adam body


Meet Sophia Adams. 21 years old, she is an officer in training for the London Police department. She is also as I’m sure you can see, kinda smokin hot. She used these pictures to enter in an online lingerie model contest and out of a thousand contestants she won. Maybe you can see why? Totally cool story, and a gorgeous woman about to enter the modelling world. Looking forward to seeing more.

my only complaint about TLOK Toph  is that they made her so damn petite. 

it seemed obvious to me that bby Toph was going to grow up to be a stocky-  built like a brick sh*t house- solid kinda gal. and that would have been awesome. like a short Valerie Adams…. in metal. 

TLOK could have used a bit more body variation in the women’s designs overall. There’s some….. but ….. more would have been better.