adam dress

Belle from beauty and the beast 2014

Belle from once upon a time

Belle from beauty and the beast 2017

Belle from beauty and the beast Disney 1991

a list of post-curse beauty & the beast headcanons, enjoy. (fluff!)
  • adam doing “the growl” whenever he and belle play-fight
  • having competitions to see who can make the biggest snowball
  • taking strolls around the castle gardens while reciting lines from their favorite books to each other
    • adam jokingly making fun of belle for loving romeo & juliet so much, even though he thinks it’s adorable that she loves the story as much as she does.
  • adam eating messily like he did when he was the beast, then trying to kiss belle with food all over his face
    • he succeeds in kissing her despite her laughing protests, and continues to playfully cover her face in kisses
      • “even with food on your face you’re still beautiful, my darling”
  • random slow dances in the ballroom, even when they aren’t all fancily dressed up
    • adam accidentally stepping on belle’s toes, so she just gives up and stands on top of his feet while leaning her head on his chest

An oldie that I fixed up SLIGHTLY. I never intended to really render these as what I really cared about was drawing the outfits for each of them. I know I don’t draw guys often- I find women so much more fun to draw. Anyway they are all my characters again of course. I posted this a while back, ironically some of the art I think is my best was all posted a long time ago.