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90s tv aesthetics: (the fashion and hair are a given, starts as an 80s hangover)

  • square screen ratio
  • kids shows with a soundscape of public domain music and every sound effect in the stock library at once
  • Dim and non naturalistic lighting (sometimes with soft focus)
  • all creature effects out of rubber that doesn’t move much
  • all sets are primary colours
  • every prop is plastic
  • poorly textured cgi
  • super wide angle lens and extreme close ups
  • slime
  • ad bumpers or music stings to signal ad break
  • the over the top cool youth culture stuff, “extreme” sports, slang
  • so many fads
  • surreal plotlines that spring up in every long running show

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Why do some Turn-Based strategy games use Random Number Regenerators for things like accuracy and critical hit? Wouldn't you think that an unlucky roll at a crucial moment, or several unlucky rolls that lead to a bad situation would cause more frustration than interesting gameplay?

While this can lead to frustration, random results also swing the other way - sometimes the player gets a lucky hit or critical strike. It can have a polarizing effect, but the overall takeaway is usually a net positive for the game because of how the feature is usually handled. If it was just a random chance with no way to affect it, I would agree - it wouldn’t really add much to the gameplay aside from an uncontrollable random element that would cause some amount of frustration. But games, especially strategy games, are almost never designed this way. Instead, we design the game in a way to allow the player to mitigate the risk, and to capitalize on it as well.

In most games, designers build in means to allow the player to control the effects of randomness. It could be by giving a higher critical rate to artillery units on higher ground, lowering the chance of a critical hit landing on defenders within fortified walls, or adding specific technology research that increases the player’s unit critical hit rate, or reduces the chance of hits, damage, etc. on the player’s units. There’s also the possibility of adding gear or consumable items to adjust these numbers. By providing a basis for the player to influence the effects of the randomness, it provides a sense of strategy and depth to the player. Good players will be able to mitigate the effects of the randomness by demonstrating mastery of the system and the game. 

It’s also important to note that we designers don’t necessarily want to eliminate randomness entirely. By having the chance of something going haywire (even if it is small), it makes things interesting for the player. A victory that is completely assured usually isn’t particularly interesting or exciting to the player; a victory that’s pretty close can be much more. Players get a measurably larger dopamine rush when they get an unexpected benefit to their play, like landing a critical hit, and they also get a big rush when they manage to come from behind to take the victory. 

Ultimately, there are always the chances of the dice coming up snake eyes and losing because of randomness, and that feels lousy. However, well designed games provide avenues for players to mitigate the chance of catastrophe, while retaining and building on the positive aspects of the randomness. In doing so, the players get to improve their skills and achieve mastery of the game systems, while still reaping the benefit of lucky rolls. These overall benefits far outweigh the small percentage of the time when a player is super unlucky and manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. 

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Wishes 6

Genre: Angst/Tragedy/Fantasy
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Summary: Waking up in an unfamiliar room, a girl found herself living a completely different life.

Part: 12 3 4 5 6 (tbc)

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“So what do you guys actually do?” You asked, casually, as you set the pasta down the table before settling in between Jungkook and Namjoon. Without being able to find a way home, you figured you might as well help them out for the time being, and as thanks for the (unavoidable) free lodging.

“What? You’ve been here for so long yet you don’t have a clue?” Namjoon smirked mockingly. He had been trying to poke fun at you at every turn (not quite successfully, however, for as much as he liked to think he was smarter than you, it turned out you had read the same things he read, had known the same things he knew, and sometimes more - and you had to admit, winning against such a spiteful guy felt pretty good).

“Of course I have an idea, dumbass. You guys leave things everywhere around here,” you turned to Namjoon nonchalantly, “even your favourite Harry Potter underwear, for example.”

“Pfft!” Someone had choked on water from behind you, before breaking out into a string of endless giggles. Namjoon’s ears, to your satisfaction, turned noticeably red. Yeah, suck on that. You thought triumphantly.

“How dare y…”

“We’re in a band.”

Before his ironically rough high-pitched voice could spat out another word, a calmer one interrupted. Yoongi.

