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Ravenclaw headcanon

each student has carved something into some part of the tower. and I’m talking every single student, going all the way back to the first class ever taught by the founders. Rumor has it that rowena herself carved a tiny eagle symbol made out of her initials somewhere in the common room and if you can find it during your seven years at hogwarts you’ll have good luck in passing your exams (hint: it’s in the bottom left corner of the third stone in the center above the fireplace, right above the elaborate signature of one Filius Flitwick). the stone walls of the tower look weathered but if you look closer they’re covered in initials and signatures, little symbols and drawings. Some of the more artistically inclined students have added more elaborate designs, while others simply initial. The unspoken rule is that you should wait till your seventh year to add your mark on the tower. Even though countless students have passed through Ravenclaw house, there always seems to be just enough room for everyone. One student, through a good amount of diligence, observed that a handful of pristine stones appear each year in various locations to keep the tradition going.

Me, a category theorist:

Hypothesis: elementary category theory is the mathematical version of “me, an intellectual”.


You: the empty set

Me, an intellectual: the initial object in Set.

You: nullspace of T

Me, an intellectual: equalizer of T and the zero morphism between its source and target (in a category of vector spaces)

You: natural numbers

Me, an intellectual: a natural numbers object

You: a Nötherian ring

Me: a Nötherian object in the category of rings

You: Lie groups

Me, an intellectual: Group objects in the category of smooth manifolds.

You: A poset is a set together with a reflexive, asymmetric, transitive relation.

Me, an intellectual: A partially ordered set (or ‘poset’) is a category having at most one morphism between any two objects.

You: A diagram (of sets) is a directed graph where the vertices are sets and the edges are functions.

Me, an intellectual: A diagram in Set is an object of the functor category Set^J for some indexing category J.


                                          BLACK GIRL MAGIC 

I came across this story this afternoon on buzzfeed and it literally warms my heart, and give me more  confidence about my education.

Ja’Andra Imani Wheeler is a 22-year-old living in Savannah, Georgia. When Wheeler was a sophomore in college, her mom died from a rare disease called sarcoidosis. “My mother really instilled the importance of education within me, holding a master’s in education herself,” Wheeler told BuzzFeed News. “With her passing, I began to lose sight of the bigger picture,” she added. The college student’s grade point average eventually plummeted to 1.4. But she dramatically bounced back. “I retook all of the classes I’d failed,” Wheeler said. As for the future, Wheeler has ~goals~. On Dec. 10, Wheeler successfully graduated from Savannah State University AND she has a full-ride scholarship to a graduate program in Africana studies.

Wheeler has a few pieces of advice for students who might be struggling: “Take care of your mental health (anxiety, depression, etc.). Surround yourself with people who create safe spaces and offer healthy relationships. Find a mentor within your major department. Go to summer school if you must catch up or boost your GPA with electives.” As for the future, Wheeler has ~goals~. After graduating with her *free* master’s degree, she wants to obtain her PhD and become a professor.

Sources: Buzzfeed

Quel giorno il tram era più carico del solito.
Ragazzi e ragazze, con gli zaini in spalla e la stanchezza negli occhi.
Chi aveva le cuffie nelle orecchie, chi un libro in mano.
Un giorno normale.
Mi dirigevo al solito posto, cercando di farmi spazio tra quei corpi, quando, non ho visto chi, mi diede una spinta e caddi addosso ad uno studente.
Sbattei proprio contro il suo petto, e gli feci rovesciare il caffè, ancora caldo, sul maglione.
Mi scostò delicatamente.
Io imbarazzata, strofinai il mio braccio sulla chiazza della bevanda, per cercare di rimediare al mio disastro, ma fu tutto inutile.
Alzai lo sguardo; un ragazzo semplice, con i capelli castani e gli occhi che gli illuminavano il viso.
Pensai che avrei potuto guardarli per sempre, e non mi sarei mai stancata.
Aveva un profumo di cotone, mischiato alla menta, che si era indebolito a causa del l'odore del caffè.
Mi scusai, avevo il volto in fiamme e le guance rosse, ma non per la figura che avevo appena fatto.
Iniziammo a parlare, una parola tirava l'altra e scoprimmo di avere varie cose in comune.
La sua voce era calda e sicura, e il suo sorriso mi ricordava com'era fatta la felicità.
Iniziammo a frequentarci, ad ascoltare la musica insieme, ad uscire per vedere un film, fare una passeggiata.
Le mattine riusciva sempre a tenermi un posto accanto a lui.
Capitò che andai a casa sua e rividi la sua felpa, ancora macchiata di caffè.
Gli domandai per quale motivo non l'avesse lavata.
Lui mi guardò, con il suo solito sguardo ammaliatore e sincero.
Mi confessò che guardava la sua felpa ogni minuto della sua giornata perché gli ricordavo io, gli ricordava quanto fosse stato fortunato quando quella ragazza sbadata, un po’ impacciata, gli fosse caduta addosso. Non potei trattenere l'emozione, e, d'istinto, lo abbracciai, e lui mi bacio.

