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Emily Browning filmography
» AFTER THE DELUGE (2003) as Maddy

Despite outward appearances, a dying relationship, fading dreams and personal failures are tearing brothers Alex, Toby and Marty apart - but it is the Kirby patriarch, Cliff, whose own devastating history is now threatening to destroy them. In the face of this painful truth, there is nowhere for the Kirby clan to hide - and no way their lives will ever be the same.


Top Image: Art and photo Copyright © Matthew Schiavello 2013.  All rights reserved. The photos and text (except the top photograph) Copyright © Cordice, 2015.

Matthew Schiavello published his photograph “After the Deluge”on Tumblr in February 2013.  It is the first (top) piece you see in this post. Here is the link so you can enjoy it as it resides among Matthew’s other stunning photographs.

When i first interpreted this piece of artwork of Matthew’s i did not have a great way to show how the crafted bow ties made with the fabric designs generated by his photograph would look.  I have taken the opportunity to show one of the fabric designs again in a bow tie.  I am positive that i  designed a pocket square to go with it; but can not find it now.  

These designs are available for exclusive license for use in your design projects. Please contact us to learn information about the reasonable licensing 

After the Deluge

Once, for a dare,
He filled his heart-shaped swimming pool
With bank notes, high denomination
And fed a pound of caviar to his dog.
The dog was sick; a chartered plane
Flew in replacement for the Persian rug.

He made a billion yen
Leap from Tokyo to Buenos Aires,
Turn somersaults through Brussels,
New York, Sofia and Johannesburg.
It cracked the bullion market open wide.
Governments fell, coalitions cracked
Insurrection raised its bloody flag
From north to south.

He knew his native land through iron gates,
His sight was radar bowls, his hearing
Electronic beams. For flesh and blood,
Kept company with a brace of Dobermanns.
But - yes - the worthy causes never lacked
His widow’s mite, discreetly publicised.

He escaped the lynch days. He survives.
I dreamt I saw him on a village
Water line, a parched land where
Water is a god
That doles its favours by the drop,
And waiting is a way of life.
Rebellion gleamed yet faintly in his eye
Traversing chrome-and-platinum retreats. There,
Hubs of commerce smoothly turn without
His bidding, and cities where he lately roosted
Have forgotten him, the preying bird
Of passage.

They let him live, but not from pity
Or human sufferance. He scratches life
From earth, no worse a mortal man than the rest.
Far, far away in dreamland splendour,
Creepers twine his gates of bronze relief.
The jade-lined pool is home
To snakes and lizards; they hunt and mate
On crusted algae.

Wole Soyinka


“Does that mean you’re staying?”