And the danger was always there. But he didn't care. Or maybe he didn't know.

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i know why you can't stop watching that hoseok's perfect man fancam!!! Stop staring at his bulge amanda, instead look at how adorable yoongi looks next to him dancing like an ajashi

dhgskjgdhsjk how am i supposed to not enjoy that?? hoseok looks the hottest when he’s dancing tbh ahhhdkjshjg in his element….,, but yeah i cant help but look at yoongi as well lmaoojshgjd he looks so adorable im crying :’’’)


Since it’s Superbowl Sunday we may as well circulate the only Superbowl ad that matters. Granted it wasn’t aired at the Superbowl but it still went viral. And it’s pretty damn good if you haven’t seen it already. <3