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A/N: I am sorry that I am only capable of writing longer ones. I hope you still check this one out though! It’s a mess but I am a mess. And also, idk whymy summaries are so bad lately…THAT’S PROBABLY BECAUSE I WRITE PLOTLESS STUFF. Also, I would be happy about a review because I need constant validation.

Summary: Fred realizes his feelings for the you when all of a sudden he notices how closer you seem to be to George than him.

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 3120

Warnings: none! It’s fluff

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What Kind of Music Do The RFA + V & Saeran Listen To?

Giving Elizabeth 3rd A Bath (RFA + V & Saeran)

You Have A Big Exam (RFA + Minor Trio)

You Go Ghost Hunting (RFA +V & Saeran, Vanderwood to be added)

You Fail At Cooking (RFA + V & Saeran)

You Have A Prankster Brother (RFA + Minor Trio)

Elizabeth 3rd Bites The RFA (RFA + V, Saeran, Rika)

You Teach Them To Draw/Paint (RFA + Minor Trio)

The RFA (+ V & Saeran) as Children at the Park (Vanderwood to be added)

Prank Calling the RFA With 707 (Minor Trio to be added)

RFA Members + Saeran As Cats (V and Vanderwood to be added)

You Draw Them (RFA + V and Saeran)

You Like Plants (RFA + Minor Trio)

You Snore & Flail Around In Your Sleep (RFA + Minor Trio)

You’re Chubby (RFA + Minor Trio)

You Have Carpal Tunnel (RFA + Minor Trio)

You’re Obsessed with Heathers (RFA + V & Saeran, Vanderwood to be added)

RFA + Minor Trio’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

Jihyun Kim/V headcanons

RFA + Minor Trio Favorite Pizza

You’re Proud Of Your Scars


Mystic Messenger x Supernatural Crossover (Coming soon!)

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Vanderwood’s Next Top Model

My Friend Calls Vanderwood “Sir Taze Alot”

Drabble Challenge (REBLOGGED)


For his last day at work, my friend added a 2 second prank .

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Having grown up half living in the Burrow due to your dad being friends with Arthur it meant that you were close to all of them. You spent a lot of time getting to know each of them, viewing them to be almost like your own family, and you were glad to end up at Hogwarts with most of them – it made for a very entertaining few years.

‘(Y/n), dear!’ said Molly as you entered the Burrow, your arms laden with Easter Eggs for them all.

‘Hey, Molly,’ you said, beaming as you almost tumbled into kitchen.

‘Food!’ said Ron, moving to help you, causing you to chuckle. ‘Here, let me help!’

‘Is that a Hungarian Horntail egg?’ asked Charlie, his eyes lighting up as he moved to help further.

‘A chocolate one, Char,’ you warned him, almost falling over as Ron took the eggs away from you.

‘Aw, couldn’t you have brought a real one?’ asked Fred, leaning against the doorway into the kitchen.

‘Yeah, we could’ve used it to prank Perce,’ added George, smirking around at his brother.

‘I heard that!’ called Percy from the living room.

‘They’ve been like this all morning,’ said Ginny, making you jump slightly as she peered over the back of the armchair.

‘More like their entire lives,’ said Bill simply, rolling his eyes slightly.

‘Aw, you’ll miss it when you grow up and leave here, Bill,’ said Fred, mocking innocently over at him.

‘It’s good to see you,’ said Arthur, pulling you into a side hug. ‘Rather than just the eggs,’ he added as you dumped the rest of the eggs on the table.

It would involve:
Trying to get Percy to lighten up slightly with the twins – ‘C’mon, Perce, it was a joke, it’s funny,’ you said, frowning as he tried to wash the bright purple hair dye out. You sighed. ‘C’mere, I’ll help,’ you said, moving to grab some colour stripper.

Being very protective of Ginny and Ron while at Hogwarts as they seem to be the ones who get the most stick from people. But them all being there for you as well, making sure people know that you’re with them at all times.

Getting a knitted jumper from Molly every Christmas in your favourite colour and inviting all your family over for the holidays. Arthur constantly asking you questions about Muggle things as well because you live in closer contact with them than the Weasleys do – and you’re a half-blood.

Talking about your obsessions with Bill and Charlie – ‘Yeah, but dragons!’ ‘C’mon, Char, why would you like anything that could burn you alive?’ ‘Oh yeah, I forgot that goblins were better to deal with, Bill.’

