❝ Jewelries, mansions and those pretty girls that you see in magazines —

                         don’t you at least a tad envy that i had it all? ❞ 

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yo so i was tagged by the awesome eyyypadaleski to do this cool thing:

post a then and now picture of you, and then tag people :D

(left: day 1 on T; right: earlier this week i think)

i’m gonna tag: sleepyosric actuallyjensenackles gorgeousdean purgatorysdeanwinchester boundean tattooeddean tattooedbrothers and anyone else who wants to do this :)

and if you don’t want to do this that’s totally fine!


Chris Evans - photos by Michael Muller

That first photo.  Licks lips. I hadn’t seen these photos before.  

source (x)

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Omg YOUR TAGS I am so sorry but I’m also laughing and kind of crying because I KNOW HOW COULD I DO THIS but good things are coming I promiseee. Just remember you asked for it. >.>

LLAKSDKFALKSDFLAKSDFLAKSDFASDKFALSDKF I DID, I DID ASK WHAT WAS I THINKING, you and the-mothafuckin-pigeon-empress both warned me of the danger this would be to my health but i didn’t listen and now i’m emotionally crippled for all eternity.

(I seriously can’t wait for more lovely! You’re the best! <3)

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8 People I want to get to know better tag

thank you icced for the tag :) 

1. name: Mikaelah 

2. birthday: 23 June 

3. zodiac sign: cancer (but i’m on the gemini/cancer cusp)

4. height: 5′9.5 (176cm approx) 

5. time: 9:10am 

6. sleep: i slept pretty crappy last night and woke up at 6:30 :( 

7. favourite book: can’t pick just one!

8. favourite artists: I don’t really have any

9. last movie I watched: 22 jump street ???? idk lol

10. college: going to the CATC Design School in 2017 

11. dream job: high end fashion photographer 

12. meaning of url: ametrine is a gem stone (i added an extra m)

I tag: astiers liquare merhcy luxoire moonderfully infuseing mauvieh costalies

anonymous asked:

Your manga caps suck too though

Better alert the 200-300 some odd people who’ve reblogged most of them and added super nice tags about how sharp and clean they’ve been looking, and the compliments about my use of color and the chalk brush to add texture and make my caps stand out B)

I wasn’t super into this show before but this episode won me over! bahaha

also while I was drawing this I realized everybody on the show has 4 fingers….but I drew them with 5 xD 


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~a playlist for girls who love girls, on @8tracks: she keeps me warm by wordharvest~

  1. girls like girls - hayley kiyoko 
  2. falling in love at a coffee shop - daniela andrade 
  3. jessie’s girl - mary lambert
  4. give me love - jessica manning
  5. little numbers - boy
  6. jenny - studio killers 
  7. closer - tegan and sara
  8. latch - daniela andrade
  9. nineteen - tegan and sara
  10. i choose you - sara bareilles 
  11. please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin
  12. let her go - jasmine thompson 
  13. a thousand years - jasmine thompson 
  14. home - gabrielle aplin 
  15. hold on, we’re going home - jessica manning
  16. she keeps me warm - mary lambert