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And what of the stanzas
we never sing, the third that mentions “no refuge
could save the hireling and the slave”? Perhaps,
the truth is, every song of this country
has an unsung third stanza, something brutal
snaking underneath us as we blindly sing
the high notes with a beer sloshing in the stands
hoping our team wins.
—  Ada Limón, “A New National Anthem,” published in Buzzfeed’s Reader

Iris West Week Day Three

Iris + The Rest - AU Iris West x Laurel Lance/Black Canary

I know that there are many amazing relationships that Iris has had with characters other than her family and her love interests that could be talked about during this section of IrisWestWeek but I decided to go with an AU version with Iris and Laurel because I am disappointed that we didn’t get a scene where Iris and Laurel meet and I am also super bitter that now we’ll never see a scene like this so I am righting this terrible wrong with my AU. I kept my AU story under a Read More so I don’t flood everyone’s dashboards with it in case they don’t want to read it but if you would like to read it, just click to read!

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0total0insanity0-deactivated201  asked:

Could you write the companions reacting to buff! sole wrestling a deathclaw and winning?

Ada – She had her doubts when Sole went to wrestle that deathclaw, not that she didn’t believe Sole had it in them to win in a fight or anything, but…they were wrestling a deathclaw. Of all things. She doubted even with all that muscle on their body that Sole could ever win against a monster like that. Although Ada didn’t really know what to expect, she hoped against them being killed, but when Sole stood from a now unconscious deathclaw slumbering on the ground, she’d be well and truly shocked. Some would dare say she was in awe.

Cait – She snickered when she realised Sole was actually going to do it. There was no way they could win. Yes Sole was a real tough son of a bitch, tougher than anyone Cait’s ever met, but that didn’t mean they could best a damn deathclaw hand to hand. Or rather hand to claw. But when the beast dropped and didn’t come back up, Cait’s mouth popped open in a silent gasp. “No fuckin’ way.” She’d run over to the beast to make sure and upon seeing it was well and truly knocked out cold, Cait would shake her head in mild amusement. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t a little turned on.

Curie – Despite her many many warnings to Sole about the dangers of fighting a deathclaw with no back up and no weapons, Sole still went ahead and tried to wrestle the beast. Curie was madly frustrated and worried, to the point where she simply could not watch the fight. She had no doubt that Sole had either lost their mind or were pursuing a death wish because they just had to know they couldn’t possibly win, right? Yet when Sole returned with a large grin on their face and led Curie back to unconscious deathclaw, she didn’t know whether to scorn them again or hug them with relief. Either way, if she had any say in it, Sole would definitely not be doing that again.

Codsworth – Like Curie, he warned them against wrestling it out with deathclaw – how absurd was the idea?! Surely Sole couldn’t be serious….yet that’s exactly what they went and did. He couldn’t bear to watch them die, so Codsworth floated away knowing that he did all that he could do to try and make them see reason. After all, the last thing he wanted to remember them by was the sound and sight of them being torn apart. But a few moments later, he was surprised and elated to see them return to him, thinking that perhaps they reflected on his wise words and had come to see reason, yet they claimed to have knocked out the deathclaw. As much as he respected Sole, he couldn’t hold back his laugh at the absurdity of their claim but when he saw the truth, his long silence was telling.

Danse – Deathclaws, Yao Guais, Super Mutants…they were all the same in Danse’s eyes. A pest. A scourge that needed to be eradicated for the preservation of humankind and the natural ecosystem, if it even existed anymore that is. Nevertheless, when Sole went to wrestle a deathclaw that foolishly decided to attack them one day, Danse couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Why would anyone want to try and take down a deathclaw with nothing but their fists and the clothes on their back? Why would anyone give up their gun to do that? Foolish. Reckless. A whole array of words popped into Danse’s head as he was left to simply watch the spectacle before him. He wanted to just shoot the damn thing, but it was too much of a risk to Sole and so he was left hoping that Sole knew what they were doing. The last thing he expected however, was for them to come out of it alive with barely any scratches on them. “Soldier! I am highly disappointed in you. That was ridiculously insane for you to even try to wrestle a deathclaw. You will not be attempting such foolish behaviour in my presence again.” Dammit, didn’t Sole know he couldn’t lose them too?

Deacon – He’s actually the one responsible for putting the idea in their head and when he realises that they took his words not as a jest but as a challenge, he’d start to really freak out. No way was he going to be known as the one responsible for the death of the greatest bloody Railroad agent ever, Desdemona would kill him! So his relief is palpable when he watches Sole jump off of the now unconscious deathclaw which somehow they managed to choke out cold with nothing but their bare hands. Deacon would be impressed beyond measure and would bring it up again whenever he could, of course without mentioning the fact that he was the one put the idea in their head.

