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SanversWeek Day 6- Smut

They’d been sending each other text messages all day with the intention of riling the other up, and it was working.

Messages of I can’t wait to feel how wet you are for me and I want to make you come hard with my fingers buried inside you and my tongue on your clit…

More than once Alex had caught J’onn looking at her before closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. She’d stopped pretending to look sorry.

Neither of them could wait to get home, to make good on the promises they’d been messaging, to see who would come undone the quickest.

On days like this, when they felt more… playful, there was an added anticipation. Their last venture into role play has resulted in Alex in nothing but a lab coat and glasses offering to give Maggie a thorough physical.

Alex grinned as the latest message came through from Maggie;

Maybe that presumptuous Fed could make an appearance tonight?

Immediately, Alex’s mind was filled with the image of Maggie bent over the couch as she showed her just where her jurisdiction ended.

Alex looked up as J’onn coughed rather loudly and excused himself from the room, much to amusement of Agent Vasquez. Alex blushed, looked down at her watch and decided she could probably head home.

Only if the cocky Detective is going to be there she replied as she headed towards the locker room to change.

After a quick shower Alex pulled out one of the black suits she kept at the DEO with a simple white tank top to wear underneath the jacket. She smiled as she pulled out a set of heels that would make her tower over Maggie. She straightened her hair to the more severe look needed for the character she was to play when she got home and headed to her car.

She parked and saw Maggie’s bike already in it’s usual spot, meaning Maggie was already upstairs waiting for her.

She climbed the stairs two at a time in her eagerness to get to her girlfriend and discovered Maggie had only just beaten her home as she turned the corner to see Maggie using her key to let herself into the apartment. She took a moment to appreciate the curve of Maggie’s arse in her tight trousers, detective badge glinting at her hip.

‘Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing in my crime scene?’ Alex called out as she swaggered towards Maggie, remembering at the last moment to make herself look annoyed.

‘Anyone ever tell you all you Feds sound the same?’ Maggie retorted as she turned to face Alex, leaving her key in the lock, surprised that Alex had nearly beaten her home.

‘I’m sure you mean well detective, but this is a federal crime scene…’ Alex moved into Maggie’s personal space, towering over her in her heels.

Instead of taking a step back, like most people would have, Maggie stepped forwards defiantly.

‘This is well within my jurisdiction’

Maggie turned back to the door and finished unlocking it, pushed it open and stepped through, closing it in Alex’s face.

Oh game on Alex thought as she pushed through the door, slamming it behind her.

‘Your jurisdiction ends where I say it does, Detective’ Alex sneered.

‘I don’t think so…’ Maggie laughed, her dimples fully on display, wondering when Alex would realise she was not going to be the one in control tonight.

Alex raised an eyebrow, a retort on the tip of her tongue, but suddenly found herself, face first, pushed up against the door she had just shut, arms pinned against the door. The realisation hit her that she had anticipated a completely different evening; one that involved Maggie pliant and willing beneath her, breathy and begging while Alex teased her. But this? This was even better!

‘Someone should teach you Feds to share, wouldn’t hurt to have some manners…’ Maggie taunted as she pulled her cuffs out, taking each of her girlfriends wrists in turn and snapping the cuffs around them.

‘This OK?’ Maggie questioned in a soft voice, breaking character to check in.

‘Oh god yes’ Alex moaned in response and heard Maggie chuckle.

‘Good’ Maggie husked in Alex’s ear as she pushed the length of her body against Alex, one hand hand roaming round to pull the tank top out of the trousers it was tucked into. She scratched her nails across Alex’s abs, trailing upwards towards her bra, smirking as Alex arched her back, grinding her arse against Maggie’s front.

‘Not so intimidating now, are we?’ Maggie teased as she ran her fingers over the material of Alex’s bra, pinching the hardened nipple.

Alex bit her lip to keep from moaning too loud and pressed her forehead against the door.

Maggie tugged the bra down and rolled one nipple between her fingers before repeating the action with Alex’s other breast.


‘Swearing isn’t appropriate for an agent in your position… Agent…’ Maggie chastised and removed her hand.

Alex whined at the loss of contact.

Maggie’s hand roamed, scratching and caressing it’s way back down Alex’s body until it settled on her belt.

With a flick of her wrist it was undone and she slowly pulled it from the loops. She let it fall to the floor with a thud before returning her hand to Alex’s body, squeezing her arse through her slacks.

‘What do you want me to do Agent’

Alex mumbled incoherently, her head still pressed against the door.

‘Use your words’ Maggie instructed, spanking Alex’s arse.

‘I want your fingers…’ Alex trailed off, too worked up from the day of teasing messages.

‘Here?’ Maggie questioned, her tongue firmly in her cheek as she trailed a single finger around Alex’s bellybutton.

‘L… Lower’ Alex stuttered out.

Maggie flicked the button to Alex’s slacks open and lowered the zip. She cupped Alex through her panties, gently grinding the heel of her hand against Alex’s clit.

Alex groaned and ground hard against Maggie.

‘You’re so wet…’

She slipped her fingers under the waistband of the panties and ran her fingers through the wetness.

Maggie…’ Alex whined as her girlfriends fingers continued to tease her, only slipping in a single finger up to the first knuckle.

‘It’s Detective to you’ Maggie nipped at Alex’s ear as she once again removed her finger from where Alex so desperately wanted them.

