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Belle from beauty and the beast 2014

Belle from once upon a time

Belle from beauty and the beast 2017

Belle from beauty and the beast Disney 1991


I…love this whole scene so much, I love them so much, I love this whole movie so much

this is part of a featurette that can be found HERE! Thank you kohl’s (randomly??) giving some good footage of the ending <3

batb things i liked (spoilers, sorry)


-i wanted to scream the moment i saw the castle in the beginning

-that prologue??? i like how they kept adam’s real face a mystery, as he was hidden behind the layers of make up. 

-’belle’ ahhhhh 

-i was expecting that emma would have auto-tuned her voice because of the audio they had released months before the premiere, but boy did it surprise me.

-’belle’ was so nostalgic i had to refrain myself from singing along in the cinema.

-maurice wasn’t only an inventor, he was also an artist. and belle wasn’t only a bibliophile, she was also an inventor (witty belle, creating probably the first washing machine)

-emma’s grunt after the line ‘madame gaston, his little wife’

-philippe was loyal af, esp in the scene where maurice was almost trapped by the wolves and philippe had waited for him to jump. if you were to get a horse, pick one that is as loyal as philippe.

-i love how the beast couldnt care less if maurice had used his stuff, had eaten, had heated up by the fire, had trespassed in his castle but lost all his temper the moment maurice had cut a rose from his rose garden. 

-im not sure if its me, or the village felt small and congested, i was hoping for a more field-like village, the one i got used to in the animated version.

-BE OUR GUEST, BE OUR GUEST AHHHHHH and was disney telling us that Aladdin will be the next film to have a live action movie???

-adam’s ‘are-you-fucking-kidding-me’ eye roll at the mention of romeo and juliet being belle’s favorite book.


-’some of them in greek’. ADAM IS A BIBLIOPHILE AND HE GAVE BELLE THE LIBRARY !!!!!!

-belle’s laughter adam gave her the library.

-my poor baby lefou

-i ship gafou im sorry

-ewan mcgregor’s french accent is en pointe???


-i love how adam still dresses like a prince even in his beast form, ummm that waistcoat in something there and the scene where they had walked into the bridge was fine man. 

-that paris scene, thank you so much for giving us so much more than the animated film has given. also, prince adam’s back story about how he has grown to be a spoiled prince. thank you, thankyou, disney.


-gaston definitely wins asshole of the year, although i like how they put more depth into gaston’s character

-lmao when maurice talked to the driver as if nothing happened, that was hilarious.

-the cursed furniture wouldn’t have been hurt if they had stayed silent and dead, but they had fought to protect adam while he’s lamenting over his loss. his servants loved him albeit his attitude towards them. 

-when gaston showed up with a gun, adam literally did nothing, and you can just see his heart breaking by looking into his eyes

-umm agathe? what are you doing? whose side are you on? is this kind of a test or something?

-’MR. POTTS!’ 

-how old is adam? why is his age not mentioned in the movie? i know he should have someone love him by the age of 21, as from the animated film, but they did not mention it? and why hadnt they mentioned his name???

-’come back, i love you’


-le fou dancin with stanley made me so happy 

-the growl™

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Jumin X Zen fluff?

This wasn’t super specific so I’ll just write out some relationship HCs for them~


