adam & alma

Things I love about the new episode even though they hurt me:

- Extra Bak

- Edgar’s adamant belief that Alma killed the CROW because he couldn’t control the Innocence, not because he wanted to

- Everything about the Marie/Kanda scene in the vents

- “Yuu! You’re okay!”

- Squishy noises because why not

- Alma. All of Alma.

- “They just wanted to save the world. They just wanted to protect their loved ones.”

- Background slashy noises while Fo carries Edgar away because apparently she isn’t planning to do anything about that

- You can hear Kanda crying while he kills Alma again and again

- How much effort the Noah went through just to extract Allen from the Order

- On that note, Tyki carrying Wisely

- Oh no oh no oh no Alma

- Everything about this episode let’s be real