adalind x meisner

Adalind and Meisner please stay together. Please.

I feel like they would be great parents. Meisner would probably be a great dad.

I can see it now, he’d be chasing the little girl around in the yard and she’d flip him with her mega powers and Adalind would watch from the window and laugh because he’s such a big strong man and he’s being thrown around by a little toddler.

Without Thought: Ch. 2

Title: Without Thought (AO3) 

Chapter: 2

Genre:  Romance, Drama

Rating: T

Description:  Starting out in ‘Once we were gods’ this story chronicles the unexpected love story of Adalind and Meisner through a mess of royal assassins, angry Princes, and even Grimms.

~Going Home~

                Adalind glared at the back of Meisner’s head.  He would not tell her where they were going or anything really.  He just grunted in response to her questions, she was not used to being ignored especially by men.

                The ache in her side burned the longer they walked.  Childbirth and hiking uphill really did not mix.  Adalind could feel her newly returned powers buzzing under her skin but they were outweighed by sheer physical exhaustion.  Her body hurt in new and unfortunate places and she felt like she was going to pass out at any moment.

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But imaging Adalind spending time with Meisner and him falling for her.

Imagine Meisner calling Adalind up and telling her he needs to see her immediatly. Adalind, kind of annoyed but also worried, hurries to meet Meisner in their safe heaven, which they obiviously need with them both being targets. Imagine her standing there, confused, when she hears a childs laughter filling the room. Her being worried about Kelly, and then her heart breaking for Dianna, the child she will never see grow up. And then Meisners voice, telling her that they need to hurry and that there will not be a lot of time, never enough time. Adalind turning around and then, Diana coming into the room with the small baby steps she learned while she was away, coming to Adalind, her bursting into tears.
Because Meisner fell for her, and that smile of her, and the love she has for her children, and the heartbreak everyone feels radiating from her everytime she sees a child, even her own.
And him giving her the only thing in the world that could ever ment her heart again.

Last night’s Grimm

Can we talk about how Meisner is lying in his room and fantasizing about Adalind, the time he helped her give birth and later when she kissed his cheek, thanking him? He really got sparkly eyes, and looks so lovesick, I can’t even. I knew there’s gonna be something between them but now that shes going somewhere with Nick and has a kid with him it doesn’t look good.