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For Labor Day Prompts! MPU Natasha, seeing red (86).

The first time Natasha sees Pepper’s neighbor grab his wife too hard, she’s stepping off the elevator before joining Pepper for dinner. They stare at each other for a moment, the man swaying and his wife wide-eyed. There’s a livid red mark on her pretty, pale face.

Natasha raises an eyebrow. “Everything all right?”

“Fine,” the man grumbles, and drags his wife through their apartment door.

The second time she sees him grab his wife too hard, he’s in the foyer of the building, his mailbox standing open as he balls his fist in his wife’s blouse. Even from five or ten feet away, Natasha can see the bruises on the woman’s arm.

Pepper stills at Natasha’s side, her fingers curling around Natasha’s elbow, but Natasha simply stares the man down.

“The fuck you looking at?” he demands, and when she finally glances away, he spits out a slur that sets her whole body on edge.

“Don’t,” Pepper warns her in the elevator, and Natasha grinds her teeth. “Call the police, call in a favor, whatever you need to do. But don’t get involved. Don’t put yourself at risk.”

“He’s hurting her,” Natasha sneers.

“And you can help her without hurting yourself,” Pepper says, the refrain of an old, ugly argument.

The third time Natasha sees him grab his wife too hard— Well.

“He tripped into the fire hydrant,” Natasha says calmly, and Officer Cassidy raises an eyebrow. In the back of the ambulance, the fat, drunken man rants and raves about the angry bitch who kneed him in the balls and threw him into the fire hydrant. There’s blood on his forehead, and his hand shakes when he points at her.

“Just like that?” Cassidy asks flatly.

“Just like that,” Natasha replies, and smiles.

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In Chain of Custody, there was a really sweet scene when Natasha met Amy and Amy said "I like your hair. Mine goes everywhere." and Nat says "Mine used to go everywhere, too." Can we please have a scene where Nat sits Amy down on the kitchen counter with a bunch of product and and a dad on either side and says "okay guys, this is how we make it all go the same-ish direction". Maybe she gives a few braiding lessons as well? Thanks!

“Is it really called ‘dancing detangler?’” Tony asks, and Natasha glares at him.

Generally, Natasha adheres to a strict non-interference policy with other people’s children. After all, she’s not the person feeding, clothing, bathing, and comforting them all hours of the day and night; her opinion on their upbringing is therefore none of her damn business.

But it’s spring break at Amy’s school, and for the last four days, she’s arrived at the office with her hair looking like a dark brown rat’s nest.

Natasha’s no bleeding heart, but no little girl deserves to look like she was assaulted in the night by a very vindictive teasing comb.

The fact that she marched off to Walgreens and bought one of each detangler and kid’s conditioner on the shelf, well. It’s not like anyone else was going to do it.

“Some of these are conditioner and detangler in one,” she explains as she sorts the bottles into two very neat columns. Tony tries to steal one, and she smacks him on the hand. “With the others, you could probably keep using her conditioner, but it might make her hair greasy.” She glances over at Amy, who’s staring with wide eyes. “I don’t think her hair’s necessarily coarse, just thick and curly. Any one of these will probably do the trick.”

Bruce frowns. “Should we have been using conditioner on her hair all along?”

Natasha blinks at him. “You mean you’re not?”

“If we lie about it, can we get out of this conversation?” Tony asks.


“Then no. We’re not.” He pauses. “Except for that one time we ran out of her shampoo and used the two-in-one stuff from our bathroom, but—”

Natasha sighs. It’s not a small sigh; it’s a sigh that could probably move mountains even larger than Bruce and Tony’s collective hair-treatment ignorance. “On second thought,” she says, “let’s start at the beginning.”

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MPU Bruce and Natasha with the Banner-Stark children (because Tony and Pepper are off doing work things)

“I didn’t take you for a ‘Disney on Ice’ kind of guy,” Natasha says with a smirk, and Bruce rolls his eyes.

