adagio blend

Are you ready for 221B Con? We are, and once again, we’ve got a suite full of fun ready for our listeners and friends! Here’s what we’ve got planned so far:


7:00 pm: Suite opens: Let’s get this party started!
9:00 pm: TAB watchalong: M requires your presence
Midnight: Porny bedtime stories: Just come to listen, or bring your favorite smutty fic tidbit to read aloud to the group. Please try to limit your selection to under 500 words, around 3 minutes reading time. All ships welcome!
2:00 am: Suite closes: Because we need to sleep eventually.


11:00 am: Suite opens: Come make tea or grab a coffee, it’s the first official con day!
The suite is open all day for hanging out, knitting, writing, playing CAH, and so on. If you need a place to chill, come say hi!
7:00 pm: Check, Please! meetup: OMG! You may find a Zimbits squee-fest or we might be wrist-deep in pie crust tutorials, you never know. Bring your flow and a thirst for chirps, y'all.
10:00 pm: Flash Fic with @emmagrant01 (18+): Emma’s famous and fun flash fic challenge has a porny cousin, and it’s this event. We’ll provide the prompts and you bring the zany, sexy ideas. Come spin the Wheel of Kink! No writing experience necessary.
Midnight:Porny Mad Libs with @alexxphoenix42: We provide the story outlines, you provide the nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. These aren’t your family roadtrip mad libs!
2:00 am: Suite closes: We might sleep, eventually.


10:00 am: TPP Live Podcast (NOT IN SUITE - see con schedule): join us for a live recording to be featured in a future episode! Topic: Shipping in the Sherlock Fandom.
11:00 am: Suite opens: oh yeeeah
2:00 pm: Femslash Meetup with @fffinnagain: We love the ladies! Bring your headcanons, ship squee, plot bunnies and love of all things female.
3:00 pm: Hamfords and Tea with @drinkingcocoa-tpp and @mydwynter: Need a mid-day pick-me-up? Mydwynter will feature samples of his Adagio tea blends and DrinkingCocoa will provide Hamford ingredients. Come celebrate Stamford’s favorite sandwich and find a new tea obsession
4:00 pm:Hamilton Singalong (NOT IN SUITE - see con schedule): Even if you’ve never listened to this popular musical, you won’t want to miss what we’re guessing will be a very energetic sing-along session. We’ll provide lyrics and we’re crossing our fingers for some Hamilton cosplay!
10:00 pm:Stag Night, feat. burlesque and a pinata: @unknownsister and @intricatearticulation bring back Stag Night in a bigger and better space! Featuring fabulous burlesque surprises, giveaways, and a porny pinata - because it’s not con until you’re beating an elephant for a packet of lube.
2:00 am: Suite closes: No really, some sleep will definitely be needed at this point. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.


10:00 am: Suite opens: Last day! No long faces, friends, for we have a whole glorious day ahead of us.
10:00 am:Flash Fic with @emmagrant01 and @mydwynter (all ages): Not up for the porny version? Try a tamer exercise with fun prompts and some writing time - then we read aloud!
Noon: Mycroft Meta with @fffinnagain​: Is he a really a rubbish big brother? Does he only have 3 years to live? Come discuss all the theories in this open roundtable.
3:00 pm: The @reading221b group is hosting a live book club-style discussion of Left Unsaid by @thesardine. All are welcome!
9:00 pm:Straggler’s Party: Still here and wondering where everyone has gone? Come wind down with us. There will probably be some free shit to take home as we clean up.
Midnight: Suite closes: Sunset on another amazing weekend with our fandom friends. Aww. <3

iris-siberica  asked:

I really love the designs of your OCs! If I may ask, how do you usually think of a character? Is it an active process or do you get random ideas? Oh, and have you thought about possibly making Adagio tea blends for some of your characters?

I don’t actually know enough about tea to make actual tea blends for my OCs… Like, I’ve only had tea maybe a grand total for 3 times in my life.

As for how I make up characters, there are two different processes:

99.9% of the time, a character is made from pure, self-indulgent aesthetic. I’ll get an idea for a character and think it’s cool and then I’ll draw it. I’ve only come up with a character because I didn’t have anyone else who could fit the role I needed filled in a story a handful of times! Usually I can just re-purpose an old character to fit the bill, but sometimes you just don’t have anyone that will work and you gotta start from scratch!