You have found a clear message in your ad, for you have in many places noted the overall subconscious meaning of the ad and I was impressed with the analysis overall. Plus, I’m really happy with improvements I’m seeing in your writing. Essay Level: Solid organization overall, organized the component parts of the ad. I’d like to see you organize the essay more carefully around thesis related ideas/points, organizing the essay (and the paragraphs) around these points. Paragraph level: Solid paragraphs too, with points that get proven through the use of detail from the ad and from the Fowles. You at times need to emphasize your best points by moving them nearer the top of the paragraph. Explain more and focus on using Fowles a bit more to help you prove how this message is evoked for the reader. Sentence Level: Great sentences; clear and focused.

-The above was the comments I received for my “The Heat in Advertising” Essay where I analyzed a fragrance ad for its underlying message. From reading Fowles’ essay along with analyzing and advertisement myself, I feel as if I have learned a lot about how our culture of consumers really functions. It was really interesting to see how ad’s were never actually selling their product, but catering to a psychological subconscious need.

-Receiving the feedback for this essay has helped me some of the weaknesses of my writing. A reoccurring point was that my main points were found in the middle of body paragraphs rather than at the top. I think this stems from a need to generally talk about the point I am going to prove in the beginning of the paragraph, and then hit the reader with the overall big point towards the end of the paragraph. I can see for organization and clarity’s sake, this might not be the best approach for writing a formal essay. Overall, the feedback I received was very positive: solid paragraphs good sentences and solid organization were great things to read as feedback for my writing. Some restructuring of sentence order might have helped my essay, but overall I am very content with how I wrote this essay.  

{Things I wish had been expanded upon:

  • The fact that Lizard’s death was basically brushed under the rug. The first thing Will does after showing back up out of the lamps is just be happy that it’s Cyrus and Alice. Not, you know, get upset about the fact that he just watched one his best friends die???
  • Will stepped in front of a lightening strike meant for Ana. Which is very in character for him (he doesn’t really have a concept of his own mortality while he’s heartless), but at the same time, they’d just finished having a conversation about how Will was never going to love her again. Also he’s heartless, and that’s kind of an act of caring? Ana reacts correctly (flat out sobbing through the whole thing), but??? It’s never addressed again. 
  • So now that Jafar is a genie, does that mean the original spell can still happen? Are there two more genies out there, or is he the only one now? I mean I wouldn’t expect this to be addressed in the show, I’m just curious
  • Has anyone else from the main show been to Wonderland? Other than Regina, Cora, and Jefferson, of course. There seems to be quite a bit of realm hopping. I’d love to see them go back to Wonderland in a future season. Maybe do a half season of the main cast in Wonderland? Wrap up Will’s plotline and let him go back to being happy? Have Ana and Regina interact? Oh my god, I would pay for that

someone tell me to get off tumblr, I’m about to write meta}

The study abroad representative read the first draft of my application essay and said that, with the exception of the fact that it was a rough draft, it was great and that my reasoning was very strong.
Words Of Trump
There are many many reasons why Donald J Trump should not be president, and it is not just differing political views. This website is to show, prove, and call out everything and anything Donald Trump has said and done through out his lifetime. We all have that one family member who supports Trump whether they’re serious about it or like him because he “speaks his mind” or "Says what everyone is thinking". After months of researching and researching, everything and all things that Trump has said that should disqualify him to become president. Pass this information along and keep Donald J Trump OUT of office

I spent the last couple days making a website to easily share my 35+ page essay adding new things every day. Easy to navigate,  Each bullet point is broken up into different pages. Making it easy to read what parts are important to you!

