Born on this day: Rumi

Thirteenth-century poet and Islamic theologian Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, popularly known as Rumi, is one of Persia’s most famous philosophers. His theological ruminations on Sufism created a new order within Islam, but his broader teachings have been cause for the peaceable interactions between peoples of all faith in Persia and specifically Turkey. The parables  of Rumi provide food for thought:

Moses heard a shepherd praying to God, offering to comb God’s hair, wash God’s robe, and kiss his hand. Moses scolded the shepherd for his blasphemy. That night God appeared to Moses and admonished him: “You have driven away a worshipper from his worship. In his sincere simple way, that shepherd was much closer to me than most scholars and ascetics.”

Rumi wrote more than seventy-thousand verses of Persian poetry, expressing how God’s presence can be experienced in creation, with his most famous poem being the Mathnawi. This epic poem of 25,000 lines was dubbed the “Qu’ran in the Persian language” by fifteenth-century poet Jāmī, cementing its importance in the Persian oeuvre.

Image credit: Molana by Masnavi Manavi Molavi. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

@seastarved and I are going to set up the I Hate People Who Hate Emma Swan Club and we’re going to make Killian Jones the president and we will devote all of our time to talking about how much we love her and how great she is. 

Maybe we’ll come up with fundraisers where we bake Emma Swan cupcakes and the donations can go towards foster children and movie nights where we watch Emma Swan’s favourite movies, and entire discussions about how her hair looks great all of the time, and remember that one of many (many) times she was really nice and good and how great her heart is? And maybe there’s a weekly roster of chaos intervention to give the Saviour some R&R?

Places are unlimited, now accepting members.

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Get this, Dan being super insecure about how skinny he is and how he can't gain weight like the rest of the grumps and needing cuddle comfort and kisses bc he just rlly rlly hates how many ribs he can see, regardless of what society says about skinny

aw baby noo asddfgh

but like Arin is especially all over him when he gets like that, and during some cuddles where he just lets Dan pour out his heart, Arin starts lightly tracing Dan’s figure and Dan is a lil puzzled at first bc why would Arin want to do that?? but then Arin is suddenly shuffling a bit so he can properly put his hands all over Dan’s most insecure spots (and maybe even lightly tickles them to make Dan smile) and points out to him that he could be a fucking actual twig and Arin would still love him, as long as he was taking care of himself

Suzy does the essentially the same, but her touches are more delicate and smooth and make Dan shiver a bit under it. She’s also constantly leaving kiss marks (bc lipstick) on spots that Dan particularly dislikes that day, so that when he sees it later (when undressing at home or w/e) he can remember her message

Brian is second to Arin in being all over Dan during these days, but it’s REALLY CLOSE. He’s more wordy about it, and tells Dan very matter-of-factly what it is he loves about him, and that regardless of his weight or muscles or whatever, he’s still gorgeous and just wouldn’t be the same if he wasn’t himself because logically he just has the genes and the bodytype for it and it would be a shame for the whole universe if he wasn’t and when Dan is just about to laugh and roll his eyes Brian gets Real Talk and kisses him to underline that he’s being 100% serious about this and that he loves him dearly