My Favorite Couples

Since it’s close to Valentine’s Day, I decided to share a few of my favorite fictional couples.

#1 Beauty & the Beast: Belle and the Beast

#2 Strange Magic: Marianne and The Bog King

#3 Once Upon a Time: Belle and Rumplestiltskin (basically a different spin on Beauty and the Beast)

#4 Labyrinth:Sarah and Jareth (I know the relationship didn’t actually pan out but I still love this couple)

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#5 The Hollow Kingdom: Kate and Marak (a book trilogy that isn’t very well known and this fan art by adabsurdum is probably the closest thing to how I imagine them looking.)

(Have you noticed I like Beauty and the Beast type relationships yet?)

#6 The Legend of Hades and Persephone (did you know that Hades isn’t actually his name? The god of the Underworld’s real name is Aidoneus. The Greeks feared him so much that they never said his name aloud, only refered to him by the place that he ruled. Since there has been no film made of this couple I settled for a drawing from the web comic A Hundred Days of Night.)

#7 The Phantom of the Opera: Christine Dae and The Phantom (another relationship that didn’t pan out the way we fan girls wanted but we still adore)

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#8 Doctor Who? : Rose Tyler and The Tenth Doctor  

#9 Doctor Who? : Amy Pond and Rory (quite possibly one of the best TV representations of a married couple ever)

#10 Batman: Harley Quinn and The Joker (The most dysfunctional, insane, abusive relationships that ever existed and yet… I love them together)

#11 Penelope: Penelope and Max (A Beauty and the Beast story with the girl as the perceived ugly one!)

#12 Alice: Alice and Hatter

#13 Pride & Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennett and William Darcy

and The Lizzie Bennett Diaries (which is basically the same story just modernized)

#14 Once Upon a Time: Emma Swan and Hook

and last but not least….

#15 Supernatural: Dean Winchester and his beloved Impala, Baby (swoon)