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New XKit keeps giving error messages about not being able to reach the servers. My XKit is up to date and I've disabled ad blockers so I don't know what else could be causing it.

Looks like there was a small Github Pages outage this morning.

everything should be working again now!

We use Github Pages to serve New XKit updates, so you can always check if you think there might be an issue!

American Wizarding Jinxes
  • Porn Blog Plague - all of your followers are magically transformed into porn blogs
  • Literal blue balls
  • Testiculus Giganticus - self explanatory
  • Testiculus Microscopus - self explanatory
  • Anti ad blocker - replaces regular text on your electronic devices with ads
  • Plastic Surgicus Reversus
  • Reproductus Regretus - forwards all your emails to your parents
  • Every text you sent is now followed with a winky tongue-out emoji
  • Inadvertentus Flirtatus - makes you say everything super suggestively especially when you’re talking to your boss
  • Glitter crabs - like regular crabs but they’re glittery

urghhh andromeda is preordered, bloody thing comes out a day before my next lot of benefits comes in which means I have to preorder now despite this being an expensive two weeks but also I’m not missing the preorder extras for the sake of a day.

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could you please post any kca stream links for non american viewers? (if you know any)

Here are a few different links to live streams of the show, please let us know if they work for you or not! Also, please make sure to use an ad-blocker when using these sites to avoid getting any viruses.