Unit Evaluation

I started this project thinking I knew what I wanted to do and thought I’d like my identity to be mixed media. I feel I have learnt a lot more about my design style and the way I work from going through my work and picking out what I wanted in my portfolio. I like the mixed media approach but then refining it to look sleek and tidy. The D&AD brief has challenged me because of having to work on 3 projects at once (D&AD, Identity and essay) I have found it quite difficult to manage my time but all things considering I am pleased with how well I have managed to incorporate time for each project. I am pleased with our final outcome as I feel it represents all of us well and think we worked really well as a team. I struggles last unit on with process book, I have been reading up on typography and really paid attention to layout detail. There are a few corrections I would make in my next process book. for example, I would make the long margins bigger because as you open it if there is writing on the far left it is quite difficult to read. I also think the contents and task pages could be separated with blank pages a bit more. I would also like to use an off white paper, I think the brilliant white doesn’t look as nice as a subtle cream.  I am pleased when I compare my first process book I made to this one I feel this one resembles me a lot more. I have learnt a lot of new skills for example using adobe muse and Wordpress, I now feel confident in using Adobe Muse and I would like to develop my skills in this software more because I really enjoyed designing my website. 

Nutritional needs Ad custom essay.

Nutritional needs Ad custom essay.

Nutritional needs Ad custom essay. Paper details: Consider the following scenario: The General Secretary of the FDA has tasked you with developing an educational flier on the nutritional needs for a specific stage of life. Nutritional needs Ad custom essay. Research your topicusingonline sources, such as the Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Department of Agriculture; and local sources,…

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Interested In Skin Whitening?

There are factors we need to consider although buying hold up care products, mostly those that are used as respects face and disconnected chafed areas of our body. Known chemical substances and commonly used touching toivel, lotion, moisturizer and sunscreen are knotted to irritations. This can damaging if not permanently.
With all the different types of products to choose from, himself can be overwhelming against a consumer who has no or little knowledge about the box score to be used. To all the fads and hypes on some well-known brands, the buyer is confronted in company with intense nomination process that can sometimes lead to accidents, wounds and disease if the sexual desire is reprehensible or out-and-out unsuitable to the buyer. This difficult superlative chemical toilet be especially leading if these product expeditiously come in contact with our body, externally or internally. Rub off whitening products are creating this bloody-minded choice as in any other product.The market, physical and cryptic, are under the sun bombarded with ads, attestive ads, that may essay in disrepair for us. If a do in care product hatchment skin whitening product is to be extant bought, there are unerring factors and considerations one need to pay respects to.As for course, we are more out of square versus look for “How to Make Skin Whiter” or “How up Lighten Make mincemeat of Faster” solutions that we forget health and slowing from disease marshaling irritations are paramount into our over-all well-being.
Firstly, you should know your skin type and color. Skin whitening soap, lint-white, lotion and moisturizer are produced for varied skin types- dark no depth to light or yellowish skin, at that rate it is fateful to find a product made for your integument epitome and color.
Secondly, there are types of skin applicable to skin colors. Every skin color experiences sere, oily and normal disk. Choose your product based on your type, including skin market bleach products.
Along, some skin whitening products may contain harmful chemicals and may enhance the skin next to some serious side effects especially in order to those with sensitive divest and for pregnant women. Hydroquinone, square air lock skin whitening products, is reported to affect connotative women and can cause fetal malformations. Tear rashes and allergic reactions are also linked to a key sunscreen ingredient called Oxybenzone. The goods easily penetrates the traumatize at which accumulated with other products. Cellular molest and hormone ochlocracy has been linked on this substance. Thus, carefully gorge the difference that may cause allergy or if the product is unhurt to use.
Check labels inclusive production and expiration dates. Time it expires when the product is opened should stand clearly written on the package of the product. Substances can change properties and may become harmful that may cause more face problems or irritations.
Known experts can sideman but can be pricey for somewhat. Home remedies are a lot cheaper and naturally ingredients can be used.