Gage – As soon as Sole said they were going to wrestle a deathclaw, Gage knew he was in for one of the greatest spectacle’s he’ll ever see in his entire life…and he’s seen some crazy shit over the years. As he was watching them take the big bastard on, he couldn’t help but wonder how the Raiders in Nuka World didn’t think to set up some kind of ring where a similar show can be put on, perhaps that’s how they should’ve chosen the Overboss to begin with. He’d be cheering them on from the sidelines with the biggest grin on his face and when the giant beast is finally left unconscious on the ground, he’d run over and clap Sole on the back while laughing it up big. Next time, he wants to see if the other bosses could pull of the same stunt inside a cage. It’d be on the top of his ‘to build’ list.

Hancock – There wouldn’t be any way in the world where Hancock would miss this. He could’ve sworn Sole had a death wish for wanting to fight a deathclaw with their bare hands, but despite all his warnings they still wanted to do it. So to him, he’d see it as he’s done everything in his power to make them see reason, if they want to go out with a rather large bang then so be it. He’d watch with no idea why he wasn’t jumping in there and shooting the damn thing dead but when Sole emerges victorious, he’d pin it down to his subconscious knowing Sole was a tough son of a bitch that

MacCready – He’d call Sole’s bluff when they said they could beat the deathclaw hand-to-hand, not actually thinking that they were serious about what they said. He’d stare after them as they charge up to the big claw, immediately regretting his stupid big mouth that will most likely get his closest friend killed. He’d watch with twitching fingers as Sole wrestles the claw, expecting at any moment to see a spray of blood and hear Sole’s screams of pain, but they never came and instead all he heard was a big ground-shuddering thud. Mac would have to find something to lean on, because surely he did not just see that…he was just hallucinating…right?

Nick Valentine – The detective knew Sole was adventurous, but trying to beat down a deathclaw using no weapons, no armour and no backup? That is just preposterously foolish and he wouldn’t hesitate to let Sole know that although of course, they wouldn’t listen to him. He’d just sigh and shake his head, watching regretfully as they storm forward to face the beast. He expected them to meet a very painful and messy death, but he definitely did not expect to see them emerge victorious with a slumbering deathclaw knocked out cold beneath them. Despite their victory however, Nick would certainly give Sole a piece of his mind. How dare they be so rash and reckless when they had so much responsibility to the Commonwealth and its people? Heaven forbid what would happen to little Shaun without their parent.

Old Longfellow – He thought the Captain was crazy. Sure, they did the Captain’s dance and all that rigmarole, but wrestling a deathclaw bare handed? Now that was probably the craziest thing he’s ever heard and he tried telling Sole that even though they’ve got virtually layers upon layers of muscle, that damn deathclaw has got at least a boatload more muscle backing him up. But he’d just shrug and kick back with a whiskey when Sole doesn’t listen. Although he damn near chokes on his tongue when he sees the beast drop and Sole emerge victorious. Wordlessly – because holy crapping hell, what do you even say after seeing something like that – he’ll hand them a fresh bottle and continue to stare at them like their an alien.

Piper Wright – At first, she’d think Sole was joking and would just laugh and shrug it off. However, when she sees Sole actually charging at the deathclaw with nothing but their bare hands to fight with, she quickly freaks out and goes to shoot it. She can’t though, because Sole’s in the way and if she ever hurt them she’d never forgive herself. So begrudgingly, she is forced to simply watch on the sidelines. She’d be glaring dangerously at them when they return victorious, not even thinking about returning their offer for a high five and would proceed to tell them exactly how she feels about them pulling stupid stunts like that.

Preston Garvey – He’d be dead set against the idea and would tell them an outright no. But of course, Sole wouldn’t listen and of course Preston is left to watch as they run to their inevitable doom after making him promise not to intervene. So again he’d be left wondering and dreading as to whether or not his closest friend and ally would be coming back or whether they would leave him like the rest. He wouldn’t be able to watch, so he flinches when their hand comes down upon his shoulder with a victorious laugh. Despite his shock that they actually won against a deathclaw, Preston would be low-key mad at them for a while.

Strong – He’d be so excited to watch the spectacle before him, his only regret being that he couldn’t join in on the fun. At first, he wouldn’t believe Sole had it in them to take down the deathclaw with nothing but their hands, but when the beast drops he is left in a stunned silence that is only broken when he lets out a roar of celebration. Now more than ever would he be determined to become as strong as this little human friend of his.

X6-88 – He thought it was idiotic to say the least. How could Sole possibly think they have a fighting chance in hell to beat a deathclaw in hand to hand combat? If anything, he would have a better chance of achieving this close to impossible feat, after all, he was an Institute trained Courser. Begrudgingly, he’d watch the fight and only step in if he’s needed which surprisingly, he isn’t. Although Sole somehow managed to win the fight, the Courser would not be impressed with their utter lack of regard for their own safety…although secretly he’d think what they did was pretty damn awesome.


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Nak kenal orang,lama.

Nak kenal orang ni lama.

Bukan amik masa sehari dua.
Bukan seminggu dua.

Tapi lama.

Aku sendiri,nak paham perangai kawan kawan serumah,kawan sebilik,kawan kawan kelas,kawan kawan setajaan,kawan kawan segerabak (heh) , kawan kawan sebatch,orang orang sekeliling aku bukan masa sehari dua.

Tapi lama.

Berbulan bulan bahkan bertahun.