“It’s called BTS.” He continued plainly.

“BTS?” You looked at him quizzically.

“It stands for Bulletproof Boy Scouts.”

What? You couldn’t resist a laugh. “Bulletproof Boy Scouts? You’re a boy band alright. Oh my god!” You slapped Namjoon’s shoulder, laughing like a maniac.

“Y/N, that’s mean.” Jimin pouted in your direction.

“Sorry, sorry! Just give me a second!” Trying to suppress the laughter that was still bubbling inside, you took a deep breath, and continued. “It’s just… very Backstreet Boys-like. I mean, I wouldn’t expect that from you guys. Well, maybe except Namjoon (cue deathly glare from the pink Death Eater). But seriously, what kind of music do you sing?”

“Hip-hop, mostly. But we’re trying to make something of our own.” Yoongi replied proudly.

“And we’re pretty popular too.” Namjoon butted in.

“Namjoon-hyung’s our leader.” Taehyung chirped excitedly.

“And his stage name is Rap Monster.” Jimin smirked.

The bubbles bursted. You threw your head back, filling the room with laughter. “Of course he would be. The Monster of Rap, Kim Namjoon!” You paused, pulling back to look at the poor guy. It wasn’t his day. “Wait, so does this mean you’re good or terrible? Could go either way.”

“Oh please, Y/N. Once you hear my rap, you’ll be my biggest fan.” The Monster of rhythmic words snapped back defiantly (but for all the back and forth exchanges between you guys, you still appreciated the fact that he never took anything to heart).

“Y/N, when they go low, we go high. Don’t sink down to his level.” Yoongi chimed in blankly, still fiddling with his food.

“Yeah! You could instead be blown away by Yoongi hyung’s tongue technology!” added Hoseok.

At the joke that you couldn’t quite get, the whole room exploded.

“I’m done.” Smooth voice abruptly distracted the cheery table, along with the rattling sound of utensils and of wood sliding against the marbled floor. Jungkook walked to the sink and dropped his plate, ignoring all the eyes that fell on him, and strode quickly into his room amidst the sudden silence.

“Is he okay?” Taehyung asked nervously.

You weren’t quite sure how to answer that. Nobody was. For his part, Jungkook wasn’t acting particularly upset - there was no door slamming, table banging or the sort. But even for the quiet person that he was, he had been unusually silent.


“Hey.” You called out softly, before spotting the slumping figure against the wall.

“Hey.” He looked up at you, expressionless, then quickly looking down again.

You climbed onto the bed and seated yourself next to him. He made no remarks of that, and you hoped it was a sign that you could continue.

“I’m sorry. My being here must not have been comfortable for you.”

Suddenly, you found wide eyes facing your own. “No! I want… I mean, I don’t mind having you here. And it’s not like you can help it anyway.” Cool voice rang at your ear. His voice was refreshing music, clearing, freeing your mind of troubles. It was different from Jiyong’s cheery bell-like voice, but somehow had the same effect. Maybe that was why you were comfortable with him most of all.

You smiled. “But it’s at least rather inconvenient, isn’t it? Some girl you didn’t know taking taking up space in your bed everyday. Personally I’d go crazy.”

He crackled softly. Once harderned features melted away for a relaxed, boyish grin. “Haha, as it should be. But you’re pretty alright, somehow.”

“Thank you.” You breathed out, relaxing against the wall. “So, this boy band thing, you’re a part of it?”

“Yeah. Why?” He cocked his head to the side.

“Ah, it’s just… you don’t seem like you like to stand out. So I’m just wondering.”

Soft laughs again. “I see. That’s my impression, huh? But sorry to disappoint, I’m in the band too.” He shrugged.

“I don’t mean it like that, you know?” you slapped his shoulder. “So what do you do there?”

“I sing.” He replied bashfully.

No doubt. With a voice like that I’d listen to you all day too.

“Ah, no doubt. With a voice like that I’d listen to you all day too.”