Basically being part of the family and always being welcome in the Burrow, them sometimes actively inviting you because you’ve not visited for a while.

A/N: Gif credit goes tot he respective owners, I just found them on Google.

Pro Revenge....but on me!

My high school biology teacher mentioned off-handedly that adding a small amount of a specific chemical to an acidic drink would safely cause normally alkaline urine to turn a vivid shade of red.

I had access to the chem storage and I nicked a modest supply. I tested the substance on myself and was pleased to see a shocking color change. My pee looked like cherry Kool•ade. Cool.

I pranked my friends, of course. They were shocked the first time, mildly amused the second or third time, but after repeated assaults, I would generally just hear “Goddamit, midzo!” from the bathroom. Little fun. I looked for additional targets.

The college guy next door seemed a good candidate. I dosed his cola.

I didn’t know he was a chemistry major. He never said a word, but a week later I peed blue. Blue!

Well-deserved retribution, points for style. Pro revenge, indeed.

Okay guys so I thought about this a LONG time ago but I completely forgot about it until just now.

In Joe’s ROOMMATE WAKE UP PRANK AD video, did you guys notice that Joe filmed himself in bed every morning EXCEPT for the morning that he and Caspar were sharing a bed??? Like

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:





What kind of vines they would produce/enjoy:

(Also featuring you!)
Allies + Canada, Featuring 2p!:
America/Alfred F. Jones- Eagle screeches over every god damn thing you could imagine. Pranks on the other countries (mostly Canada.)

Canada/Matthew Williams- All nature, stunning nature. Occasional re-vine of an eagle screeching. (That‘s where America fucking gets them.)

China/Yao Wang- Every single panda/kitten/puppy ever photographed.

England/Arthur Kirkland- Historical documentary types of things.  

France/Francis Bonnefoy- Victoria secret ads. Victoria secret ads. VICTORIA SECRET ADS. Pranks on England.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky- Cluster fuck. Sometimes it’s kittens, sometimes it’s a polar bear attack. Sometimes it’s two kangaroo’s beat boxing. ‘Pranks’ on the Baltic’s.

2p!America/Allen Jones- Protests and vegetarians recipes. Not to mention pranks on Matthew, and you. Especially when you’re sleeping.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- Allen’s pranks gone wrong.

2p!China/Xiao Wang- 50% people break dancing, 50% possible murders.

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- All pastel and beautiful mansions. Pastry’s and ways to make baked good better. Occasional one of Allen’s pranks going wrong and him getting a freshly made cupcake in the face.

2p!France/Francios Bonnefoy- Poetic smoking and uses for a ridiculous amount of wine glasses.

2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky- Has no fucking clue what vine is, watches over the Baltic states shoulders. Is not amused.

Allies + Romano

Germany/Ludwig- FITNESS, FITNESS, FITNESS. Examples include: How To Do Fingertip Pull Ups Correctly, How To Make A Protein Smoothie When All You Fucking Have Is Pasta, and How To Run A Mile In 60 Seconds. ‘Accidental’ shots of you in athletic shorts.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas- Him trying to sing/serenade to you. Pasta recipes for his viewing public. And what happens when you mess with Germany. Occasional shots of you sleeping on his chest and he couldn’t help but share how beautiful you are.

Japan/Honda Kiku- Pretty art, some of it his, some of it nature, mostly anime clashes.

Romano/Lovino Vargas- While he’s in half of Italy’s videos, he doesn’t have one himself.

2p!Gremany/Lutz- CATS. I can’t stress that enough. Cats in costumes. Cats eating. Cats playing with their kids. You with cats. Cats.

2p!Italy/Luciano Vargas- Knives and their many, many, many uses. These cans range from tooth picks to…well…I’m sure you can imagine.

2p!Japan/Honda Kuro- Gore. Upcoming horror movies, in progress Hentai sketches. Very classy though. You might resemble some of the sketches, but he’d never admit to it.

2p!Romano/Flavio Vargas- Fashion blog. Who’d hot, who’s not. Him always being the very hot. Several videos of you as an unwilling model.