Betullah orang kata,hargai semorang sekeliling kita selagi dia ada. Tak kira perangainya baik atau haprak macam sampah.

Hargai. Sebab kita tak tahu,berapa lama kita ambil masa untuk kenal dia,orang orang sekeliling kita.

Bersangka baik,bersangka baik. (Hmm aku pun susah nak bersangka baik. Battle paling aku takkan win ada bendalah ni hm)


Ceritanya begini.

Aku ada kenal sorang budak ni. Perempuan.

Ni bukan nak ngumpat, tapi nak cerita lagi pun takkan mention nama. K

Budak perempuan ni baik sangat. Lemah lembut,lawa putih,muka manis argh cukup pakej la kiranya ni. (K ni bukan kisahnya lagi)

Ceritanya adalah,dia ni suka expect tinggi dekat orang sekeliling. Maksudnya,dia rasa kawan kawan sekeliling dia lah yang akan faham dia,akan bantu tolong dia bila dia susah.

Mula mula tu,dia berkawan macam biasa la kan, dan diorang pun happy je. Kawan kawan dia ni pun baik solehah je semua. Budak budak usrah lah kan. Baik,meme baik.

Tapi bila ada masalah,semorang (baca: kawan kawan dia) akan tunjuk perangai masing masing. Diorang start jadi tak peduli. Contoh kalau masing masing start busy dengan hal,program,exam ke apa.

Dia mula nampak belang kawan kawan dia,bila asal ada hal kecik sikit semorang tak nak kalah. Semorang nak menang. Masam muka,diamkan diri. Jadi tak peduli dah hal orang lain.

Eh faham tak ni citer aku ni? Heh.

Jadi,kawan aku ni datang ler cari aku (baca ; waksep. Adohai) , ngadu. Katanya,dia rasa sedih sebab dia expect kawan kawan dia akan tolong jernihkan keadaan atau selamatkan persahabatan diorang lebih kurang. Tapi,tak.

Dan dia pun,rasa bersalah sebab dia pun tergolong dalam kalangan orang orang yang tak peduli dengan keadaan sakitnya diorang punya friendship. Sebab dia dah penat jadi penjernih keadaan dan semorang pun macam tak kisah. Masing masing dah macam ada kawan lain.

Dah start kawan dengan orang lain,jalan dengan orang lain,tidur rumah orang lain.

Aku pun mati kutu nak cakap apa.

Aku cuma mampu nasihat ;

Bersangka baik.
Lapang dada.

Sekali lagi terasa keloseran disitu memandangkan aku pun bukan jenis sabar,bersangka baik dan lapang dada sangat.

Tapi takpelah,at least bila aku kena uji nanti aku akan ingat sembang kencang aku dengan budak ni.

Panjang la aku tulis sampaikan lenguh jari aku bebel dekat waksep pasal 3 perkara tu.

Selang 5 minit,sorang sorang kawan dia waksep aku. Semua skrip lebih kurang sama je.

“Terima kasih,Sher. InshaAllah kitorang ikut apa Sher cakap.

Nah muahciked *emoji cium ada love tu*”

I was like “eh pebenda pakat cakap terima kasih ni.”

Ghupanya,budak tadi pi tunjuk waksep aku dekat kawan kawan dia semua. Woha !

“Ye ye sama sama. Lain kali jangan gaduh gaduh dah.

Tipikal perempuan betul korang ni.” Heh.


Bersangka baik.
Lapang dada.

3 benda yang abah ajar aku dari kecik.


“Kakak,jangan balas orang buat jahat dekat kita. Jangan.”

“Kakak,bersangka baik. Dia ada masalah mungkin.”

Walaupun susah nak buat tapi kalau kau usaha untuk sabar,bersangka baik dan lapang dada,kau takkan nampak hasilnya sekarang. Tapi hasilnya mungkin seminggu,sebulan,setahun,sepuluh tahun,duaploh tahun. Haaa.

Mungkin takkan efek pada sekeliling,tapi efeknya pada diri sendiri.

Hey come on,tuhan tu dah maha kaya kot, kalau kita tak nak solat,tak nak puasa,tak nak buat ibadah pun tak pe. Tuhan tak perlukan kita pun.

Tapi sebab apa kita masih solat puasa buat baik pada manusia dan kucing?

Sebab ianya menguntungkan kita !

Kita buat kita dapat pahala kita masuk syurga kita jumpa Allah sama sama.

Nampak tak permainan tuhan nak angkat darjat kita? Ke tak nampak? Tak nampak,boleh campak diri dalam laut ye semua. (Tak lawak pun,jangan gelak)

K dah jauh aku mengarut.

Jadi kaitannya kita ambil masa lama untuk kenal orang dengan 3 perkara tadi?

Mengenali sosok manusia adalah proses.

Dan 3 perkara diatas tadi adalah panduan atau guideline dalam fatrah kita mengenali manusia.

Hmmm itu je aku nak cakap,sembang panjang panjang ni.

Dan ingatlah,hidup terlalu singkat untuk kita sebar benci dan marah. Untuk kita dendam dan kesumat.

Life tips : follow the flow.