Tony’s away at oral arguments in the capital for the next three days, and as usual, Pepper’s at his side to manage his argument-induced mania. Single-parenting one teenage boy is easy enough, but two teenage boys and a seven-year-old? That’s a whole different story. Which is why Bruce’d originally bought the Harlem Globetrotters tickets, as a distraction from the whole “down one parent for most of the week” blues.

But as it turned out, the arena (which also houses the local minor league hockey league) double-booked the Globetrotters with Disney on Ice, and, well—

“Can we get snow cones?” Amy asks. She’s dragging Teddy from vendor to vendor, her face glowing with an enormous grin.

“Yeah, can we?” Natasha echoes, and she grins when Bruce glares at her.

Miles is at Ganke’s for the day (a deal he’d brokered after realizing it was that or multiple hours of Disney music), but Amy and Teddy are primed and ready for the show, both of them in Disney t-shirts and already full of popcorn. Bruce hands Teddy a twenty and sends them on their merry way, which leaves him and Natasha with the remnants of their half-eaten popcorn.

“At intermission, we should get commemorative cups,” Natasha suggests.

Bruce shoots her a look. “Why are you a Disney on Ice person, exactly?” he asks.

She shrugs. “Because watching you be dad of the year beats counting down the hours until Pepper comes home,” she replies, and tips the popcorn in his direction.

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Who does Darcy look up to most at the office?

She will kill you if ever you repeat this, but Clint. Darcy’s realized over her year-plus of woring for him that he is a messed up guy who has tried really hard to reassemble his life and make good, and she admires the hell out of that. Darcy’s struggled some, too–she’s from a family where higher education has never really been a priority and I think she feels like nobody understands her ambition to be a lawyer–and seeing Clint now after knowing where he’s started inspires her. Plus, Clint is really good at thinking on his feet and handling cases naturally and she needs to learn that.

So, yeah, Clint is sort of her favorite ever. 

(But Natasha is her fashion idol.)

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MPU party at the Banner-Stark household turns into a game of "never have I ever"

“This is a horrible idea,” Bruce says, frowning.

“This is only a horrible idea of any of the sleeping children wake up, and since they’re clearly all down for the count, we’re safe.” Tony hands Bruce a platter of mostly filled shot glasses, and Bruce tries very hard not to roll his eyes. He’s pretty sure that never have I ever is not supposed to involve shots of vodka. In fact, he’s pretty sure that never have I ever is not supposed to involve adults in their thirties and forties with lucrative legal careers and, you know, sleeping children.

Bucky cackles. “I can’t wait to pour you into the car once you’re toasted,” he tells his husband.

Steve snorts. “I know just as much about you as you know about me, and I can use it to my advantage.”

“That’s what you think,” Bucky replies, and shrugs off Steve’s responding stare.

Natasha, meanwhile, is a sensible human being. “This is a horrible idea,” she tells Tony as he starts arranging the shot glasses in the middle of the coffee table. Pepper nods in solemn agreement.

“Or it’s an awesome idea,” Clint challenges.

Next to him, Phil sighs. “I’m too old for the kind of hangover I’m going to have in the morning.”

Clint grins. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll make it worth your while.”

“You keep that up, and my first never-have-I-ever is going to involve the words ‘gotten turned on by creepy Coulson flirting,’” Tony declares, and sits down on the floor with his back against Bruce’s leg.

The next morning, hazy from the vodka and also from laughing all night, Bruce mumbles into his coffee, “Never have I ever regretted a drinking game so much.”

Tony grins. “At least you have a new response to the ‘watched lesbian porn with my partner’ question,” he replies, and Bruce groans as he buries his face in his hands.

MPU Fluff day: Natasha/Pepper, fair

“I feel ridiculous,” Natasha complains under her breath, and Pepper rolls her eyes like she’s not ten seconds from laughing.
Pepper Potts is, without a doubt, one of the classiest, most educated, most beautiful women Natasha’s ever met, but for some completely absurd reason, she also loves the state fair with a sort of single-minded abandon.  For six weeks, Natasha’s watched as she’s tracked all the fair’s various events on a spreadsheet in an attempt to pick the very best weekend to drive four miles and suffer in the manure-scented summer heat.  The sun beats down on them like an angry white-gold god, and Natasha regrets picking a black tank-top and actual jeans.