Wait. Did I just…? As the heat rose up your cheeks, you curse at yourself. And to make it worse, Jungkook was staring at your embarrassing state with eyes so wide, you could swear he wouldn’t even miss a speck of dust on your face. “I… I mean…”

“Ermm.. Thank you. I… really like that.” In your stammering mess, you didn’t notice that he had looked away.

Deep breath. Exhale. You tried your best to make it seem intentional. Be cool, Y/N. Be cool. “Don’t sweat it. It’s a really nice voice.”

Awkward silence. You looked up to the white ceiling of the apartment, as if it were the most interesting thing ever. As you were trying to turn those boorish cracks into a masterpiece, you felt the bed shifting slightly.

“So… Were you able to contact your family at all?” he asked. And you were glad the subject changed. Jungkook had been kind enough to lend you his phone the day you “arrived”.

“Yes, well, not family per se. I texted my boyfriend, but he’s overseas right now. That’s probably why he hasn’t replied yet.”


“Yeah. We’ve been living together.” You smiled at the image of Jiyong on the couch, head resting on your shoulder.

“Together?” His voice rang slightly higher. “What about your family?”

“They’re gone.” You paused, surprised at how once difficult words easily flowed out of your mouth. “There was an accident. A few years back. So he’s the only family for me now.”

“… I’m sorry.” Words were breathed out tenderly.

“It’s okay. That’s a common thing to ask.” You forced out a smile at him - it was nobody’s fault, really. “And I’m okay now. All grown up.” You paused and smile, for real this time. “Kind of.”

“That’s amazing.” He responded, still facing forwards. “My parents are always here for me, and the hyungs have been taking care of me since I was young. I can’t even imagine how I’d be if they were gone.”

You laughed. He doesn’t beat around the bush, does he? “You’ll be surprised at how strong you are,” you rested your head on his shoulder, “how strong you can be. But for me, I still have Jiyong. So I’m pretty lucky.”

“That’s your boyfriend?”

“Yeah, Jiyong. He was there for me when I had everything, and when I had nothing.”

“What if he was gone? How would you feel?”

“What do you mean?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Well, you said people can be really strong. Would you have been able to handle it without him?”

Your first instinct was, Am I on a People magazine interview? But he was serious - you didn’t look at his face, his voice was saying all it needed to say. And this was not something you had never thought about.

“Yes. And no. If he weren’t here, I would still live. I’ll recover, but maybe not as fast, and not as I am now. And I like the me now. But one thing I can say for sure is that I’d be devastated if I don’t have him now.”

“Lucky man.”

“I’m not so sure.” A pause. Then you both looked at each other and laughed. You never thought you would be able to talk so openly about this to someone, and somehow still have a laugh afterwards. 

“Hey, can I ask something of you?” Jungkook cleared his throat, breaking your train of thoughts.

“What is it?”

“Tonight, sleep with me.”

BTS! AU: Sea Creatures

Hey guys, we recently hit 1500 followers, and this is a small celebration post that we thought we should share with you guys. Here’s BTS as Sea Monsters/ Creatures

BTS As Sea Creatures/Monsters


  • Would probably be a Blue Dragon
  • Beacause he’s pretty and stands out
  • The number of lines he gets is proportional to the size of the animal


  • Sea Urchin
  • Because he’s prickly on the outside but is cute ad
  • *cough* tongue technology *cough*


  • Jelly fish
  • Because he dances like one
  • and it’s smooshy and fluffy and kinda sad seeming but everyone still loves it


  • Literal mermaid because why not
  • Spends most of the time smiling and hurting people emotionally because of his smile
  • He’s the underwater sun


  • A Sea Slug
  • Because you don’t expect it to be bright, but it’s literally so colorful
  • It’s bright and beautiful just like him


  • Tardigrade aka water bear
  • Because it’s smol and literally adorable
  • Don’t fight me on this


  • Would be a giant orthocone
  • because it’s #PenizGoalz
  • also it’s kinda weird and slightly random

By the way, this is just a joke, so we hope you guys thought it was funny. And yes, we actually hit 1600 followers yesterday morning. Words cannot describe how proud we are, and how thankful we are to all of you. 

-Admins Midnight and Clover