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  • Me: *likes Gal Gadot*
  • tumblr: u can't Like Gal Gadot she supports the military of her home country
  • Me: *likes Gal Gadot whilst glaring at the people trying to impose their own feelings towards her onto me*

Live action legacy of Lois and Clark.

  • Kirk Alyn and Noel Neill
  • George Reeves and Phyllis Coates 
  • Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder
  • Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher 
  • Tom Welling and Erica Durance
  • Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth
  • Henry Cavill and Amy Adams
  • Chas: You know you want to!
  • Robert: Do you lot even wash this?
  • Cain: Course we do. Get it down you, come on.
  • Aaron: You know we're keeping our own surnames, don't you?
  • Sam: Oh, it don't matter. He's one of us now.
  • Robert: Why's that sound like a threat?
  • Adam: Just get it drank will you, come on.
  • All: Go on! Yeah!
  • (Robert's starting to drink)
  • Paddy: He does love you. I think anyone can see that.
  • Aaron: Thanks for coming, Paddy. I don't know I would have got here without you, you know. I'll never forget what you did for me. (they hug) I'd better go and rescue my husband.
  • Cain: Right, fill it up, Sammy.
  • Aaron: Oh, come on, one's enough. I like him conscious.
  • (Music changes to Adele "Make you feel my love")
  • Chas: (gasps) How did that happen?
  • Charity: I dunno, I think your hand slipped.
  • Chas: Oh, it slipped, yeah, slipped. Right off.
  • (Robert pulls Aaron closer)
  • Aaron: I think you've had too much out of that welly.
  • Belle: Come on, we've not seen your vows, have we?
  • Robert: We did make a pact to embarrass you.
  • Aaron: I'm not embarrassed. I'm also not dancing.
  • Robert: Oh, yeah? What's this, then?
  • Aaron: Technically, this is standing.
  • (KISS)
  • All: Ohhhhh!
  • Chas: Aww, there's my baby.
  • Faith: Landed on his feet, our Aaron. Wouldn't kick blondie out of bed for leaving crumbs.

Delurking to note that I think Moira is totally pregnant (not just with emotion) and will be the only one giving birth and here’s why. She had a ONS with Pete on 21 Dec followed by another with Cain 48hrs later and possibly one with a random within that time as we saw her arriving back at Butlers the morning after she knocked down Pete in the same clothes with no explanation as to where she’d spent the night. 40 weeks gestation later is the 29 Sept and what’s that date, Holly’s Anniversary.

We know that a dramatic event later in the year (later in the year being Sept/Oct?) “will bring Coira back together or ruin their relationship forever”.

Why has there been no Pete/Moira reveal yet? Because the dramatic Coira event is obvs going to be a baby which will bring the DRAMA leading right up to Emma’s exit in the October week and beyond.

This will also coincide, if there is any truth, with the Adam leaving towards the end of the year rumours.

Rebecca giving birth a few months later will be a bit of a damp squib in comparison which leads me to believe that they won’t make it to that particular story strand.

AU in which the Dingles are a family of florists instead of mechanics and Robert ends up in their shop one day. He needs an arrangement that can convey the idea of “I’m sorry I cheated on you and destroyed our marriage, but if your dad fires me I’m suing for wrongful termination.” It’s a very involved message, but Aaron is skilled.

Except Robert keeps coming back, at least once a week, always needing something weird and expensive and Aaron is like, impressed by just how much Robert manages to fuck up on a daily basis. It’s inspirational.

In the meantime, only the first two arrangements were real and now everyone in Robert’s life has received bouquets. Vic has received three. Diane is using them to decorate the B&B. In one unforgettable occasion Adam has received one because Robert is bad at panic decisions.