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50. Bruce, Natasha and Clint. MPU.

“You’re drunk,” Pepper observes, and Clint beams at her. “You’re all drunk.”

Clint’s the middle of the best-smelling sandwich in the world, right now, one arm over Natasha’s shoulders and the other around Bruce’s waist as they sway together. They’re celebrating Natasha’s victory at jury trial, and to prove it, Bruce’s humming “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” He’s hummed it all night, because apparently, drinks with umbrellas go right to his head.

He smells like sandalwood and pine. Natasha smells like the sharp edge to the sky before a rain. “I love you both,” Clint says, and Natasha laughs when she pinches his ear.

They never drink like this on their nights out together, but it’s January and the snow’d looked beautiful through the bar window, and Natasha’d laughed like windchimes when she’d kicked her heels off and tucked her feet up onto the bench of the booth. It’d felt like breaking the rules, or at least bending them, and Clint—

Clint’s spent so much of his life without real friends, without people like these two, that he’d lost himself in drinks and laughter and Natasha’s tinkling laugh.

“Your husbands will be so happy to see you,” Pepper says as she pours Bruce and Clint into the backseat.

“I only have you,” Natasha reminds her, and Pepper rolls her eyes good-naturedly as she leads her girlfriend around to the passenger’s side.

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Do we need a tiny taste? Oh, I think we do:

Clint toys with the stem of his wine glass for a second, suddenly nervous (but for all the right reasons). “You guys know I’m getting married at the end of December.”

“No, really?” Natasha asks. He shoots her a sharp glance, but she just smirks and slings her elbow over the corner of her chair. “I had no idea. Bruce?”

Bruce shakes his head. “First I’ve heard about it.”

“Shut up,” Clint grouses, and the two exchange the kinda grins that remind him why they’re friends.

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Prompt #4 - MPU Natasha/Pepper - I'd love to see any of their day to day relationship stuff. Or maybe the two of them on a date. Something slow and lovely with a little bit yoga or martial arts (or whatever kick ass stuff Natasha/both of them do) thrown in for good measure :)

“How do you not feel great after that?” Pepper demands, and Natasha works very hard not to roll her eyes.

Even now, after the car ride back to Pepper’s in the winter chill, Natasha’s thoroughly coated in sweat from head to toe. Her tank top and sports bra stick to her skin like they’re actually a second layer of skin, her yoga pants feel sticky, and her underwear— She refuses to think too long or hard about the state of those. Pepper looks radiant, her hair up in a lazy bun and her face practically glowing; Natasha imagines she looks like one of those grocery store rotisserie chickens after eight hours under the heat lamp.

Kickboxing, mixed martial arts, even cross fit? Natasha is there. Aerobics and spin classes? Happily. She even once spent six months in a synchronized swimming course at the YWCA, just for kicks.

But hot yoga?

Disgusting, sticky, horrible, miserable hot yoga?


She twists toward Pepper, ready to tell her that—ready to swear off the ridiculousness of this sweltering hell once and for all—when Pepper slides her hands down Natasha’s sides. Natasha shivers, not from the sweat but from Pepper’s gentle touch, and the slow burn of her smile.

“I know you hate it,” she says, her voice warmer than the hot yoga studio, “but I’m glad you’re willing to come with me.”

Natasha swallows her complaints. “Please tell me the next sentence is ‘now let’s take a shower together.’”

Pepper smirks. “I can’t make you suffer without a reward, now can I?”

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Because I found the Recorded Recollections prompt where Tony drags Pepper to the vet hilarious, how about anything with Pepper and pets? Pepper vs. Tony's pets, Pepper considering a pet, Pepper definitely *not* wanting a pet, Pepper very reluctantly pet-sitting, anything!

“No, Tony.”

Tony sticks out his lower lip and holds the shoebox up higher. The kitten’s all black and chewing on the lip of the box.

“Pepper, c’mon, I can’t—”

“It’s not my fault you can’t stop your child from bringing home strays.” The kitten stops chewing on the box to sneeze. It’s kind of cute.

