I wanted to draw my Inquisitors with this style since a veeeery long time so here they are, from left to right and also in order of creation!

  • Regan Trevelyan (two knives rogue//assassin//hilarious//mage allies//dorian romance)
  • Avron Lavellan (two hands warrior//champion//sensible//templars saved up//cassandra romance)
  • Selene Trevelyan (rift mage//violent//mage enslaved//iron bull romance)
  • Darrius Addar (bow and arrows rogue//violent//mage allies//josephine romance)
  • Max Cadash (sword and shield warrior//reaver//hilarious//templars saved up//blackwall romance)

Quick small commissions done to support my video game habits. 

krahka for the first two – Palin Adaar from DAI and Sinki from Mass Effect. 

catpella / sunfall-legacy for the middle one – Auriva, a Sith Warrior. 

@ravenkinlegacy, whom tumblr won’t let me tag for some reason – Aurek, a Sith Inquisitor 

and kickassfanfic at the bottom right – an adorable smuggler named Vacy. 

Shokrakar is a female Tal-Vashoth who spent her life rebelling against the dictates of the Qun before finally escaping. She was too aggressive and opinionated to fit the Qun’s idea of proper female behavior, and refused to integrate into any profession or role the priests attempted to force her into. Her years in the re-education camps have left her with significant emotional and physical scars, but her personality is relaxed, forthright, and confident. After all, she’s finally achieved everything she was fighting for.

In-engine description of the leader of the Valo-Kas mercenaries, Adaar Inquisitor’s former boss.