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Okay guys but what if

Ranpo has a decent reason behind pulling Chuuya and himself into Poe’s ability (instead of just pulling him in just because he wanted to defeat the PM like everybody seems to think)

(Here we go holy shit)

First, we get this from Fukuzawa :

We already know that Ranpo loves Fukuzawa. I wouldn’t see why not. Fukuzawa practically saved him.

We also know that the ADA got this message.

Okay so people…

Maybe Ranpo dragged Chuuya into the book because he knew that Chuuya would destroy the peace?

As for the story itself…

We know the circumstances of the book. Ranpo and Chuuya are stuck with one thousand people, and half of them are blood-thirsty killers. There are no abilities.

But Poe then explains how the story is set up so that Ranpo has the advantage. “The Mafia Executive” (Chuuya) gets killed. He also says that even Ranpo will take days to escape, and that there is a chance both of them will die.

Ranpo may know the circumstances of the story already, since

So in short, Ranpo knows that he’s gonna have to confront Chuuya eventually. He also might know that Chuuya will die eventually.

So what if Ranpo uses the threat that Chuuya’s gonna die to get him to work together with him?

Ranpo already knows that members of the PM are very loyal to their organization.

As for Chuuya, he feels responsible, and he wants to protect, his subordinates. If he dies, the Port Mafia (if they’re still alive by the time this is over :( ) will punish his subordinates for not protecting him. He’ll basically be responsible for their punishment. So he doesn’t want to die.

They’ll definitely have to get to know and and trust each other to get out alive that crazy situation. (seriously Poe wtf don’t kill Ranpo or our ChuuChuu)

Chuuya’s practically the leader of the PM for now (I honestly don’t know why tho :/ Kouyou would probably be better), and Ranpo is leading the ADA right now (although Kunikida’s looking like he’s gonna make a comeback). 

So if Chuuya started working with Ranpo to save their leaders, no one would object because 1. They trust them. 2. Let’s be honest if the PM and ADA teamed up they could take over Japan.

As for fighting them, here’s what Ranpo says before they start fighting.

Which already happened with Tanizaki

But remember what happened?

Tanizaki almost killed Mori. (That’s why he’s so badass)

So Ranpo might not be too worried about terrorist attacks because the ADA will either : 1. Be cool and not go insane about it. 2. Go insane but almost/actually succeed.

I mean, look at it. 

  • Atsushi has just the Agency, Port Mafia, and some remaining members of the Guild (also the coffee shop people XD)
  • Kunikida knows a bunch of people but he knows what’s gonna happen if he goes insane.
  • Dazai’s practically dead in this chapter sorry but I’m sure he’d be fine
  • Kenji knows everybody but he’s fucking strong.
  • Yosano probably knows a bunch of people but she’s cool enough to not go insane or she could kill everybody.
  • Tanizaki will go insane for Naomi ↑)
  • Kyouka has just the Agency, and she’s badass af.

So he doesn’t feel threatened by the Port Mafia, enough that he can ask them to help defeat Fyodor. 

The ADA (and maybe Mori too if he wakes up for a bit like Fukuzawa did) can handle the logic part, while the PM does the brute force (plus the ADA minus Ranpo).

I love Ranpo too much stop me

ayou listen to this shit?bomb ass playlist  [rules]


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The scene that killed me

This. This did me in. Not only because of how much Akutagawa actually cared about Kyouka, but also because of his narration about his mentor, Dazai.

According to Akutagawa

He met a certain person

Joined a certain organization

And the hope for death in his eyes