adam queen


The king sleeps still, under a mountain , and around him is assembled
his warriors and his herds and his riches. By his right hand is his cup,
filled with possibility. On his breast nestles his sword, waiting, too, to wake.
Fortunate is the soul who finds the king and is brave enough to call him to wakefulness, for the king will grant him a favour, as wondrous as can be imagined by a mortal man.

The Raven Cycle as anime.
‘Adventure Time’ Is Slowly Going Off the Air, And Everyone’s Moving On
“Adventure Time” was the hit that nobody saw coming, and its end is in sight. How did it manage to last this long?
By Eric Kohn

i’ll never forget this show. Thank AT crew and those former.


Congratulations and thankyou to the cast and crew of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. It’s been a crazy but wonderful ride on our side and we can’t wait till Season 2. 

Aelin: Right I need you all to be straight with me for a moment

Aedion: I’m always straight with you

Lysandra: Oh man that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told