Happy 28th Birthday, Jack Falahee! (February 20, 1989) ♡ 

I’d really like to do more voiceover work. I like the idea of being able to voice a character that you look nothing like–a complete departure from reality. It’s a dream of mine to voice a character in a Hayao Miyazaki film.


Revere Office by ArtVitalex (The Sims 3)

All objects are recolorable
- Revere Long Shelf
- Revere Short Shelf
- Revere Desk
- Revere Office Chair With Casters
- Revere Table Lamp
- Revere Books & Book Holder
- Revere Decor #
- Revere Decor &
- Revere Teapot
- Revere Photo Frames
- Revere Curved Wall Painting
- Revere Rug