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Okay, I’ve figured out the sparkly bass conundrum. The one on top is the purple sparkly bass from the 360 tour because the control knobs are on the white sparkly plate (first pic is by Sil Rigote, second pic from 360 era is by Kevin Mazur). The pink sparkly bass is also used so far this tour, as seen in the third pic (credit goes to @TheeEdge on twitter). The pic from U2′s instagram shows that the control knobs are on a black plate, and that plate is visible in the third pic. Phew!

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Head.Cars.Bending // Spokane // 10.22.16

ok so i know we’re all freaking out about the pynch kisses but lets not forget about these gems:
-adam adding a bass beat to cabeswater’s song to make it sound like ronan’s music
-ronan freaking out about adam holding his hand while he helped him get up
-adam fucking studying ronan’s tattoo while they both sat and on the couch. i cant imagine this happening in any other position than adam atleast partially sitting on ronan.
-gansey telling adam being in love with blue made him feel calm and quiet, adam waking up the morning after he and ronan kissed feeling calm and quiet
-chainsaw sitting on adam’s shoulder while ronan was mourning
-adam letting ronan stay in his car, but also coming in to sleep beside him so he won’t be alone
-adam flipping out at ronan suggesting to dream something up because the demon is unmaking cabeswater and he could get hurt!!! and when he sees he can’t stop ronan he insists on scrying at the same time
-adam scrying and ronan dreaming together!!!
-adam describing himself as having been “senselessly happy” the day before
-adam realizing he wants to eventually come back to henrietta (everytime he thinks of this is right after he thinks of ronan what a coincidence)
-ronan acknowledging that adam needs to leave as long as he comes back
-adam driving ronan’s car, which means that he actually let ronan borrow it to him (i want to know the story behind this: did the hondayota break down before graduation? was it fully functioning but adam realized that ronan wasn’t offering his bmw to adam in pity and, well damn, ronan’s car was nice so he wasn’t gonna turn down the offer)
-adam not turning off ronan’s obnoxious music because as it was once again confirmed, he secretly loves it

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I wonder how they chose to put this band together? It's quite large (two guitarists, a bassist, a pianist, and a drummer) but i'm just like what were they looking for? and why do all of these ppl seem so chill? like a question on the app to be in the band was "on a scale of 1 to chill, how chill are you?"

Lol :)

Well, two of the guitarists wrote Harry’s album with him and played on his album so I guess that’s the ultimate audition - spending months together crafting songs, playing live, sharing a house, rehearsing for live performances. So they obviously just felt like a fit. And then the third person - the person Harry said he’d known for a while - is presumably Adam Prendergast (bass) who Harry was already friends with and part of that Teasdale-centred London gang. And he brought on Sarah and Claire, if what Harry said in his first promo interviews is correct. So I guess maybe Adam knew and/or had played with Sarah and Claire and knew they’d be the right fit both musically and personally for Harry? And it all came together gloriously???? 

In terms of chill, the music is really chill, and Harry’s a pretty chill guy….!! :) (I’m so happy can you tell????)