花樣年華 Trilogy’s MV Videography
Filmed by Lumpens & GDW


is this fuckin real

It all happened on a fateful Thursday night. You were minding your own business, scrolling through your Tumblr dashboard full of Manly Man™ things like beer, sports, gaming, and, of course, copious amounts of yiff. But alas!! Something seemed amiss in the City of Manville. So you checked a seemingly innocent blog called @confessiontf2 and!!!! lo and behold!!!!! there was a Guhurl in your midst!!!

You gasped in horror, nearly knocking over your handy 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew as you reeled back out of horror. A Wemen???? playing the Valve classic, Team Fortress 2????? Preposterous. There is no place for Wimoonz in such a manly game where the characters have certainly never been shown acting feminine at all whatsoever. They need to be engaged in feminine things!!!! like looking pretty for men!!! and making food for men!!!!!!! and acting subservient to men because clearly that is all they are allowed to do!!!!!!!! What does she think she’s doing? This is not a dress up game!!!! how could anyone ever?!?!!?!?! think such a thing?!?!?!!!!!?!!?!!!!!!?!

Clearly, this Geeeeerl was faking. The Feamools do not play vidya games, and you knew this for a fact, and not because you felt intimidated by one of these strange creatures entering YOUR territory and existing there. You had to tell her off. But how? You spent several long minutes leaning into your desk, breathing heavily on the screen and rage-drooling on the keyboard. Then, you realize. You grinned a crooked smile, yellow and caked with plaque from all of the Mountain Dew and Doritos you consumed, but were too busy worrying about Garlsh in your precious hobbies to scrub off. Of course, she only must be in it for the gay ships. Wimins sure love their gay ships, and worm them into everything you hold dear. It’s sickening. It’s unbearable. It’s their one true weakness.

Cracking your knuckles, you entered the tainted blog’s ask box. After making sure to switch to anonymous mode (to make yourself feel like a superhero and obviously not because you are scared of opposing opinions okay fuck off), you began to type. Your fingers flew across the keys aggressively, sending dorito dust and slobber flying everywhere from the sheer force. Then, after a minute or so, you sat back and smiled at your handiwork, knowing this would certainly be a devastating blow.

“Magic’s a girl? I bet she doesn’t even play tf2 and is only in it for the gays.”

You hit send, kicked back, and took a long swig from your Mountain Dew bottle. It was a horrifying experience, but, thanks to you, Man has triumphed.

Lmao guys you shouldn’t use the “Cassiel was an angel that fell in love with the righteous man” thing because I added that on Wikipedia when I was really bored one summer


What a project! @adeslowmoqueen, @lia-snow and I draw servamp fanarts wholeheartedly and now we combined forces to make these three cool mixed style fanarts!
I’m proud of everyone!~

Let’s all enjoy the coming summer in this fandom together (>w<)/ we have lots of reasons to look forward to