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How you the boys feel if Candy/ Guardienne left without a trace?

It’s the fourth time I try to write this.

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Well, but I hope you like it! I was a bit clueless about what to do with this one :v

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  • Nath would be a bit clueless and broken?
  • Like yesterday you were smiling and loving him
  • And then he wakes up and you’re not there
  • He tries to wait for you but then notices some of your clothes are gone, your phone, computer… everything.
  • There was no ticket or an explanation, you just left.
  • He would feel so empty and confuse, was it something he did? Or were you suffering in silence?
  • He would try his best not to freak out and call to your family and friends, but they had no idea you left.
  • He will definitely report it to the police
  • Life without you wasn’t the same, he didn’t know what to feel, say or do. He was devasted,


  • Castiel would feel so betrayed like, he trusted you everything and loved you with all his heart and you just left him without an explanation or even a talk?
  • He couldn’t trust anyone but you so in the end he cries a lot.
  • Probably overthinks about this, has insomnia, doesn’t even eat.
  • Will also contact your friends and family
  • Would risk his life to search for you
  • This guy is pretty stubborn so I kinda doubt he will stop searching for you soon.
  • He just wants you in his arms again ):


  • Would probably be clueless and didn’t even care at the beginning. 
  • He thought that you left to go shopping or something so he didn’t pay THAT attention.
  • But the time passes and he notices some of your things are gone and like?? You didn’t even call
  • Tries to call you but it doesn’t even ring
  • Starts to get worried and calls your friends, family, the school and maybe the hospital
  • And then he gets desesperate, notice your clothes aren’t even there
  • How did he not notice? But mostly, how didn’t he notice that you weren’t okay?
  • Heartbroken seriously.
  • Maybe will try to search for you and tell the police, but will accept your will to go and give up.


  • He wouldn’t also notice at first. Since he’s a bit of an air head he thought that you probably told him where you went but he forgot.
  • He messages you, but if after like 7 hours you don’t reply/call he will be worried.
  • Called you, but it didn’t ring.
  • Called your family but they didn’t knew anything about you in days.
  • Starts to get worried and looks in the house: your favourite perfume? not there! your clothes? gone! letters? no where to be found!
  • Thinks that he did something wrong, probably crying, not too much.
  • Tries to search for clues but then remembers he can try to localize you through your phone signal!
  • He runs to the place the signal caught you lastly, is devasted to see that you’re not there.
  • Can’t find a clue about you, tries to run through the roads and forests and in the end, he just gives hope, but never loses the hope that one day you’ll be back. In the first months whenever Alexy unlocks the door, he thinks that it’s you, but you’re never there.
  • Heartbroken, sad.


  • This boy would notice just from feeling that the bed was too cold!
  • Goes to the kitchen, bathroom, garden, living room, attic… And gets a bit desesperated! You always tell him where are you going before leaving! 
  • Also, 7am? You would never wake up that early, he knows it!
  • Any of your clothes were there, nor shoes, jewelry, computer.
  • Tries to call you, he does ring but no one answers.
  • Would freak out and call the police.
  • Will remember after to call your parents and friends, but they don’t know anything.
  • Never gives up, he will find you one day and he stills is very positive about that!
  • Will cry himself to sleep.
  • Is really heartbroken.



  • Would def. be worried like, where do you think you went alone lady?
  • Would ask EVERYONE if they have seen you, probably gets answers like “no” and “I was searching for her too”.
  • Asks the guards if they have seen you leaving the gates, but they say they don’t.
  • “Oh so she flew?”
  • Thinks you were kidnapped by someone! Makes everything he can to find clues of anything!
  • Tries to find you by your smell, steps that ended in the middle of nowhere, like did you fucking fly?
  • He’s so worried and sad, but also a bit salty you didn’t told him anything, like he fucking trusted you what the hell.
  • The Shadow Guard (idk) will defenitely be searching for you if the Light Guard didn’t want to.
  • Would be so hurt, you didn’t even said anything…
  • NEVER gives up.


  • Searches for you, doesn’t find you, gets mad at you, stops.
  • You had things to do with him today.
  • Random people start asking him if he has seen you and he’s like “I thought she was with you????”
  • Searches for you even in the damn toilet!
  • His heart is beating so fast, he’s not joking anymore!
  • Starts screaming for your name, sends his pet to search you in all places he can!
  • Searches the forest alone and with help of the guard.
  • Tries to make a potion that can find you, will probably make the absynthe guard help him do it. (like you drop it on the floor and you can see X people steps)
  • Everyone is like ???, specially his guard because he’s normally so chill he’s never mad or anything so they really obey him and try to satisfy him.
  • SISTAR’s Alone mood for sure: “Walks alone, cries alone, gets drunk alone, and cries and cries again, can’t sleep because of you”.
  • He’s half heartbroken and half mad.
  • Loses hope but out of nowhere he finds random clues that gives him 7 minutes of hope.


  • Oh Dear, I have no idea about you Valk.
  • Would be sad, heartbroken and desesperate like the others where!
  • Would try to be a detective and find clues, but fails.
  • Reports this to Miiko after making sure everyone in his Guard and his “close friends” like the boys, kero, ykhar where already informed and asked to search for you with him.
  • Half of him gives up, but the other one doesn’t.
  • Is really stubborn about anything.
  • Thinks if he didn’t say anything that might hurt you.
  • w o r r i e d (people do this sometimes, it seemed cool so I did it too :|)
  • Can’t sleep correctly.
  • You should’ve stayed with him.
  • Doesn’t accept *inserts annoying voice* “we did everything we could” like stfu and keep searching.

