adagio blend


Sigh no more Pedrazar fans!

Baltahzar Jones (aka Reuben Hudson) now has an official tea. Because Balthazar is so calm and his music so relaxing, his tea is a chamomile tea, that also include mint and rooibos. There’s also some spearmint included (which is not a compliment to a Pedro blend what are you talking about?)

You can save $5 with GC 6109278848. AND because Balthazar is part of a ship you can get 10% off of both Balthazar and Pedro’s teas. The international shipping costs are not great but the best way to circumvent that is through a large group orders.

PS NMTD fans and cast members, I have no idea how to let Reuben know this is a thing so if someone could pass this on that would be great!

As always, amazing thank yous go to wholelottaductape. She is the best!



letslipthedogsofwar That’s right you have your own tea now as well! I figured in celebration of impending #LLL, All Around Great Guy and The Prince of Messina needed a tea! This is the Pedro Donaldson blend: Citron Green Tea, Spearmint and Gunpowder tea. It’s refreshing, grassy with a taste of bitter (cause he got a little mean towards the end). But it is still bright and clean cause he is still a good guy beneath the Trash Prince.

You can save $5 with GC code 3493806172. And while you are at it you can purchase other NMTD teas in the collection! DISCLAIMER: The shipping prices outside of the US are ridiculous! If anyone wants to do international shipping the best method is to one large group order together.

As always the credit for this amazing artwork goes to wholelottaductape. This could not happen without her!