Finishing Line. (Sam x Josh)

Prompt: I HAVE AN AMAZING PROMPT IDEA. Sam X Josh AU - Josh is found and rehabilitated in secret, and the others go to college. Josh doesn’t know how to approach Sam, so Chris (knowing how much she loves and misses him) comes up with an idea to surprise Sam (and the others, who will be supporting her in the crowd), by having Josh wait at the finishing line of her athletics race. Ensue bucket loads of fluff and long lost love when she spots him. My question is: can you handle it? 😉 Thank youuu 😘❤️

It had been a while, but Josh was now able to go out into the open. He could see his friends. His family. Well, his parents. It was hard coming to terms with his sisters being gone even after all this time. Knowing what had happened had made it so much worse and now his parents knew he almost couldn’t face going home. The detail that he had had to go through before being institutionalised for this long and now he had to face them all over again. No one had come to visit him. He didn’t want anyone to, feeling like he should do this on his own. Heal himself by himself.

On arriving home, he realised how much had changed. His parents had redecorated. Family portraits had been taken down and the house felt empty. More so than before. 

All his friends had now gone off to college and he didn’t know whether it was the best time to get in contact with anyone. He did anyway, even if they didn’t want to talk to him, at least they would know he was out and he would know properly where he stood.

It was Chris he saw first. Not wanting everyone to know right now that he was back. Chris was his best friend and always would be, of course he was the first person he saw.

The greeting from Chris wasn’t as awkward as Josh had expected. In fact it felt pretty much the same as it had when they were younger. Or at least before everything had blown up. Literally.

Josh had never apologised so much. In the end Chris had laughed it off, saying that he didn’t care about what happened. “Now I look back, it was a prank…A really stupid prank,” He added a light chuckle coming from his mouth. “But everything else that happened wasn’t your fault. It was a crazy night. I’m not mad anymore.”

The exchange had made Josh feel elated, a whole weight had been lifted off of his shoulder. “How’s, er, how’s Sam?” He had been waiting a while to ask him the question. He had been scared to ask. Yes, Josh Washington was scared.

“She’s good. She’s doing some running thing soon.”

Josh nodded his head and looked down at his hands.

“You should come? Maybe you’ll finally get to see Sam.” Chris’ eyes stared hard at Josh

Taking a deep breath, Josh fidgeted. “I just wish I could tell her how I feel, you know? Then she can shoot me down if necessary.” It wasn’t like Josh to be so nervous, he was normally so confident and self assured. This was a whole new level though. He wasn’t really the same person he once was. His meds were helping him a lot but it had been a long, hard road to this point. 

“I think I have an idea to get her attention…or at least, I dunno, make her notice you a bit more. She can’t ignore you if you’re right at the end of the finishing line can she?” There was a knowing look on Chris’ face. Josh didn’t know that Sam herself had been worried about Josh and had been pretty much waiting for him to return.

After thinking the plan through, Josh nodded his head. “Okay, no one else can know okay?”

The day of the run arrived and Josh was waiting at the finishing line. He could see his friends waiting for Sam to finish  her race and he was doing his best to keep out of sight so no one could see him. His phone was tight in his hand so he could text Chris if he started to panic or anything.

The crowd started cheering violently, waving flags and banners high in the air as the competitors came hurdling down the track towards the finishing line. 

Josh saw her almost immediately.

She was in third place, her hair in a high ponytail with wisps of hair which had fallen out flying in the breeze. Her cheeks were red and she was breathing deeply but she had so much determination in her face. She started speeding up, wanting to get past the person in front of her. At least win second.

Josh took a deep breath and waited for her to cross the finish line. She just got past the girl in front of her as the reached the line, crossing it making Sam a very close second. 

The whole place erupted with applause as Sam slowed herself down, walking over to the stand with bottles of water waiting for her, her breathing heavy as she kept herself moving, trying to slow down her heart rate.

Josh slowly inched towards her, his hand in his pockets as he stood behind her, rocking gently on his feet. “You er, you did good there Sammy, well done.”

Hearing his voice she froze in place, the drink hovering inches from her lips as her hands dug into the plastic holding it tightly. She didn’t dare turn around incase it wasn’t real. Incase it was just because she had run a race and her head was spinning from how dehydrated she was. Her eyes shifted in their sockets and her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to work it out in her head. Finally, she spoke. “J-Josh?”

Josh felt like his body was deflating as she turned around on the spot. She was moving slowly. Finally she was facing him, her eyes lifted up from the ground as they held eye contact. “Hey Sammy.” Josh spoke quietly, one hand reaching up to rub the back of his neck. “Surprise?”

