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Angry Gay YA Characters Should Compare Notes More Often...
  • Baz Pitch: I'm so gay and hopelessly in love with a guy but I don't know if he's interested at all. What do I do?
  • Ronan Lynch: Okay so first, you gotta be a huge asshole whenever you can manage it. Then, be sure to only refer to him by his last name...

so harrry potter has a gay wizard
the mortal instruments has a bisexual warlock
carry on has two gay mages
the raven cycle has a bisexual magician
and lets be real most of the witches in throne of glass are lesbians.

I have to tell you, my friends, magic aint straight..

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relationship status: engaged

favorite color: forever teal

lipstick or chapstick: blistex herbal answer lip balm

last song i listened to: don’t dream it’s over by crowded house

last movie i watched: war dogs, which made me irate about the iraq war and the military industrial complex all over again

top fav shows: (current shows) this is us, call the midwife, and fresh off the boat 

top three characters: (from the shows above) randall, i love the widwives and nuns but the featured characters always get me, all of eddie’s friends

top three ships: Bridget Jones/Mark Darcy, Simon Snow/Baz Pitch, Adam Parrish/Ronan Lynch

books i’m currently reading: i just finished the archive and am going to start if we were villains today

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The Never-ending Cycle