Things I hope I can see in Owari no Seraph Season 3:
-Mommy Shinya appears with the Shinoa Squad.
-Arukanu, Krul’s lil bat, was sent to be with Mika with helping purposes.
-Mika being happy over that.
-Arukanu playing with Mika.
-Arukanu becoming Shinoa Squad fav and loved pet.
-Arukanu cuddling with Yuu-chan.
-Yuu and Kimizuki’s usual fights, but when Kimizuki tries to hit him or says something offensive to Yuu, Mika goes to the rescue.
-Mika and Kimizuki arguing.
-Shinoa being Shinoa over those fights.
-Mika bitting Yuu in public.
-Accidental moan of Yuu while being bitten.
-MikaYuu cuddles.
-Jealous Kimibitch.
-More KimiYuu moments.
-Meganeless(?) Kimizuki.
-Mommy Shinya helping cinnamon roll Yoichi.
-Shinya slapping Guren.
-Crowley and Ferid.
-Horn’s death (I’m still mad at her for bitting my Kimibitch. How she dare.)
-Krul and Asura’s encounter.
-Winged Yuu and Mika.
-Winged Kimibitch and Yoichi.
-(idk why but) Ferid bitting Yuu-chan.

Me today. LP looked at me and said “what are you wearing!?” I said “this old thing? Oh, it’s just a dress made entirely out of STAR WARS.”
He told me I was officially TOO nerdy and we were done. Nerding affects those you love people. Let my life be a lesson. #jk #poordude #nerdingaffectsthosewelove #justsayno #saynotonerding
(Dress by @80stees meh pin by @deadringersftw )