Sam nodded her head once, her mouth open slightly as she took a deep breath. “Yeah. Surprise.” Throwing her bottle onto the ground she felt a sudden wave of emotion run over her body as she practically leaped in his arms, her arms wrapping tightly around his neck in a gripping hug. “Don’t ever go away again. Ever.” She whined, feeling tears falling down her chest as she felt his arms wrap around her waist. 

Josh couldn’t help but chuckle as he held her close, taking in her scent and holding her close, not wanting to let her go. “I promise, I won’t. I don’t plan to leave you ever again.”

“Does everyone else know you’re here?”

Shaking his head, they loosened their grip on each other and Sam put her feet back firmly on the ground. “We should go and see them, yeah?” She bent down to pick up her water bottle. “Everyone will want to see you.”

Josh nodded once and took her hand in his, stooping down for one quick kiss on her lips, wishing that he could kiss her for longer, but she was right, everyone did need to see him. He needed to face them. Kissing could come later. “Yeah, let’s go.”


Most parents teach their kids to not speak with strangers. But what if he has a cute puppy with him? This social experiment was created to raise awareness of child abduction. It was posted yesterday, and has gone viral with over 500,000 views on YouTube. Wow.

Jared & Jensen @ Nerd HQ 2015
  • When Jared and Mark were asked about directing Jared said that he doesn’t direct because he gets more holidays and that he texted Jensen while Jensen was already in Vancouver pics of himself at Jensen’s pool; Jensen replied with ‘I’m calling the police.’
  • Aisha mentioning Jared giving a lap dance last night and Jensen went ‘I’m jealous now.’ 
  • Jared threw some American shade at a British fan who was asking a question saying ‘Would someone translate for me?’
  • Jared got an early birthday gift (some fans gathered $1.4k to donate in his name) and he was completely blown away.
  • They obviously got gummy bears, later Jensen threw them to the audience like an old man feeding the pigeons.
  • Jared says Jensen and he have a pact to not prank each other because it escalates. Later they got asked about their limits, and Jared repeated this and added he doesn’t prank Jensen because ‘He knows where I live.’
  • Jensen says he’s got sent underwear, Jared replies ‘Sorry those were mine.’ and Jensen went ‘Your kiss print in lipstick on the crotch was a little weird.’
  • Aisha said Jensen has 17 pics of Jared’s taint on his phone when Jensen got a portable phone charger and went ‘How do I know it’s not transferring all my data?’
  • Jared and Jensen re-enacted the ‘I lost my shoe’ scene; Jared said ‘Wait, you have to look at me like Dean looks at me.’
  • Jensen and Mark talked about how childish Jared is on set; Mark said ‘He picks me up and shakes me.’
  • There was a guy taller than Jared in the audience. Jensen said there’s a rule no one is taller than Jared on set, to what Aisha added ‘…no one taller or prettier.’ 
  • There was a girl with a unicorn head on so she had to shove the mic inside the masks mouth to be heard, you can imagine the rest. 
  • Zach Levi joined them, mentioned Heroes and Jensen got all fake-angry saying Supernatural and Heroes aired the same year, Heroes got cancelled and rebooted but they are still here, then he threw a bottle to the floor. #drama
  • Jared got really deep and spoke about how he related to Sam in the fear of disappointing the ones he loves/his family. Jensen gave him a worried look and Jared started making stupid noises and faces to light up the mood.
  • Jared says he gets inspired by his kids and wife and by the fans, Jensen adds they get a lot of inspiration from they co-stars and crew. 
  • There was some airplane companies talk.
  • At the end they got a group photo and Jensen shouted ‘Someone sent me this photo!’ 
Long Rides Part 4 - Sammy Wilk

When I got up to my room, Matt was already asleep on one of the beds. Then I made my bed comfy and went to bed, for some time I went on my phone, but then I fell asleep.

THE NEXT MORNING I woke up to the smell of bacon and hip hop music playing. I checked my phone

“Damn 10 am, I must have been super tired” I thought to myself. I looked over to Matt’s bed and he wasn’t there, he probably was down stairs with the boys. I decided to head downstairs to see what was cooking.

