adán sanchez

Okokok picture the scene:

Morty coming out to his family as trans, he’s super nervous, shaking, terrified that Rick is going to start teasing him about it and not taking him seriously

He gathers everyone in the living room. He stammers out the words, almost near tears. Everyone is silent for a few moments, and then Rick stands up. He takes a few steps forward and Morty flinches, preparing for a cruel joke.

But Rick lifts up his shirt, showing two surgery scars, faded but still visible. He drops the shirt and takes a swig from his flask. “Thought you were special, huh kid?” He slurs, “Beth, take him shopping soon, okay? Boy can’t go out in public looking like that.”

And then he leaves. Morty almost cries again, happy tears. Summer asks if she can give him a haircut because she could totally give him, like, a new look. He says no.

Later on, Rick asks what he’d like to be called. “It was a brave thing you did there, Morty.” He says, “I wouldn’t have had the balls to just say it like that.”
“Aw, thanks, Rick,”
“Yeah, shut up. Come on, I know a reality where they sell binders real cheap.”

Whatever you do, DONT imagine shiro losing control of himself and fighting against the other paladins

Don’t think about Keith trying to grab his face, crying, begging him to just listen damn it, shiro, it’s ME!
Don’t think about Lance with his bayard aimed at shiro during this, shaking and crying and calling for Keith to back away, because that’s his HERO, but if shiro lays a damned finger on Keith Lance will shoot him in the arm without hesitation
Don’t think about Pidge crying to themselves later because the last connection to their family is gone
Don’t think about Hunk eating less because without even realizing it he’d come to love shiro like a brother
Don’t think about coran, walking emptily around the castle, feeling like he’s lost a son
Don’t think about allura trying to cheer everyone up, trying to figure out who will pilot the black lion without shiro, while tears slide down her face unnoticed