adam and blue

  • Gansey: Hey Blue! Nice of you to come!
  • Ronan: We're all hanging out in the tree house down by the lake, come along!
  • Blue: Can't.
  • Adam: Why not?
  • Blue: Can't go in treehouses.
  • Ronan: [repeating] Why not?
  • Blue: Because building a tree house is the biggest insult to a tree.
  • Gansey: How so?
  • Blue: It's like: “Hey, I killed your friend. Here, hold him for me!”

The thing I love most about Valentine’s Day (perhaps the only thing I love about it) is making cheesy YA novel valentines. This year’s batch is Raven Cycle themed! Tired of chocolates and flowers? Why not treat yourself to a book about deadly kisses! <3

How I feel about “cycle”

  • “Ronan kissed me,” […] “I also kissed him.”
  • […]
  • Everything Ronan had ever said about Adam reconstructed in Gansey’s mind.

(a few days earlier)

Ronan: I’m so fucking in love with Adam Parrish.

Gansey: huh, lol, aren’t we all

Ronan: *puts fist through wall*