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The summer was drawing to a close, and there was a different sort of feeling in the air. Algy had heard that many people visited fun fairs at this time of year, for a final fling before the holidays ended and they had to return to work or school. It was almost impossible to find a fun fair in the West Highlands, but fortunately Nature stepped in where humans had failed to provide. So Algy had to fly no futher than the nearest birch tree to enjoy a ride as exciting as any in the fairground, although he was sorry that there were no toffee apples to eat afterwards…

Have a fun weekend, everyone, and if your holidays are coming to an end, enjoy those last few days! xoxo

The events in Tails’ story in SADX are only true when it comes to him stopping Eggman’s missile attempt and whenever he was doing anything on his own. The only reason that the parts with Sonic have Tails in Sonic’s place is simply because Tails greatly admires Sonic and wishes he would’ve done/said the things Sonic did during the events of the game.

My experience when I met Adam on August 26th, 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany.

So I was asked by a few anons to tell them about my experience when I met Adam last Wednesday and so I thought I’d tell them in a post so nobody has to ask anymore and can just read this. So let’s get started…

First of all, I was there with two of my friends (Lulu & Fränks) and we arrived in Frankfurt Tuesday evening and immediately went to the airport …you know .. just in case. We even spent the whole night there (saving money for the upcoming tour - not paying a hotel;) :D) And on the next day there were a few flights from Stuttgart to Frankfurt and we waited there, hoping Adam would come out. But with no luck so he probably already was in Frankfurt and maybe arrived there by car or whatever. But that doesn’t really matter now.

Around noon on Wednesday we made our way to FFH radio station where we arrived around 1pm. We already saw a few Glamberts there so I got my hopes way too high that I would’ve cried so bad if we wouldn’t have met him there. We listened to his music, chit chatted and just waited for around 45 minutes. Everytime a big black car arrived we all just stopped breathing and looked if Adam was in there. And one time he was. All of us got up as fast as possible and just ran after the car which parked not far away from where we were sitting. We surrounded the car and my eyes were glued to Adam but he didn’t leave the car until the driver opened the door. He got out and a big smile was spread on his face and he greeted us, waved and asked if we wanted him to sign something. He did just that and people started asking if they could take pictures with him and all that kind of stuff. But I just couldn’t wait anymore, after waiting for so long for this to happen, and asked if I could hug him since that’s what I’ve always wanted. With a smile and a ‘ yeah of course’ leaving his lips, I finally could hug my whole and entire world for the first time. And after that I lost it completely. He asked how I was and said that it was nice to meet me and I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that for a few seconds his attention was on me. After I hugged him more and more people wanted to hug him and then we took a group picture with my selfie stick, which he totally loved. He’s so in love with selfie sticks :D But then he had to get inside. I yelled “I love you so much” after him and he turned around, smiled and said “aww thank you” but then he went inside. I seriously have no idea anymore, how did I deserve this? It was incredible.

He promised us to come back after the interview so we waited outside but they wouldn’t let him out and picked him up where we weren’t allowed to go but he waved at us out of the car.

And then we started running to the next radio station - HR3. It was a pretty long way but we took the train and we were running so we arrived there like twenty minutes later and already met a few more Glamberts - those wo won/bought (ebay-charity auction) the meet&greet with him. Tanja, the nice woman who bought that ticket on ebay, was able to take one person with her and after we threw coins and all that kind of stuff, because she just couldn’t and didn’t want to decide, I was allowed to go with her. I totally lost it at this moment. I couldn’t even really cry because I was so overwhelmed and shocked, I just couldn’t believe it. The fact that I would see my idol in a meet&greet just didn’t sound real to me, and still doesn’t. But it was real. We went inside and met a woman who led us to a room. While we were waiting we chit chatted again, talked about how we became fans, when we became fans and all that kind of stuff. After around fifteen minutes I laid my eyes on my idol for the second time that day. I just stared at him, I couldn’t believe he was actually standing there. He greeted us, hugged us and was smiling all the time. Then we took a few pictures: a group picture and each one of us (we were four fans there) could take a picture with him alone. All of us could talk to him and he started signing a few things. I told him that I was just so grateful because I met so many amazing people because of him both in real life and on social media and he said that he’s so glad that he’s able to connect so many people all around the world. Before the meet&greet started I thought I would cry my eyes out because I did earlier that day when we met him at the FFH station, but I barely cried. Only a few tears because I couldn’t believe it but that’s it. I just couldn’t cry, his presence is something so beautiful and unbelieveable that I wasn’t able to let it all out. I was so thankful because it would have been hella embarrassing. :D He was so dorky all the time, laughed and smiled a lot, said some funny things and was just himself. It was beautiful. I even made him laugh, I’m so proud of myself :D We also got the venyl and he signed it and wrote “For Christina   Love, Adam Lambert” on mine. That meet&greet ended after  around fifteen minutes because they were saying to him that he had to leave because he had a flight to Poland to catch. He thanked us and was about to leave but I asked him if I could hug him again and so we did. He was smiling all the time and seeing this so close… I thought I’d faint :D I said “I love you so much” again and with an “awww thanks” he then said his goodbyes and left.

We stayed there for a little longer and talked to each other. We also got to go to the studio of the radio and stayed there for a little longer. Everybody was talking about Adam and they all said how nice and sweet he was, and just how honest he is and never hides anything. He’s just real and all of them agreed that this is something so rare these days. I couldn’t agree more. I always knew this but experiencing it live was just so much of a difference. You really feel that he isn’t trying to put on any filter, he is just himself. And that’s what I really love about him.

When I left the building my friends were waiting outside and immediately ran towards me. I told them everything and we took a few pictures with a few more Glamberts but then it was time for us to leave because we had a train to catch. While waiting at the train station I couldn’t keep myself together anymore and finally let it all out. I cried so hard. I wouldnt say that was the moment when it all hit me, but that was the moment when I realized that it was over already. I miss him so much to be honest.

So this is pretty long but I mean I have a lot to tell you guys and it still isn#t everything that happened. :D But so you guys have a little inside look on what happened on the best day of my life.

I always knew that the day I’d meet Adam would be the best day of my life and it really was. It really, really, really was. I can’t say it enough and I’m repeating myself but that’s just because I simply can’t believe it. I saw him in concert at the beginning of this year and this was already the best thing ever, but this is so different. Because I held him so close, I talked to him, I made him laugh. And most importantly, I told him that I love him. And for me, that was literally the most important thing because I just wanted him to know that. And I’m so glad that I was able to tell him. He makes me the happiest girl in the world every day but on that day it was even so much better even though I didn’t know that was possible. I’m so glad to have him in my life, that I’m able to say that he’s always there for me, that he always makes me happy and now that I got to meet him. I met the person that means the world to me and this is something I can’t even describe. I hope and know you will all meet your idol. I promise you it will be worth the wait. It definitely was for me. 

Thank you to Luisa, Fränks and Tanja for making everything possible. And for every Glambert I met that day, you are all the reason why it was as perfect as it was.

And of course a special thank you to my idol and hero, Adam, who I can always count on. Especially after meeting him I know now that I can’t live in a world without him anymore. And I’m so glad I don’t have to. Thank you for everything, Adam. I love you so much.