adachi toka

“Sorry about that…!”

Have I mentioned that the latest chapters of Noragami have ripped my heart to shreds, rubbed salt in it, thrown the pieces against the wall, lit the pieces on fire, and then stomped on the ashes? Because yeah. That.

the hug at the end of 72 was great so I had to draw it because OH MY GOSH do I sense an angst-storm coming


Noragami BD/DVD vol. 1 with a preview of the bonus manga

The limited edition includes: episodes 1 and 2, a booklet, a 10-page manga drawn by the mangaka Adachitoka, an application ticket for the seiyuu event, a rubber strap with one of the characters, a special case illustrated by the character designer Toshiro Kawamoro, a bonus DVD with cast interview and credit less version of the OP and ED clips.