As soon as our landlord told us we could paint the fuck outta our walls i lost it and went into an art induced stuper and when I awoke these were on my wall. 

If you live in Boston or are close enough that I can reach you I’d love to paint a character inspired by you in your home/apartment/place of rezzy. get in contact if your interested. I’d most likely start the price of one character at $50. Anyone interested?



These are some designs I threw together with the theme of LG (cell [phones). It’d be awesome if someone could send me a message, reblog or whatever telling me what you think of them. The ones with black outline aren’t done. They need colored lines like the one with the red G. I just need to know which ones are the best to bring to that stage. Someone wanna critic me!!! anyone?!?!

Please and thank you,



Today Ian and I are at Emeryville Highschool helping kids in the art classes and in their after school open art studio draw self portraits. They’re using a really amazing technique that i used in highschool and still use today, grid transferring. While we’ve been here helpign out we decided to throw down a collaboration called, “Abbra Kadabra”. 

We recently ran otu of business cards, and thought, since we have to print some new ones, why not make it interesting and have a dope new image, everytime we get new cards, were gonna put a new piece of art on it.  So Here’s the new one SO FAR