It’s finally here! This is the first in a series I’ll be making explaining various aspects of tjlc in one easy to find and share place. You can head over to youtube to see the list of sources I consulted when creating this video. I really hope you all like it!


So I wanted to do a Stormpilot drawing, but then I realized I’d like Finn to have a new outfit! I was already playing with the idea of it so I put it together with some flat colors between work.

How much do I love the idea Finn picks his uniform based on the color of Poe’s jacket? a lot.


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The picture i finished in the stream! a little early for valentine’s day, but I had to draw my sons!
I also used it as some shading practice, and while it tok me a while, i had a lot of fun w/ it!
Thank you to everyone who came to the stream, hope to see you again soon!
Beat belongs to @succulentsquids, Mango belongs to me!