She shakes her head. “No.”

“I’ll call Red,” Tony threatens.

“Good luck with that,” Pepper replies.

Three days later, Natasha’s kitten climbs up the front of her slacks when she walks into the apartment.

“I hate Tony Stark,” she says, and Natasha laughs.

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A drabble to tie into Chain of Custody, chapter 2: can we see Pepper having to apologize to Natasha for wrongly labeling her the Tea Thief? I feel like that must have been an EPIC apology!

A few days after their knock-down drag-out argument, Natasha finds case of iced tea on her chair. She rolls her eyes, stows it under her desk, and heads off to her bench trial.

When she returns, Pepper’s waiting in her office. Natasha closes the door before she remarks, “Are you apologizing with iced tea?”

“No.” She stands and closes the distance between them in a few long strides, boxing Natasha in. “I’m apologizing with the opportunity to punish Tony Stark when he inevitably steals your iced tea from the break room fridge.”

Natasha smirks. “I like the way you think.”

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MPU, Natasha, Bruce, and Clint are having their Wednesday bar nights and end up on the discussion of sex...

“Can we change the subject?,” Bruce asks, tugging at his collar to hide his hickey.

Clint and Natasha both grin, tipsy on beer but tipsier on the warm weather, and Bruce rolls his eyes as he helps himself to a cheese fry.

“Guess we know how you celebrated your birthday,” Clint jokes.

“Like Phil’s never marked his territory,” Natasha challenges.

“Phil prefers grabbing my wrists,” Clint volunteers. Natasha shoots him a scowl. “What about you? Any bite marks you wanna show off?”

“Not above the waist, no,” she says casually, and Bruce laughs aloud at the shock on Clint’s face.

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In honor of Valentine's day and Ellen Page's AWESOMENESS, I was just curious: how would Pepper and Natasha react to her coming out (if at all)?

You know, I almost didn’t watch Ellen Page’s speech–not because I dislike Ellen Page (I love her) or because I didn’t think her coming out was incredible (because good for her), but because I’m just not a speech-watching type of person–but two things about her speech strike me when I think about this question:  first, the overall message about how society places a lot of pressure on people (especially women), and two, how nervous she seemed the whole way through. Like she expected a really negative reaction.

Natasha and Pepper are two women who I think, at least at first glimpse, fit that “society’s expectations of women” stereotype we all think of and that Ellen disapproved of in her speech. They’re traditionally pretty, they’re well-dressed, they’re well-mannered. And so you don’t know when you look at them that, for example, Natasha deeply resents the existence of yoga (seriously, Pepper, why?) and that Pepper loves some classic rock, or that their favorite “lazy Saturday in” movies are the Daniel Craig James Bond films and also the Fast and the Furious series, or that they–deeply private though they are–are involved in professional organizations for LGBT people because visibility is important. And I think especially for Natasha, who is Russian at a time when Russia is being a monumental dick in the human rights arena (and yes, yes, I know, the U.S. is no better–I mean, hi, have you seen what Kansas is up to recently?–but they live in a slightly rosier version of the world, our MPU folks), the part about Ellen Page’s speech that would hit her wouldn’t be the actual bit about coming out but the part about how everyone is under pressure to be a round peg in a round hole no matter what.

Plus, I think Ellen’s nerves– Pepper and Natasha are young women in a pretty rigid profession. I mean, the law can be pretty traditional and closed off to change. I think they both know the fear of that kind of honesty. I think Natasha probably went to Fury when she and Pepper started dating and told him, just so he’d know, and I think it scared her a bit. Not because she expected him to react badly, what with him running the gayest office in their state, but because that’s a big thing. And even if Natasha thinks it’s nobody’s business but hers who she sleeps with, it’s still pretty huge.

If any of that makes sense. I don’t know. This is a hard question because I think they are ladies who would each watch it and then never really talk about it, except as a quick, “Hey, Ellen Page came out,” as they’re changing after hot yoga. 

(As a side note, this question is interesting in a sort of meta level, because Kitty Pryde exists in this universe, and she is played by Ellen Page, but I don’t think that precludes the existence of Ellen Page in their world, and– Yeah, sorry, my brain does weird things.)