Oggi, la sua felpa è ancora in qualche cassetto, tutta impacchettata per nascondere l'odore, ma è più forte di lui, non riesce a buttarla.
Al suo posto, sul comodino, c'è sempre una tazza di caffè caldo, denso e scuro il giusto, per ricordarsi il colore dei miei occhi, di quando lo guardai per la prima volta e lui capii che sarei diventata io la sua dipendenza, la sua forza.
E non avrebbe potuto fare a meno di me.

A volte, sono proprio le cose inaspettate, gli incidenti, i gesti improvvisi, non programmati, che ti sconvolgono per sempre l'esistenza.
Cambiano in modo radicale la storia della tua vita.

—  Volevoimparareavolare (scritta da me)

Can the voltron fandom not be on fire for like five seconds or what

You Don’t Have My Back

While working as 1st AD on a student film, the professor put his hand on my back (for an uncomfortable amount of time) and said, “are you being assertive enough?”

At no point did he put his hands on the male Director and ask how he was doing.

This is just one example of the subtle sexism I experienced in my first year of film school. 

Chloe Price; How to Use by Maxine Caulfield.

1.) Do not wake her up before 9am. Possible reactions include revolt and pernicious impulse.

2.) Make sure to never invade her junkyard without mere permission, for my mate will literally Avada Kedavra you right away.

3.) Strictly prohibited objects; guns, razor blades, rapiers, daggers, scythes and anything sharp and firearm really; any product from Hamleys or any Tricks and Jocks shop and anything little enough for her to shove in her pockets, anything that is otherwise “indie, punk and pretty much harmless” according to her perspectives, any drink heavier than a regular tequila shot and anything for smoking that contains opium, cocaine, tobacco and especially weed, for her punk ass is addicted already. Also, anything with potential to blast or explode, mundane ads and commercials, biology student’s book and just any student’s book in particular, any sort of science chemical that school Professor finds dangerous and if it is possible; her phone after midnight. This list has a total of 8422 strictly prohibited objects and if you wish to continue reading, turn on page 362.

4.) When playing truth or dare, always pick neither. Unless, of course,  you do not mind confessing too awkward sexual thoughts of life or worse, in blue boxers that say “I am hella Chloe’s hippie”, going to ask the neighbours if they’ve seen your bra or offering ganja.

5.) Do not take her beanie off unless you are Maxine Caulfield. Ever.

6.) Do not use; “must do” and “homework” in one sentence, “classes” and any number above 0 in one sentence, and most specially “Warren Graham” or “Kate Marsh” and “Maxine Caulfield” in one or two or three or four or more sentences.

7.) Always make sure to put her seat belt on when Pink Floyd or Rolling Stones are rolling on the radio. Trust me, a ride with no seat belt and Chloe’s sympathies for devils and bricks in walls can be a greater disaster than earth running out of Nutella.

8.) Do not let her touch hair dryers, candy wrappers, shoe ties, rubber ducks, car keys, pinball machines, shaving creams, remote controls, kites and jet packs in early mornings and late hours of the night. Trust me, you’s be surprised just how creative a somnolent Chloe can be.

9.) Do not call her pet names because she will bite you. Violently.

10.) Did I warn you not to take her beanie off unless you are Maxine Caulfield?

11.) If I have not, do NOT take her beanie off unless you are Maxine Caulfield.

12.) Do not approach too closely. Unless you are Maxine Caulfield.

13.) Do not trust, even for an instant second, when her sweet facial expression of a golden honey girl appears, because a second can cost you a lot. She is up to no good.

14.) But most importantly, love her, comfort her, help her clean the wounds on her knees, on her elbows and take care of her, for her heart had been broken too many times and she has became a walking thunderstorm; she does not know how to do it on her own properly.

15.) When you are at some party, on the roof with this chain smoking, strange girl with blue hair and exorbitant large dark eyes, ask her about her day. I promise you, you won’t regret it. Often times you’ll find the strangest of people have the most captivating stories to tell.

PS; Please, do not mistake the masterly hidden sorrow in her eyes for weakness nor her weariness for idleness. You cannot see it, but there is depression in her that drains her energy, crushes her hopes and dreams, takes away her motivation and makes her want to lock herself up or go away, and sometimes all she can do is lie in bed and hope to fall asleep before she falls apart. What an awful way to exist, no? Wide awake with bloodshot red burning eyes, trying to find comfort in cold sheets and empty nights. Somewhere, I once read that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. But is she strong enough to bear with all these tales of sadness her eyes full of melancholy tell and the loneliness that hunts her like a fierce phantom of the past during the latest hours?

Be gentle. Be understanding. Do not humiliate people. Do not make fun of people. Be kind, for you never know what road is this one person going through. Gay people are human. Eccentric people are human too. We all are human.

And Chloe.. Chloe is horribly impulsive. She is thoughtless at times and she is reckless, even more often. She smokes a little bit too much and she drinks a little bit too much from time to time as well. She has a bad temper, she has a heart blacker than most peoples’, she is unreasonable. Hell, she died three times in two days, dude. Chloe never listens or reads instructions either.. and I suspect she is gay. Yes, Chloe is all that. But she is my friend, my hella insane punk ass, and I love her for the explosion of an atom bomb she is. So be nice, because my camera is pretty heavy and I can aim just finely.

Extra 16.) As someone once said; “The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.” The world is cruel enough. That does not mean that you have to be too.

Written by; me.