adam bellefeuil

We made a new list of 10 photographers to follow on Tumblr! 

Here are the names (in no particular order): 

Osma Harvilhati (osmaharvilahti)
Matthew Bradley (mtthwbrdly)
Fabrizio Raschetti (fabrizioraschetti)
Adam Bellefeuil (adambellefeuilphoto)
Cait Oppermann (caitoppermann)
Amy Lombard (amylombard)
Horatiu Sovaiala (horatiusovaiala)
Nico Krijno (nicokrijno)
Lodoe Laura (lodoelaura)
Magnus Astrom (magastrom)

Full details on Fotografia Magazine

(Photo by Cait Oppermann)


From top to bottom;

1) Cameo Theater. By Karen DeSanno.

2) Louisiana. By William Eggleston.

3) Donuts, Arcata, California. By Kelly Povo.

4) Pleats on Pleats. By Lorenzo Lessi.

5) Myrtle Avenue, New York. By Leah Frances.

6) Cinema III. By Adam Bellefeuil.

7) His And Her Parking. By ‘damn-these-eyes‘.

8) Japanese barbershop. By Daikichi.

9) Subway interior. By Leah Frances.

10) 奇妙な. By ‘yuyuyuyuyudai’.

Oranbeg NET 13: The Dark is Light Enough

Selected Artists: 
Adam BellefeuilAlex NelsonErik HagenChris Ridgway, Jennifer Timmer TrailChristine RogersColin StearnsCarl GunhouseHollis JohnsonKyle TataMatthieu LittNat WardNich McElroyRobert WarrenSarah Malakoff and Jay Muhlin.

Thanks again to curator Lindsay Metivier! 
Check out the Slideshow and the PDF.

 Also, send in a submission for Oranbeg NET 14: a new glass with curators Roxana Azar and Ginevra Shay. Read the prompt here. This one the curators are looking for work in any medium!