Happy birthday to John Milton, born on this day in 1608. Though best known as a poet, he was also a civil servant and fierce defender of free speech. His most popular work is Paradise Lost, an epic poem written in blank verse. Milton claimed in Book 1 that the poem had been crafted to “justify the ways of God to men.”

(images from Milton’s Paradise Lost (PR3560 .A1 1838 and PR3560 .A1 1940))


Before there were Girls, there was the first Girl.

friendly reminder that the Abrahamic God never actually said that Eve couldn’t eat from the Tree of Knowledge, he only told Adam not to eat from it (Gen 2:17). perhaps the entire reason the tree was in the garden in the first place was so that Eve could eat from it & become wise (why else would it be in the garden if no one could eat from it??) but Adam couldn’t be trusted with that wisdom, so when Adam ate from it, that’s when all hell broke loose.
yes, Eve eventually found out about the command (that’s why she told the serpent “God said not to eat from it”), but who’s to say that Adam didn’t tell her not to eat from the tree bc he was jealous?????
also a friendly reminder that Eve didn’t “deceive” Adam, he was deceived by the snake. Adam was literally standing right there when the snake starting talking to Eve (Gen 3:6: he was “with her”). so it’s either he was also deceived by the snake, or Adam is evil, because he allowed Eve to eat from the tree & didn’t stop her from doing it.

no. seriously. take a look at Genesis.