  • Even when they’ve been together for a long time, Zen still can’t get used to staying at Jumin’s penthouse. He gets super uncomfortable having chefs cook for him and maids cleaning the place in the morning. He will start to pick up after himself only to have Jumin grabbing his wrist and telling him to leave it. 
    • “It’s their job, Zen. And also rather rude of you…it’s like you’re saying that their trip over here was for nothing and their job is pointless.”
    • “I guess I never thought of it like that before…” 
    • “When you stay here, you can relax. Why not focus on me instead of the dirty laundry?” 
  • Likewise, Jumin feels weird staying at Zen’s place. He went to make breakfast one morning and found Zen had only one pan, and a fridge full of nothing but beer and some old fish bread. 
    • “How can you live like this?”
    • “What are you talking about, jerk? I’m the normal one in this relationship. That’s what a normal guys kitchen looks like.”
  • Jumin gets a little flustered when they’re out shopping and Zen will randomly grab his hand. Though secretly, he loves that Zen takes the initiative to catch him by surprise. 
  • Zen brought Jumin to his friends Kabob place and Jumin became obsessed. Now they go there together every week and he’s even had it catered for a few business meetings. 
  • Jumin found that Zen is much more emotional and can easily become depressed or stressed from work. It took him a while to get used to Zen’s mood swings and how to handle them. He’s always extra tender when Zen is mopey. He knows Zen would never allow him to interfere or help with his career, but he has gone behind Zens back and given some directors a talking to…to set things straight.
  • When Jumin comes over, Zen makes him drink beer. 
    • “This shit is revolting, Zen. If you’re going to make me drink beer at least buy a better brand.”
    • “My place, my rules. Isn’t that what we always say? And either way, you’re just being dramatic. It’s not that bad!” 
    • “You only say that because it’s all you know. But I assure you, it is that bad.” 
    • “Whatever. Drink up, asshole.”
  • Zen is nosey and always looking over Jumin’s shoulder when he is in the middle of paperwork. Jumin thinks it’s cute that Zen tries so hard to be involved and understand his work. 
  • One time when Zen was sleeping over at Jumin’s he snuck Elizabeth 3rd in the bed next to Zen while he was dead asleep. He wanted to see if Zen was truly allergic (since, when he stays over, Elizabeth 3rd gets quarantined to another section of the penthouse) but Zen started sniffling and sneezed in his sleep so Jumin sighed and whisked her back away. 
  • Jumin is on a mission to find a way to cure Zen’s allergy and he spends a ton of money on research.
  • Jumin and Zen have done a photoshoot together for a magazine
  • They love to take each other shopping. 
  • Jumin forces Zen to wear more formal attire, he loves the way Zen looks in a suit. 
  • And Zen wants Jumin to dress more casual every now and then. His favorite is when Jumin wears shorts and a V-neck or a graphic tee. 
  • One of the very first shopping outings they went on, Jumin was getting annoyed that Zen seemed so adamant that he dress down. So as a joke he bought and changed into a shirt that read “i’m with stupid” and an arrow pointing to Zen. 
  • That, in turn, pissed Zen off. He was miffed up until they got home. 
    • “Why do you always try to make a joke out of what I’m interested in? I don’t mind you wearing suits but it also makes me feel like a business partner instead of a boyfriend when you wear it while we’re out together. All I wanted was a more casual atmosphere and instead you were an ass.”
  • Jumin immediately felt terrible. He realized he let his own insecurities get the better of him. He thought Zen was only saying it to poke fun at his fashion choices again. He ran a hand down Zen’s shoulder. 
    • “Come here, stupid…” Jumin kissed him on the forehead.
  • Jumin still wears the shirt to bed sometimes, the arrow pointing to Zen’s side. 
Adam| Child’s Play |Cole

Title; Child’s Play


Pairing; Adam Cole/Unnamed OFC, Marty Scurll/Unnamed OFC

Summary; She’s moving too fast, all he wanted was to hold her.

Warnings; NSFW. ANGST. Smut. No strings attached relationships. 

A/N; Two fics in a week!! I like playing with cliches and tropes and turning them on their heads. This is very, very different from what I normally write, so please let me know who you’re feeling. Drabble only, no intentions to continue past this. Leave some love or some constructive criticism. 

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A New Day in the Sun (A BATB fanfic)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the days that followed the curse being broken and everyone adjusting to their curse-free lives. So I decided to write Adam’s morning the day after the curse was broken. Enjoy!

