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tbh fuck canon rn esp. when they keep adding increasingly hideous/offensive white british dudes, so i’m basically living in denial and pretending these things happen:

-it’s great how post-aou tony is a) consumed by guilt, b) pseudo-mourning jarvis and bruce, c) alone in his tower without his team, d) getting increasingly fucked up by his own thoughts and actions

-it’s wonderful that steve is happy finally and found bucky but ideological differences bw him and tony cause civil war which only involves a max. of like 12 people. the way the world sees the avengers is being explored, esp. the anti-american sentiment considering the avengers work outside government constraints and think they can do whatever (as proven by tony and bruce in aou). shame that steve dies in tony’s and/or bucky’s arms but it will be interesting to watch the mcu’s reactions to a death with actual gravitas.

-bruce is with betty, that’s pretty great.

-pre sure Dr. Strange is Asian

-wow, they cast a latino as Peter Parker! 

-steve’s cap3 love interest is monica rambeau! 

-i love how thor, rhodey, and sam will get the most screen time and character development in the next few movies

Just finished up editing the first photo from this series for my final project in my Advertising Photography class this year. I’m pretty impressed with myself, I’m finally shooting what I want and I finally have a professor who’s supporting the fact I like firearms and that I want a career in photographing them. 

Process gif! I started with a lose watercolor blob to draw out the basic location of the dog’s body. The second layer added more darks to define the body, and filled in a loose background. Next I drew defined shapes and added details with black ink, and finally added highlights with white ink and a bit of acrylic to color the collar tags. It was different from my usual process, but a lot of fun :3

Commissions are open!

Full body commissions $20 USD (+$10 per added character)

  • Colored, white OR transparent background
  • Additional /specified elements or background(+$5 USD)
  • Prices may vary depending on character detail

the finished picture/file is huge, around 1000x000pixels and 350 dpi/resolution

             >>> The type of coloring is like it shows the following picture <<<


I also offer chibis commissions for $6 (and a set of 3 for $15), flat colors.

And waist up for $10 (+$8 per extra character), flat colors.

paxvictoriana asked:

This is going to seem very rude but it's meant as an actual genuine question: why are you opposed to Martin Freeman in Cap 3? (I do really want to know.) x

nah, ur cool!

basically, i just reeeeaaaaaaally have beef with martin freeman (it all started waaaay back when he insulted lucy liu) and also he is so fuckin racist 

he just makes me super uncomfortable

and why do they have to keep adding more cishet white dudes to marvel

im just so done