adam & alma

Highlights of the night

  • Cien finally getting a win
  • Killian Dain smushing his scottish bby Nikki Cross just to crush Akam
  • reDRagon debuting and killing everyone
  • Sanity winning the tag belts to a massive pop
  • Hideo’s masterful Katsuyori Shibata impression
  • Aleister Black kicking the KENTA out of Hideo with Black Mass
  • War of the Goddesses™
  • Asuka kicking out of Eclipse, temporarily stopping my heart
  • Asuka retaining :) but also Ember losing :(
  • Drew winning the NXT Title, only to be upstaged by…
  • ADAM COLE BAYBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gmw au month: Oh the Humanities

At the small yet prestigious Adams College in small town Pennsylvania there is a group of young professors that make the School of Humanities the most popular on campus.

Riley Matthews attended Adams College, her parents’ alma mater before moving to New York to try and make it in the theatre world. After her 27th birthday, with one off-broadway play and a few hundred auditions under her belt, she moved back and took a job in her old department. Now, five years later she is on track for tenure and takes her job very seriously, doing her best to teach her students even though most of the time she feels like a failure and a fraud. The department chair is one of her old professors, a grumpy old man close to retirement who still treats her like a student and takes every opportunity to drop department issues into her lap. When she quite literally runs into the new English professor at the school’s start-of-the-year event everything changes.

Maya Hart moved back to Pennsylvania with her lifelong best friend and got a job with the college after a few years of barely leaving her studio. Last year she didn’t take teaching very seriously, but slowly she has come to love her students and wants to do for them what her professors did for her even if that means dealing with departmental politics. Something she is serious about though is the decades long feud between the studio and performing arts. Riley may be her best friend but that won’t protect her from the epic pranks she and her students have planned. 

Farkle Minkus spent his whole life being trained to join his father at the family company. His family was surprised when he decided to abandon that plan and study science. They were even more shocked when he changed his major after a single Philosophy seminar during his sophomore year. After earning his PhD he knew he wanted to continue in academia to try to understand all the mysteries of the universe and accepted a position at Adams. He is waiting to find out if he is going to offered tenure for next year, and at 33 he would be the youngest professor in the school’s history to receive the honor. Finding his way to Adams also meant reconnecting with his old family friend Riley Matthews who makes sure he has a social life.

Isadora Smackle is a literal rocket scientist. A full time employee at NASA she also travels the country as a guest lecturer. Adams College is a favorite due in no small part to the presence of Farkle Minkus, her former nemesis in college whom she’s never quite forgiven for abandoning their shared love of science in favor of philosophy. Graduating high school at 15 she didn’t have many friends when she got to Princeton. Farkle, although he was a year ahead and four years older, was nice to her and challenged her. After a few months of friendly rivalry though he switched majors and stopped talking to her. He is never anything but kind to her on her twice annual visits to Adams, but her pride won’t allow her to give him a second chance.

Zay Babineaux came to Adams looking for a new path after a knee injury ended his dancing dreams. Sometimes he really feels like a cliche. He started the same year as Riley and at first the two could barely tolerate each other. After being forced by their department heads to direct and choreograph Pirates of Penzance together they developed a solid working relationship and eventual friendship. He still teases her daily that musicals are the best theatre and dancing the best form of performance art. He’s surprised when Riley introduces them to the new English professor, seeing his childhood best friend for the first time in years.

Lucas Friar never saw himself being where he is today. After flunking out of veterinary school, unable to handle the pressure, he fell back on his second love. Everybody loves a good story. He quickly becomes known as the cool teacher™ much to Maya Hart’s annoyance. He’s always had a problem with his temper but he’s come a long way with it. Zay remembers him as an angry teenager though and it takes longer than he’d like to convince him that he’s changed. At the school’s start-of-the-year event he runs into a pretty brunette who incorporates him into her world and changes everything. 


Guess who just got back from the NXT show in Cedar Park, TX? Such a good show. I’ll post my thoughts later, but the most noteworthy happenings are that there were a bunch of U.K. guys there (Wolfgang, Mandrews, Bate, Seven, and Dunne,) and Adam Cole got busted open. Full crimson mask. The doctor took him to the back, but he came back and finished the match. After the main event (Almas/Dunne vs McIntyre/Gargano) Drew was talking shit about Cole because they have a match for the championship in San Antonio tomorrow and he mentioned that Cole needed seven staples.

Will post more pics tomorrow when we get back from the RoH show in San Antonio.


Things I love about the new episode even though they hurt me:

- Extra Bak

- Edgar’s adamant belief that Alma killed the CROW because he couldn’t control the Innocence, not because he wanted to

- Everything about the Marie/Kanda scene in the vents

- “Yuu! You’re okay!”

- Squishy noises because why not

- Alma. All of Alma.

- “They just wanted to save the world. They just wanted to protect their loved ones.”

- Background slashy noises while Fo carries Edgar away because apparently she isn’t planning to do anything about that

- You can hear Kanda crying while he kills Alma again and again

- How much effort the Noah went through just to extract Allen from the Order

- On that note, Tyki carrying Wisely

- Oh no oh no oh no Alma

- Everything about this episode let’s be real

Thoughts on Kanda

…Alma, and What it Means to Be Human 

(previous post)

Ok so i said in my previous post that for Kanda, being human means being able to die. I also said that both he and Alma, during their time in Lab 6, never once considered themselves humans.

This is really isn’t an extension of that, since it’ll be focused more on other stuff, but it’s related to it so go read it. Like how Kanda rationalizes his actions after the end of Lab 6.

Basically? (And this is really just a theory. Really.) Kanda kills Alma not only because he wants to live and find that person, but also because in doing so, he’s giving Alma his humanity back. Because, disregarding the specter of a woman whose face he barely even remembers, Alma is the most important person in the world to him, and it wouldn’t be fair if he forced Alma to live with him, to continue to be used by the Order as a tool. So what choice does he have, really, but to kill him? 

This would also explain the really negative reaction he has when Road tells him that the person in front of him is Alma, that he did survive. It explains why, when Road taunts him about that person he very nearly loses it. He probably already realized it himself, but her saying it out loud just confirmed it, that his efforts nine years ago weren’t enough, that what he did was all in vain. All that time he’d spent, chopping his best friend up into little pieces. All those years suffering from the memories, the guilt. All of that, in vain. Alma was alive. Alma had lived. He’d tried to kill his best friend because of someone he’s never even met, whose face he barely even remembers. And in the end, he couldn’t even let his best friend die as a human being, because even after all of that Alma had lived.

What’s worse is that when he sees Alma again, Alma’s literally been turned into a puppet to be used by the Order. And then Alma turns into an akuma, and there’s no turning back from that.There’s nothing he can do now, no way to make him almost-human again. Alma’s dead but not-dead and his humanity is dwindling by the second and. And well, Kanda had killed Alma the first time in order to give him a chance to die as a person. If death was the only thing that made someone human, then Kanda would do everything in his power to give that to Alma. But now Alma is an akuma, and akuma aren’t killed, they’re destroyed, because they’re tools made by the Millenium Earl to wreak havoc upon humanity and kill people. It’s probably the worst possible scenario for Kanda.

Which is why he’s so adamant on killing Alma after that. It’s really the only way to take responsibility for his actions, and he’s definitely not happy about that. He’d wanted to give Alma a chance to be human, and Alma had been turned into an akuma instead.