ad venturing


*Makes post promising big announcement soon* *Forgets to make the announcement post for like. A month.* Well, if that doesn’t just perfectly sum up what we’re about – 

HEY! WOW! THATS A LOT OF FOLLOWERS! In fact it’s a whole 61 more than the benchmark this post was originally meant to happen after imagine that

So, in celebration of this blog reaching its first major milestone, Ad(HD)ventures will be seeking out its first new artist! We’re only looking for one for now, because the blog is still very young, and we’d rather keep it small to begin with, and see how things go afterwards. The goal, though, is to eventually have a diverse range of comic artists here so that we can represent as much of the experience of having ADHD as we can! 

So! If you’re an artist with ADHD and you want to get involved with this blog, then keep reading below the cut! If you don’t fit that description, but this post pops up on your dash, we’d still very much appreciate the reblog! Signal boosts are very welcome! 

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