adam and tanya

Another BOND GIRLS Gallery

Madeline Smith - “LIVE AND LET DIE” (1973)

Britt Ekland - “THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN” (1974)

Barbara Bach - “THE SPY WHO LOVED ME” (1977)

Anna Noble - “THE SPY WHO LOVED ME” (1977)

Maud Adams - “OCTOPUSSY” (1983) & “THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN” (1974)

Kim Basinger - “NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN” (1983)

Tanya Roberts - “A VIEW TO A KILL” (1983)


I made some aesthetics for my most favorite Power Ranger, Adam Park. He’s always been one of my favorites growing up and became my most favorite when I got older. Johnny Yong Bosch is my most favorite actor and I was so happy when I got to meet him the first time at Indy Popcon. In my opinion, Adam is the best Power Ranger. I just wish he wasn’t a background character which is upsetting because he had so much potential and his relationship with Tanya was the best thing ever. I wish they made them an actual couple because they are really cute with each other. I think they are the best ship ever. 


Shiptember Days 13 through 19!

I had to cut myself off+limit myself to one per season or else I could keep going for dang days with Power Ranger ships. I didn’t think I had a lot so I only gave myself 7 spots. That was a mistake.

Wes+Jen from Time Force, Kim+Skull from MMPR, Riley+Chase from Dino Charge, Tanya+Adam+Rocky from Zeo, Dr. K+Ziggy from RPM, Danny+Max from Wild Force and Hayley+Calvin from Ninja Steel 

Procedural Generation in Game Design

I would be remiss if I didn’t inform you that the Procedural Generation in Game Design book, organized and edited by Tanya X. Short and Tarn Adams, is out.

It’s very dense.  Each chapter covers a lot of ground. There’s chapters on level design, expressive range, meaning, puzzles, rules, narrative, audio–just a ton of topics. By a lot of experts:  It’s even got a small sidebar that I contributed.

I’d love to go more in depth on everything it covers, but I’m still working my way through it! Like I said, there’s a lot of stuff in here. I could do a whole post on just the first chapter, where Darren Grey lays out why you might want to use procedural generation–and just as importantly, reasons why you might not.


This is my maybe/make sense/who knows/is canon/could be canon from MMPR and PRZ.

1) Is it safe to say that Billy and Cestria are one? 

2) Adam and Tanya got to be together!   It make sense to me.  They were close and showed hints during Zeo.  

3) All I’m going to say is Turbo opens the door and Forever Red keeps the door open.  Kim is also NOT Spike’s Mom so there’s that. lol  May find out during Megaforce.  But doubtful, if neither of them don’t show up.  Hey, there’s the 25th anniversary. lol

4) Married! Canon! End of story!

5) We haven’t heard from them since MMPR minus the “We” part in PRZ of Jason’s return.   This is interesting but there’s Skull and Spike… -_- 

  • Kat: Tommy Oliver. How do I even begin to explain Tommy Oliver...
  • Jason: Tommy Oliver is flawless.
  • Justin: He has two red morphers, and a sentient space car.
  • Tanya: I hear his hair's insured for ten thousand dollars.
  • Billy: I hear he does kickboxing IN JAPAN.
  • Kimberly: His favourite movie is "The Karate Kid".
  • Rocky: One time, he met Mel B on a plane.
  • Adam: And she told him he was pretty!
  • Goldar: One time, he punched me in the face. It was awesome.