  • @YNB: “he’s just as dreamy up close!” About @colinodonoghue1 (x)
  • Colin wishes we knew more about Hook’s mom, which hasn’t been explored… YET. (x)
    • would love to learn more about Hook’s mum and explore that relationship (x)
  • “Hook is a complicated character & it’s been great to explore the relationships of the past and the ones to come,” (x)
  • A/E: saying gbye isn’t easy but this isnt the end of seeing old characters. (x)
  • Adam thinks the cast was the best on TV, and some of the former characters will pop up (x)
  • Some of the new cast is being introduced now: @DaniaJRamirez @andjwest @GabrielleAnwar (x)
  • And now we get to see the first scene of the new season! Grown up Henry is off to a new adventure! (x)
    • Opens with Jared Gilmore’s Henry leaving home. (x)
    • Henry on a motorcycle rides off on a magic bean portal (x)
    • Young Henry is saying bye to his mum, saying he will be gone for however long it takes to learn more about his stories (x)
    • Henry in alt Enchanted Forest on his motorcycle in another realm (x)
    • Time jump to grown up Henry racing through the woods, crashing into Cinderella. (x)
  • Reboot will have several different storybooks, multiple versions of characters (x)
  • Colin asks where Henry got the fuel for the motorcycle. Eddy tells him not to find plot holes! (x)
The Founding Fathers as things I've heard at dinner parties:
  • Benjamin Franklin: (After drinking an espresso at 11 pm)I am benJAMMIN out right now
  • John Adams: (Playing Pool) (Messes up very badly) (Collapses on the floor) FUCK
  • John Dickinson & Edward Rutledge: (After Adams messes up) (Sarcastically clapping) You are so good at this!
  • Thomas Jefferson: I am the Napoleon of pool.(Loses the game)
  • Alexander Hamilton: (To Jefferson) You just got Waterlood!
  • John Jay: (In between drinks) I have a meeting at 5 am tomorrow...
  • James Madison: (After being asked what he wants in his tea) Painkillers.
  • James Monroe: (On the floor, giving dog a belly rub) (Audibly gasps) This doggo is sooo soft
  • George Washington: My wife says we have to go home (They both stay for two more hours)
  • Bonus:
  • John Hancock: I LOVE hanging out with middle aged men!
  • Patrick Henry: My opinion is that I disagree with your opinion!

Nanananananana Nygmobblepot!

New day and new collaboration with my talented and adorable sister  @heartpoisedfanarts !
Nygmobblepot wearing the original outfits from the Batman serie of 1966
[Eeed, we can see everything!] 💚💜 

D 23 Expo - Panel with Adam, Edward & Colin
  • #OUAT logo with Seattle skyline in the background now up as the #D23Expo panel starts (x)
  • #OUAT moderator said that finale flash forward made him say, “WTF? What the fairy tale?!” #D23Expo (x)
  • “We’re not interested in erasing those six years,” Edward Kitsis says of the happy endings at the end of S6 (x)
  • “As much as there’s new stuff and new characters, what came before is still very important to the story” (x)
  • In regards to Hyperion Heights, Kitsis says, “You’re going to see it’s a neighborhood and that’s a great title for it. (x)
  • "Hyperion Heights is a bit of a homage to Disney… we’ll have our share of hidden mickeys this year too.” (x)
  • Edward Kitsis says @Jared_Gilmore will return to #OUAT as we see younger Henry leave home (x)
  • “Henry is gonna find himself in a new enchanted forest with familiar characters who have different tales.” (x)
  • We’ll have flashbacks of enchanted forest and modern day Seattle (x)
  • Since CS was married will we see Henry with a half sibling? A&E: That question will be answered in the first ep (x)
  • She’s (Dania) playing “a different version of Cinderella” (x)
    • Guys, it’s true: @DaniaJRamirez is playing a new iteration of Cinderella. Just saw photos of her in costume #OUAT (x)
  • @tomabaud Colin’s at D23 panel talking about you and the coat you gave his son and how he even showed it to Eduardo (x)
  • In second ep we find out what happened to him (Hook) (x)
  • Could Hook have eyes for anyone but Emma? E: they are soulmates and the Hook we know only has eyes for Emma (x)
  • The audience was shocked and nearly appalled that @colinodonoghue1 has never been to any Disney park  #d23expo #OnceUponATime (x)
  • Answering a bunch of quick fire Disney questions. We learned @colinodonoghue1 loves all things #Aladdin. #D23EXPO #OnceUponATime (x)
  • Oh my! @colinodonoghue1’s foot is STILL broken from the musical performance episode. #D23Expo #onceuponatime (x)
  • “Music is a huge part of my life. It’s sort of my passion.” @colinodonoghue1 #D23EXPO #OnceUponATime (x)


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