When we first meet Kylo, he is coming out of light background of his ship into darkness of Jakku. That indicates Kylo’s Light origins but living in the Dark.

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When we first see Rey and she’s doing her scavenger stuff she’s in the dark but coming out into light, could this indicate Dark origins for Rey, but living in the Light?

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Martin Scorsese Film ‘Silence’ Sets Oscar Launch On Dec. 23 | Deadline

Paramount is giving a limited run for Martin Scorsese’s Silence on Dec. 23 just in time for awards season with a wide expansion in January, a date that’s still TBD. That’s a similar platform that 20th Century Fox/Regency took with their Oscar-winner The Revenant: going limited at Christmas and wider in January. Questions swirled whether Silence would be ready for this fall, and if it would be bumped for a Cannes Film Festival premiere in the spring, however, as early as a month ago we heard Silence would definitely be a go for this year. The question was when. Not only did Par need to find the right launch date on the calendar, but we heard that Scorsese was trying to whittle down a cut of Silence that’s three hours long. Silence marks Scorsese’s fifth directorial release with Paramount. Since working with the Melrose lot, the director’s back-to-back releases Hugo and The Wolf of Wall Street accumulated 16 Oscar noms with Hugo winning five. Paramount acquired U.S. distribution rights to Silence in July 2014.

“The Aftermath”

Sitting at his throne with his Knights alongside him, Ren’s thoughts are with the lowly scavenger…wondering where she was…what she was doing…and the memory of that night, when she saw his greatest fears…when she summoned that lightsaber…when she became his whole world.

I had a massive revelation last night about Sith eyes. Yes I am aware that Kylo is not a Sith but Dark Side users have yellow eyes as well. They can also hide them with the Force (Dooku) but there is no way in the world kylo would hide them if he had them. He’s all about intimidation and the Dark, he would flaunt those babies if he had them. He has too much Love inside of him to ever be a Sith or completely Dark.