Maggie stepped back slightly to pull down Alex’s trousers and underwear, guiding her feet out of them. She quickly nipped at Alex’s bare backside before returning to her earlier position, pressed up against Alex.

Alex felt Maggie’s fingers ghosted across her clit, offering no release, continuing to tease.

Alex whined.

‘I want you to ask nicely, Agent’

Alex gritted her teeth to stop herself from smiling.


‘Please, what?’ Maggie demanded.

‘Please Detective…’

‘Good girl’ Maggie smiled as she tapped the inside of Alex’s thighs, indicating she wanted Alex to spread her legs.

Alex widened her stance and couldn’t resist wiggling her arse at Maggie. Maggie spanked it playfully before unlocking the cuffs and gently rubbing each wrist.

‘You’ll need to brace yourself against the door’ Maggie winked at Alex’s questioning glance over her shoulder.

Alex nodded, shrugged her jacket off and placed her hands either side of her head.

Please…’ Alex begged as she felt Maggie slide two fingers through her wet folds from behind.

‘I know sweetie’

She slipped two finger in easily, curling on every thrust.

‘Fuck!’ Alex cried out, grateful Maggie had the foresight to undo the handcuffs.

Maggie kept thrusting, knowing it wouldn’t take long until Alex was convulsing round her hand. She brought her other hand round to finger Alex’s clit, who bucked immediately against her.

‘I’m so close’ Alex panted out, her muscles flexing as she held herself up.

Maggie sped up her thrusts, thrusting harder and deeper into Alex and bit into the sweat covered shoulder in front of her.

Alex screamed out as her orgasm washed over her, twitching against Maggie as her head slumped against the door.

Maggie gently guided Alex over to the couch and gathered her into her arms. Alex nuzzled in as her breathing steadied, inhaling the scent of her girlfriend.

‘Gimme five minutes’ she mumbled, ‘this Fed needs to put that cocky Detective in her place…’

‘I’d like to see you try Danvers…’

i very highkey love the way Taako is usually sort of quieter and more hesitant when talking to Lup in a way he isnt with anyone else. he doesnt put up that big obnoxious front and he lets her see when hes nervous or unsure and its blows up my heart every time

Well! That’s the blog set up and most everyone followed- (Apparently tumblr has a 200 per day follow cap? I’ll follow everyone else tomorrow!) so it’s time to get this show on the road!

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H-UURRP-I Everyone. Sorry we haven’t been on. Fuckin g SuMMER H AD DEXIDED THAT WE WO ULD BE BETTER ODF WITHOUT A FUCJ ING MORTY. S-S-SO WE HAD T-T-TO GO ON T HIS LING ASS AD VENTURE AND FUND THE FUXKE R. S-s-so long stiry short, we'r e back now.. So u hm. Yeet


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So, in celebration of this blog reaching its first major milestone, Ad(HD)ventures will be seeking out its first new artist! We’re only looking for one for now, because the blog is still very young, and we’d rather keep it small to begin with, and see how things go afterwards. The goal, though, is to eventually have a diverse range of comic artists here so that we can represent as much of the experience of having ADHD as we can! 

So! If you’re an artist with ADHD and you want to get involved with this blog, then keep reading below the cut! If you don’t fit that description, but this post pops up on your dash, we’d still very much appreciate the reblog! Signal boosts are very welcome! 

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fic: Love, Wishes and Magic

Artist: magicalplaylist

Author: mothastruckas

Rating (art/fic if different): PG-13

Word Count: 5.8k 

Fic Summary: A tale of two boys on a road trip along the west-coast and how they come to have, lose, then find each other. (a magician kurt au) 

Link to Art: To Come 

Link to Fic: AO3 or under the read more. 

Art Thumbnail: To Come

Notes: Thank you to Leia for being an amazing beta and to magicalplaylist because of her wonderful art that inspired this piece. 

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The Azoffs

Irving Azoff is a big wig in the entertainment industry, he is basically Jesus. He’s represented Christina Aguilera, the Eagles, Van Halen, and Chelsea Handler, just to name a few. He is the Chairman and CEO of Azoff MSG Entertainment with a glorious resume before that including Ticketmaster Entertainment (Chairman and CEO), Live Nation Entertainment (Executive Chairman), and Front Line Management (CEO). In 2013 he added yet another venture to his list of accomplishments which involves the Madison Square Garden Company. He was named the most powerful person in the industry in 2012. Harry’s connection to that family is no mere accident or mistake. 

Jeffrey Azoff is the son of Irving Azoff and currently works at CAA which is a talent agency, he’s a music agent. Before he chose to go to CAA, Az worked for one of his father’s pet projects, Front Line Management. Live Nation now owns that company, you’ll note Irving was an upper level and in command executive at both establishments. Jeff had worked with the Eagles, Avril Lavigne, and Van Halen while at Front Line Management. CAA represents Justin Bieber (poor fools), Kanye West (praying for them), and Bon Jovi just to name a few big names. 

Harry has been in contact and was introduced to them in around July of 2013 (Probably a bit earlier than that but I can’t remember the exact details). They aren’t some random spring of poppets, they are influential and useful. The Azoffs are not just to further Harry’s career but also to further One Direction’s on a whole. Harry works hard to secure those outlets and management pushes it so take a step back before you think you understand what is going on. Also, note that lots of hands touch the 1D brand that you don’t even realize.