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In the MPU Natasha's first day at work or how she and Pepper got together.

“If we were different people,” Natasha says offhandedly, “this would be our fifth date.”

They’re walking down the sidewalk, the air crisp and cool in that early-September way. Gooseflesh rises along Natasha’s arm, but she can’t decide whether it’s the first fall chill or the way Pepper’s hand brushes against hers as they pass all the shops that are closing for the night. They’d grabbed sushi and sake for dinner, wandered through used book stores and consignment shops while talking idly, and sipped coffee while they people-watched and talked for another hour.

Natasha’s not a master at forging friendships with other women—whether she intimidates them or vice versa, she’s not sure—but these nights with Pepper feel different. They feel charged, like the electricity in the air before a storm, like the split-second where the balloon swells before popping.

Pepper raises her eyebrows. “But because we’re us?” she prompts.

Natasha shrugs. “I don’t know.”

“Oh, I think you do.” There’s something in the back of Pepper’s voice, something playful and promising that sends Natasha’s heart racing. They pause under a street light, and Pepper’s skin glows like glazed porcelain with a smattering of freckles.

Natasha studies her face for a moment before she wets her lips. “We’re not different people,” she points out.

“No, we’re not.” Pepper’s fingers are cool when she touches Natasha’s wrist. When she circles Natasha’s wrist, tugs her a half-step closer. “But that changes nothing.”

Natasha smiles. “Okay,” she replies, and slides fingers through Pepper’s hair before kissing her.

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Promptfest 96: In the Storm, any MPU couple of your choosing

She loves the rain.

Call it conditioning from the summer she spent in Edinburgh during undergrad—the rain pelting the windows, the cold air under an overcast sky—but she loves when the thunder rolls in from places unknown and settles over the city. Tonight, she stands on Pepper’s balcony and watches lightning arc across the sky. The wind whips at her curls, leaves a fine mist on her skin and the shoulders of Pepper’s hoodie, but she just breathes it in.

“Tony’s already threatened to set me up with no fewer than three very nice girls if you ever die, disappear, or move away,” Pepper says from the doorway, her voice light with amusement. “I hate dating, so I’d rather you not freeze to death.”

Natasha snorts. “Russians don’t freeze.”

“I’ll believe that when I see it,” Pepper retorts, and she crowds up against Natasha’s back to lean her chin on Natasha’s shoulder and watch the rain, too.

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In Permanency you mentioned Bruce and Natasha having attended a domestic violence conference, so I'd like to prompt a moment between them at that conference.

They never talk about their pasts.

They attend the same domestic violence conference every year, following it from city to city. They split a hotel room and trade off buying meals. They discuss the panels and papers they’ve read, but they never talk about their pasts.

Bruce is tempted, sometimes, to sit across the room from her and tell her, to paint the image of a hateful father and a helpless mother.

Except then he watches her face as she reads through an article or the next morning’s agenda, and he thinks maybe it’s a story she knows by heart.

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MPU prompt/question thingy: I've been wondering, in the MPU, are Bucky and Natasha friends/friendly? If so, could we see something with Nat + Steve/Bucky (maybe a double date with Pepper)?

(This didn’t turn out to be a double date and has no basis in canon, but.)

“You know they’re probably out buying our birthday presents, right?” Bucky asks, and Natasha smiles.

Steve’d been at the office all of three or four weeks when he’d burst through the door one evening and announced, weirdly-delighted, that a woman at the office shared Bucky’s birthday. He’d shoved Bucky and the woman–Natasha, Bucky’d learned–together at the first office barbecue, determined that Bucky meet his birthday-twin, and the rest ended up history.

Even if Steve’d spent a lot of times totally convinced that Natasha and Pepper were just really good friends.

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Can we see Natasha/Pepper being cute, whether in or out of the office?

Natasha sends her flowers for her birthday.

She pretends she’s not responsible, admiring the arrangement with a smile, but Pepper knows. She’s known since the beginning, when Tony’d stared at her blankly before asking, Since when is it your birthday? She knows from the selection—they’re always flowers Pepper’s mentioned, ones from the farmer’s market or lilies they passed in a shop. And she’ll know until the day Natasha stops sending them.

