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I love Cyborg, but I don't think he needs his own category on Fanficdotnet. Can't his stuff just go into the Teen Titans categories? That would make things a lot easier.

Hey anon. In this new continuity, Cyborg isn’t a Teen Titan. He’s a full fledged member of the Justice League. And as such, I expect him to be treated the exact same way as the rest of the JL. If Aquaman, Flash, Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman are getting their own films. Then I expect Cyborg to get his own film. If all of those characters have their own spaces on, dedicated to not only them, but also their supporting cast, then I expect Cyborg to have the same space.

And I’m actually really glad you sent this ask anon, because it pretty much hits the nail on the head of why I’m side eye the DCEU fandom so much. I don’t like the fact that so many people seem to WANT Cyborg to be relegated to the minor leagues, rather than embracing him as a solo hero. 

Ever since Victor Stone was added to JL, it’s been “He shouldn’t be there” and “He’s a Teen Titan” since day one. I hate that so many people (ALOT of people actually) are calling for Cyborg’s film to be turned into a Teen Titans film. I hate that people think so little of Cyborg as a solo hero that they know nothing about his supporting cast (like his love interest Sarah Charles, or his dad Silas Stone, or Blue, or the Technosapiens.) 

Though, to be fair, DC Comics hasn’t exactly been doing a smash job embracing Cyborg’s solo status either, so there’s that to think about as well. 

Reading both of Cyborg’ ongoing books (the one by Walker, and the current run by Sempter) has given me a deep appreciation for the character, and I want to ensure that there’s a space for him and his supporting cast in our fanworks.

And I mean come on, even Nightwing has his own section on Why can’t Victor?