 I walked into the kitchen and Nash was cooking some bacon while Nate was buttering some toast. Boys in a kitchen was a good sight. Most of the boys were topless as it was a warm morning.

“Good Morning Y/NN” Hayes called out tried, while walking towards you, later then to hug you.

“Good morning too you Hayes” Then after some good mornings from guys with sexy morning voices, I started to make my chai (tea from India) and I placed the saucepan that my chai was in, on the stovetop waiting for it to boil.

Sammy walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around me. I turned around to a semi naked and messy bed haired Sam.

“Baby girl I wanted to talk about last night, and everything I said, I meant and I would love to get to know you better.”

“It’s a deal Sammyboy” I added with a grin as he grinned back. In the middle of breakfast Matt asked what our plan was for today.

“Well i heard that there were some nice beach markets just by the beach.” I said. “Oh yeah, that’s sound nice” said Cam.

“I guess that’s a plan” Hayes added.

After finishing brekkie we all went our own ways to our rooms. I quickly grabbed a white lace crop, a denim skirt and my makeup bag as I rushed to the closest bathroom. Luckily it was vacant. After I finished changing I started to apply some moisturiser to face then continuing on with light concealer, some powder foundation, winged eyeliner, mascara and a dark maroon MAC lipstick. I walked back to my room and slipped on my white platforms.

Then I grabbed my phone, purse, sunglasses, my maroon floppy hat and my maroon shoulder bag. I packed my phone and purse in my bag then placing my sunnies on the top of my head.

“Ready baby girl?” Sammy questioned asked I walked down the stairs. I nodded in reply. As some of the boys were tying up they’re shoes I went through a checklist in my mind making sure I had everything. Once we all got to the car I guarded the front passenger door while Gilinsky unlocked the combi. Sammy decided to drive earlier so it was me and him in the front. I was charge of the aux cord and there weren’t any arguments about it.

“Any requests?” I asked.

And Sammy replied with “Some Drake”.

I opened my phone and I started playing “Know yourself” and everyone cheered. “I was running through the six with my woes” we all screamed.

About half an hour later we had reached the markets and has found a parking spot. We all good out off the combi and the sea breeze hit our warm faces and the smell of the salt ran through our senses.

We made our way through the market and we found a juice and smoothie stall. I ordered a berry and mango ice crush while the boys ordered juices and Johnson and Cam had a peach iced tea each. Great was an understatement for this heavenly drink.

After a few minutes of looking around the boys found a spot where we could sit and enjoy the breeze and our cold beverages. After a couple of minutes all the boys where involved in a conversation I wasn’t really interested in, so I when through my phone.

Then after sometime I felt a pair of eyes a staring down at me. I knew that it wasn’t any of the boys as they were all sitting down. It wasn’t a comfortable situation, to say the least. I was pretty sure Hayes senses something was wrong and then he looked up and saw the guy eyeing me up and down. He was a fuckboy for sure.

“Uh, you good there” Hayes questioned.

“Yeah I am, especially with this pretty one in front of me.” I scoffed.

“So you got some attitude, bad girl, I like it.” He added.

Ugh who did he think he was. I noticed Sammy’s hands curl into a fist.

“Um no I scoffed because you thought being the obvious fuckboy, that you could get some, sadly for you I’m good” I replied annoyed.

“Sure, sure baby girl, say what you want but I know what your thinking.” He said with a stupid ass smirk.

“Don’t call me baby girl, I’m not your baby girl and I’m not planning on being your baby girl either” I snapped back.

“Baby gir…” Before he could finish the word Sam had snapped.

“Get the fuck away, you piece off shit, she said not to call her that, and stop eyeing girls up and down, and stop trying to get into their pants, they’re not stupid, you fuck”. I could tell Sam was beyond pissed and the guy walked away. I could tell that all the boys were giving him death stares because as he looked back he just as quickly looked forward again.

“Hey, you ok Y/NN?” Hayes asked sweetly.

“Yeah I’m fine but thanks for sticking up for me guys, I love you all”.

“Y/N no need to thank us you did all the talking while we just looked intimidating” Johnson answered.

It was around 3pm and before we had lunch from a sushi stall while Gilinsky had something else. We all decided to head home. Then I came up with an idea.

“Guys how about I make dinner?”

“Can we have curry please” Hayes whined.

“Sure thing Hayes” I replied.

