ad&d toys


It’s surprising to me how, despite the fact that Dungeons & Dragons is “evergreen,” i.e. discovered by new fans all the time like Star Wars or Trek, that the AD&D toys, made by Angry Video Game Nerd archnemesis LJN, were forgotten so totally.

It’s interesting to me which fandoms have long-term memory and which ones don’t. In general, Marvel fans remember their old comics better than DC fans do (maybe because almost all of the old comics are “still in play” and Marvel-style long-form storytelling means they are still crucial to characterization). Star Trek fans are still reading Franz Joseph manuals despite their age and the fact they’ve been superseded. But tabletop game fans, in general, seem to have the worst memories of their fandom’s history. Maybe because so much of it, because of the nature of tabletop games, is lost.