She hopes that day will never come.

In the meantime, she kisses Natasha softly on the corner of the mouth and murmurs her thanks in the evening quiet.

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Your mention of Phil's monthly Fun Nights has made me super curious! MPU Natasha/Pepper for the ship meme?

I do have plans for a story called “The Old Boys (& Girls) Club” that is basically just all the reasonable people from the office hanging out together and drinking, but man, I suck at writing one-shots lately.

send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • shops for groceries

Well, Natasha and Pepper don’t live together, but when they’re preparing for a trip, or they know they’ll be spending a lot of time together (because usually, when one’s under a deadline at work, the other ends up cooking and helping out with basic household tasks), it’s usually Pepper. Natasha’s fine, it’s not like she’s Tony Stark (perpetual manchild who can’t be trusted to make a grocery list and once called Pepper from his bathroom to ask her to buy him toilet paper (she said no)), but Pepper– She makes a list. She checks it twice. She never leaves the store without everything she needs.

Natasha is much more prone to coming home, unloading everything, and swearing that she forgot the butter. 

  • kills the spiders

Natasha frees spiders. Pepper finds this unnatural. But Natasha makes up for it by killing wasps, which are terrifying assholes that should be destroyed on sight. (Not bees. Just wasps.)

  • comes home drunk at 3am

Pepper’s never seen Natasha past “tipsy.” She suspects Natasha may not be capable of true drunkeness. Pepper, on the other hand– She’s stumbled over to Natasha’s in the dead of night before, but she makes sure Natasha’s grateful.

  • makes breakfast

Natasha. Pepper’s a “granola and yogurt"girl when left to her own devices, but Natasha is the queen of the omelet. 

  • remembers to feed the fish

Pepper keeps tropical fish for a while, and she feeds them herself. When Natasha adopts Tony’s excess cat, Pepper also feeds her. No one needs to know she feeds the cat. She dislikes the cat. Really.

  • decorates the apartment

Sometimes, when Pepper arrives home after working late or going out with friends, she feels off in her own apartment. She’ll walk around, squinting at her belongings, and discover odd little discrepancies:  the lampshade is a different cut and color than it was that morning; there’s a new, very tasteful piece of art on the blank wall she’s spent the last three months complaining about; her bedsheets are different; there’s a new bathroom rug. Natasha feigns innocence and acts like she’s absolutely never used her key to enter Pepper’s apartment without Pepper’s express permission. But Pepper is not a stupid woman.

  • initiates duets

Tony’s love of classic rock has ruined Pepper Potts, who will now dance around in her bare feet and sing and drag her girlfriend into it. Natasha pretends she’s not enjoying it. She’s lying.

  • falls asleep first

Natasha’s a barnacle at night, but a light sleeper. Pepper tries to fall asleep first so Natasha can cling on and settle. She worries Natasha won’t, otherwise.
Chain of Custody, Chapter 14: "More Than We Can Give"

“Chain of Custody”
Marvel fanfiction set in the Motion Practice universe
Chapter 14: “More Than We Can Give”
Bruce Banner/Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Amy Jimenez, Miles Morales, Jessica Jones, Dot Barnes, Bucky Barnes, Teddy Altman, Steve Rogers, Pepper Potts, James Rhodes, Carol Danvers, Maria Hill, Jasper Sitwell
Rated M for language and adult content; 11,764 words

The concept of causation is an easy one: you track events back until you find the one pebble that started the ripple, the event that set off the chain reaction. Bruce can track his life back and back, from Detective Munroe’s appearance in their home, to Jessica Jones’s meddling, to a fire a few miles away, to his settled family life with Tony and Miles.

He’s not sure how the links fit together, or whether the chain might unravel.

But that’s never stopped him and Tony before, now has it?

In this chapter, Bruce must learn how to be thankful when his whole life—and his household—feels like it’s full of fear and doubt. And what’s worse, he has to learn it while also figuring out what he can and can’t trust.