Shikamaru Hiden, chapter seventeen

Translator’s Note: Final-freaking-ly. Got enough spare time to finish this chapter, pheww. Gengo goes down, but not quite the way we’d expect. Also Shikamaru is a lil shit, lol. 

Thanks to everyone who’s been patient and understanding of my chaotic life outside translating. Expect the next chapter up tomorrow, or the day after! (I’m trying to finish the whole thing while I have the time to spare, lol.) Also forgive me if there are any typos, I’m publishing this in a hurry bc I’m off to another job for the rest of the day, so. yeah. XD

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Shikamaru was running up the long, long spiralling stairs. His eyes were fixed on the figure running in front of him: Gengo. All his Enlightened Ones were still fighting down in the hall, and the man they revered like a god was making an escape all on his own.

The spiralling stairs had a strangely oppressive feel to them, with the walls of stone that were covering its sides. You kept running up and up and up, and soon enough you started feeling dizzy.

“How about you just end this and give up now?” Shikamaru asked Gengo’s back. Not that he expected an answer.

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