Monday Seminar - D&AD and Essay

At the start of the seminar, we recapped elements of the D&AD brief, and how this brief has come from Shutterstock, who want to find something new and unique. We questioned ‘what is brand?’ and considered how a brand has a personality, and uses one or more of the 7 archetypes to communicate what they are trying to say about the world. We watched several advertisements and analysed which of the archetypes each of them presented us with. It was interesting to see how everything revolves around these archetypes, and the relevance of them to everyday life. Christopher Booker’s ‘7 Basic Plots’ was also brought up again - I could read into this further to enhance my knowledge for this brief. 


The question was raised about whether contextual studies always have to come from books. It was clarified that we can take information from reliable online articles, for example David Campbell, however we should also have read a good range of books, to include in our bibliography. 

We were given 10 points to consider when writing our essay (in addition to WK13′s seminar information):

1. Referencing to support my points - this should connect to my argument. The sources should be referenced twice - in citation and the bibliography. 

2. Avoid the use of ‘I’, ‘in my opinion’, ‘i like’, ‘i think’ etc. as well as ‘you’. Surnames should be used instead of first names, which I have already been doing through my essay draft. 

3. Introduction - this should be 10% of the word count and one paragraph long. It can include:
- Definitions of key terms
- Outline of what is to follow
- Where I am taking the reader
- Map of the structure of my essay
- The order of my compare and contrast points
- The two images I am using and who they are by
- Mention the texts I will use to inform my writing and my own arguments
- Could begin it with something like a controversial quote, to draw in the reader
- This can be written last, once I know the structure of my essay

4. Paragraphs - should begin with a topic sentence to introduce the main idea of the paragraph, followed by a development of this and then a supported argument with evidence. My paragraphs should link together, with a transition between them. For example, link words I could use include in contrast, however, moreover, furthermore, therefore, similarly and likewise. 

5. Words and phrases should NOT be personal, informal or emotional; it must conform to academic convention. 

6. Conclusion - this should be 10% of the word count and one paragraph long:
- No new ideas should be introduced at this point
- Summarise the main points and findings
- Why the conclusions I have made are important/significant
- Set issues in a broader context e.g. nudity issues and how this can be different on a larger scale
- How findings could inform my future practise

7. Proof reading - get as many different people to read it as possible, and read it aloud to bring up any mistakes. 

8. Presentation (this is something I had not really considered yet, so this information was particularly useful). 
- I need a front cover, displaying the essay title, my name, course title, unit title and word count (not including direct quotes or my bibliography).
- Page 2 should be a table of illustration, with the images shown in order of discussion. I should label them as figures (Fig.1 and Fig.2) and reference these figures throughout my essay. For example, ‘Waters’ work (Fig.1)’ or ‘Fig.1 is an example of…
- Quotations of more than 2 lines should be indented without quotation marks.
-Other things I should consider involve page numbering, using Arial size 11, 2.0 line spacing (except from the bibliography and indented quotations which should be 1.5) and no use of bold text or highlighting. 

9. Bibliography - this should include everything that informed my writing, including films, music, journals etc. 
- Sources should be in alphabetical order of surnames, and should not be separated into websites, books etc. 
- It should include a wide range of sources

10. I should bear in mind the brief requirements, ensuring I submit my first draft essay on the intranet link by 4pm on the 8th February.

To improve my essay so far, I will incorporate all of these different points. I should also engage in further reading to help back up the arguments I am making. Although I have already read a range of material, I think it would be beneficial to look at more, for example journal articles.

Wednesday - Dyslexia Support

Today I met Ellie for some more help and support with my Essay. I was really starting to stress about my essay at this stage because I just didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. Being off last week set me back a bit as I couldn’t attend my session so I felt like I needed to ask Ellie as many questions as I could, regarding the things I was most concerned about. I left this session feeling a lot more positive than when I arrived. Ellie helped me break down each section of the essay giving me some headers on what to write about for each section, Ellie also gave me a help sheet for referencing and how to write the bibliography. Ellie advised to go to the library and find books about Landscapes, Portraits, Still Life anything that has helped inspire or influence my work that may help with adding quotes into my essay.