ad: a new attitude

The Smaller Assistant

I’m not dead woooo!! Just. Very bogged down with school work at the moment. So there’s that… but nonetheless, I figured I’d treat y’all to some more Little Assistant, so I hope you enjoy, and apologizes for any errors! I hope I can get back to my art soon lmao

Have you ever had a day where you felt so over-worked that you thought you could just fall over and collapse?

Shop was having one of those days, but her problems were about to get…bigger. She’s a size shifter, and one would think she would take advantage of this fact in her endeavors working for Dark, but she knew better. She knew that if Dark ever found out about her ability, he would use it against her. Somehow. She was cautious that way, only shifting in small increments when she was sure she was alone, which didn’t happen very often under Dark’s watchful eye.

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Coca-Cola Releases 'Choose Happiness Over Tradition' Pro-LGBT Ad

Pride season is here and Coca-Cola is once again showing its support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. 

Coca- cola`s got a brand new ad that reflects the attitude of the company to the LGBT community. But is that a real love to LGBT or just another way to increase sales? Seems to be just another company getting profit from mainstream like our politicians or mass media do. Maybe we should make democracy mainstream? Cuz we need it so much.