Adam awoke with a start, immediately feeling disoriented. He struggled to place the feeling. He knew where he was, but there was a split second where he wasn’t quite sure who he was. He looked down to see his own human hands before him. A smile of relief spread across his face. It truly was real after all. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, his feet hitting the cool floor a second later than what he felt they should have, and made his way to his bedroom window. The faintest hint of dawn was beginning to seep into the horizon. He really should be more tired, he thought to himself. Everyone in the castle had stayed up well into the night talking, telling stories, getting reacquainted with loved ones. Several of his staff’s newly reunited family members had stayed the night at the castle at his invitation. Having everyone there chatting around the fire the night before had felt nice. Comfortable even. He’d even managed to get a laugh out of everyone at one point. That was something he certainly never expected to experience. But then, he never truly expected to be human again. This new life was bound to be full of surprises.

Abandoning any efforts to try and go back to sleep, Adam got dressed, washed his face – pausing a moment to get used to the face staring back at him in the mirror – and made his way down to the stables. He never did get the chance to say hello to Phillipe in all the excitement yesterday. He’d really grown rather fond of Belle’s family horse during the time they’d spent together. Phillipe had proven himself quite the intelligent horse and an even better listener. Making his way through the kitchen, Adam grabbed a few carrots for his equine friend.

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anything-with-strawberries  asked:

I don't know much about Sam Adams. Would ya please tell me some of your fave facts about him? Thanks!

mmmMMM let’s see what i can do

  • so most people remember sam adams for a) beer and b) the boston tea party. the funny thing is, he didn’t do either of these things. his branch of the adams family were maltsters, not brewers, and he didn’t throw any tea into the harbor either. some people try to claim that while he wasn’t present at the tea party, he organized it in some way, but y’know what, he probably didn’t
  • some historians, like joseph ellis in first family, also say that he probably provoked the boston massacre so that he could make propaganda off it. i hope to hell that’s not true i mean jeez. people died, saMUEL
  • he was pointedly okay with john adams defending the soldiers in the trial that followed the massacre, and thought it would be Good Publicity to show everyone that boston was not lawless and even hated redcoats could get a fair trial. there is a hint that he explicitly put the word out that people who weren’t okay with what john adams was doing were to leave him tf alone like?? can you imagine?? “hey guys don’t mob that nerd, he’s cool he’s also my bby cousin”
  • couldn’t hold down a job bc he was too invested in politics
  • he and john adams didn’t actually hate each other. upon meeting him, john adams thought he was great, dedicated to the cause, educated and truly Of The People. he just thought that sam should take more care of himself and his family and not put politics over that
  • while many other founding fathers were rich, or at least somewhat wealthy, sam adams had like $3
  • one time, some asshole tried to gift him a Black girl, y’know, as a slave. he and his wife were like *nervous laughter* “what is going on” and freed her. like can you imagine giving someone a human being as a gift??? perverse
  • you know that copley portrait, the one of him in the red coat?? i always suspected that hancock commissioned it for him, bc sam adams hadn’t the money and just wasn’t the kind of person who would have a giant portrait made of himself. AND I WAS RIGHT. IT WAS TOTALLY HANCOCK
  • the only thing that p much all sources agree on: sam adams didn’t dress well. his clothes were usually worn and out of fashion (he either couldn’t afford new ones or he just didn’t care) and he had to rely on the kindness of friends (probably hancock again) to buy nice stuff for him when he was going to philadelphia
  • except for the journeys to congress, he never left new england in his life
  • he and hancock kinda started out as mentor and protégé, being 15 years apart in age. they later had a huge falling out about…. idk, something, but they didn’t talk for several years. apparently sam adams was pissed that hancock was “acting like an aristocrat” or whatever. he was like super puritan and thought that a good leader in a republic had to be humble and not extravagant like hancock apparently was. it really distressed him that the people liked hancock anyway and kept electing him as governor. they reconciled tho and were antifeds together
  • supported jefferson and the demrepublicans in 1800, didn’t give A Shit that the other guy in that election was his own cousin
  • his sad demise in 1803 was the reason john adams was so scared of dementia
  • i’ve got more!!!!