As we walked back into the market to get to car, it was really busy and me being quiet short led to fact that j was bound to get lost. Then I felt a hand gently pick mine up from my side. I looked up and Sammy looked forward with a straight forward pissed off facial expression.

“What’s up Sammy”

“Nothing much baby girl.” I was a little upset that he didn’t tell what was bothering him.

“Well you don’t look happy right now, what is it?” I blurted out.

“It’s just I’m still pretty pissed off about the incident earlier and also I don’t want anyone just eyeing you like you’re a prize to be won.” He honestly said.

“Sam, don’t beat yourself up over it. Everything a fine we sorted it all out and I’m pretty sure he won’t be back again after getting a talk with you.”

“Yeah I guess” he said looking down with a smirk. Until we got to the car he didn’t let go of my hand.

On the way back home we had to stop at the grocery store, because I needed to by ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

Once we got home, Nate, Gilinsky, Nash and Hayes were knocked out on the couches in the living room. I decided to have a shower before cooking.

After that I walked downstairs ready to make tonight’s dinner. Then Sammy and Hayes joined me.

“Baby girl, what are we making today?” Sammy asked.

“Well we are having, Kerala chicken curry, flatbread (not naan), beef vindaloo for both me and Nate, Raita which is salad mixed with Greek yoghurt and pappadums, oh and rice”.

“Y/NN that sounds like a lot” exclaimed Hayes.

“Yep it is and we all need to get started soon.” I replied.

In the middle of cooking I got both Hayes and Sammy to taste test the dishes for the sign of approval and all the dishes passed.

The smell of the curries probably woke all the other boys up, because by the time the curries were in the oven to keep warm, one by one all the boys headed down to the dining room.

Hayes helped me set out the table and dishes and as we placed the curries down, I heard many compliments.

As I heard some questions about the curries, I introduced the curries to the boys.

“..and we have beef vindaloo, which is pretty spicy and it is mainly for Nate and myself but I you wanna try, go ahead”. I finished.

“Bring it on Y/N” Matt added.

I nodded my head at him. As all the boys got their curries, flatbread and rice, I noticed most of them sneaking some of the vindaloo. I just smirked to myself knowing what would happen in the end.

Matt, Johnson, Nash, Gilinsky, Hayes and Cam all took a little of the spicy curry and placed it in their mouth, while Sam went to the kitchen to grab some water and glasses. Surprisingly Hayes, Nash, Cam and Johnson didn’t have a problem but Matt was slowly dying and I said “Told you so..”.

After many compliments on dinner we all decided to watch a movie and without my say the boys all wanted to watch a horror movie. I wasn’t watching a horror movie so I left to my room. After sometime, I heard loud footsteps walk up the stairs. Then out of nowhere someone was using a damn god chainsaw. It was all a prank and I knew. To be honest that didn’t scare me so I thought up of a prank idea so that I could get them back. Unfortunately nothing came to mind. It would probably come to min d when you slept. You walked down stairs where the boys were all distracted and weren’t watching the movie. 

“Did you think you could scare me that easily” I asked and then all the boys looked behind me in shock, it was another prank, I bet.

As I went to turn around I slowly raised my hand and slapped the stupid ass clown mask. Then all the boys cracked up. I pulled the mask off to find a gobsmacked Nash.

“That’s for failing to prank me you idiot” I sassily said.

“Guys look at this!’ Johnson exclaimed.

We rushed to his side and he had caught everything on snap chat. When I slapped Nash everyone laughed.

Then Cam got a phone call.

“Hello?” he questioned in the phone, as he walked into another room.

After 10 minutes Cam arrived back and yelled “Guys the Dolans are joining us from now on.” All the guys were pretty excited and so was as I hadn’t met them yet.

By that time it was 11pm and we were all a little exhausted.

“I think it’s time to hit the sheets” Gilinsky said and we all agreed.

“Well we gotta wake up early tomorrow because we are heading out for a new place tomorrow.” Nash added.

Then a prank idea came to mind.

//Hey guys here is part 4 to long rides, I’m sorry for the wait, but I hope it was worth it. I’ll try to figure out how to make a master list soon so you guys can read all my imagines and stuff.

Part 5 will hopefully be up soon, but I’m not sure when, because school starts tomorrow for me.

Remember requests are open for imagines, preferences and ships, even if you just want to talk.// Rose xoxo