adam (skullgirls)

Parasoul: It’s more than luck.
Molly: What do you mean?
Parasoul: We got an alert that the Skullgirl’s people were attacking Lab 8. We don’t get alerts unless they’re releasing a video or we catch them red-handed.
Adam: But we did catch them red-handed.
Parasoul: No, they were waving their red hands around in the air literally like they just didn’t care.

This is the result of spending too much time with the Skullgirls community and getting hyped for the Glass Canopy stage.

With Zone-tan being an official background NPC, ideas were thrown around that she would probably be flirtatious with Adam. Parasoul’s not too pleased to see the goddess of all that is lewd hit on her date right-hand man. Or maybe she’s just had too much champagne.

This was meant to be a quick doodle, but I went OCD with the coloring.