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Can you make a hc about candys first met with guys parents (except ep 21) ( and sorry for bad english 0.0)

MMMM - this is actually one of the most requested headcanons in my inbox! Even after cleaning it out a few months back, it’s still on top. Haha i’m such an insecure little shit about my headcanons do you guys really like them. Other than that, let me know what you think of the new layout that’s used by @camec.

Nathaniel (Francis and Adelaide)

To be honest, Nathaniel wouldn’t want to introduce Candy to his parents, at all. For obvious reasons, especially with the fact she doesn’t (yet) know about what happens at home, he wouldn’t want for her to meet them. He wouldn’t bring them up unless Candy had initiated a conversation about meeting them. Hesitantly, he’d accept to let her meet them.

- They wouldn’t go anywhere fancy to meet his parents, instead, Nathaniel would take her to his place to meet them. Adelaide is more than willing to bring her into their ‘beautiful household’ and Francis would be well-mannered, but keeping an eye on Nathaniel for anything he does ‘wrong’. In any case, before Candy found out about him being abused, they would be very welcoming towards her.

- Adelaide would be the one starting conversations with Candy. Such conversations being “So, Candy..are there any certain hobbies you’re interested in?” to get a feel on Candy’s personality. Honestly, Adelaide is very logical when it comes to deciphering people like that. Though she doesn’t give off a good vibe, knowing what happens in the house, she already likes Candy after a few hours/conversations they have.

- Francis doesn’t initiate many conversations with Candy, but puts in an effort to get to know her. Some questions like “And how was it meeting Nathaniel? He was behaved, right?” unintentionally hinting that he’s strict towards Nathaniel. He’s more into knowing what Nathaniel does around Candy, than Candy herself, since he wants for Nath to be on his 'best behavior’. Either way, he’s pretty chill around her (for the first time, at least).

- Only if the higher power could take Nathaniel and Candy elsewhere. He’d be nervous. He knows that Candy’s a good person, of course, but he’s so damn tense when he’s around his parents and Candy. He tries to do everything the best he can while she’s around so they don’t 'make a scene’ in front of her. Whether it’s placing the big spoons with the little spoons, he doesn’t want for her to find out (especially when they’re dating, please, no).

- The first meeting ends in high spirits, fortunately. At the end, Nathaniel would let Candy spend the night with him. If she does, he would take a while to fix himself up to tell her about what happens around there. As strange as it’d seem to do so, he already knows it wouldn’t be a good idea to hide it from her forever. Plus, she’s his girlfriend. He trusts her and he would place his trust in her to keep it to herself (and let the arc begin).

- If Candy does reveal his secret, he’d be upset. Upset that he had placed his trust in her not to do anything and she went against his wishes. It’d be no different if they weren’t dating, he’d react the same way. Nath would be soft trying to explain his reasoning behind hiding it (but overall pissed that she revealed his secret, which adds tension on her).

- If Candy doesn’t reveal his secret, he’d be relieved. Eventually, after weeks of being at his house and hanging around, he’d open up. Nathaniel would believe that it’s a lot more logical to wait until he’s ready on his own terms before opening up about it. Then, they could deal with that problem. As for now, he’d wait until things seem too tense to hide it anymore.

Castiel (Jean-Louis and Valerie)

- Candy? Meeting his parents? That’s not his list of priorities, it doesn’t even exist on the list as it is. The farthest he’d go with a girl is to meet his parents which is the last thing he has on his mind in a relationship. He’d never bring them up, ever. Candy would have to be the one telling him that she’d want to meet his parents.

- Castiel wouldn’t be in a good mood about it. He’s pretty distant from his parents because they’re abroad most of the time. He’d take her up to his place and wait for his parents to arrive, since there’s no way in hell he’s going anywhere else to leave his place, he wants to enjoy his time while he still can. Meanwhile, he’d be hanging out with Candy until then.

- Just as he and Candy are doing there own thing and there’s a knock at the door, Castiel’s mood would plummet towards the ground. Really? He wouldn’t think it’s necessary for her to meet his parents, they’re just his parents, it’s nothing (super) special to him. As the door is answered, Valerie would greet him with a hug and just kiss all over his face. This is where the hell really begins.

- Honestly, it wouldn’t take any time for Valerie to notice Candy in the room. She’s very happy and already excited to meet her. “Oh, you must be Candy! It’s so nice to meet you, Cassy talks about you all the time.” unintentionally embarrasses Castiel, all the time. Valerie would engage in starting conversations the most, already asking Candy questions. “So? How’d you meet? How was it, was Cassy well behaved?” are you sure she named him 'Castiel’ because 'Cassy’ seems very apparent in her speech.

- Castiel wouldn’t even try to stop her, he doesn’t want to interact. That’s until Jean-Louis would pull him into the conversations. “Now son, don’t be like won’t take too long,” Jean-Louis would be keeping the peace and tension down with Castiel, all he really wants is to meet his girlfriend and have a nice time doing so.

- Valerie would embarrass the living shit out of Castiel. She’d bring up his childhood memories, past troubles he had, and she even brings out the family album, showing a little Castiel aggressively playing with a rubber duck. Castiel would be in a living hell, he knows he has no way out of this, he doesn’t even try to say anything. Usually a “Mom, stop.” or “Candy doesn’t need to know that..” is the most he’ll say.

- Candy would have a blast, Jean-Louis would try so hard to hold back his laughter at his sons reaction. He wants to be a good example to Castiel, but can he really help it? Jean-Louis would just be enjoying it, sometimes dropping some hints of just how much Castiel has already said about Candy, just to make him that more embarrassed.

- Castiel doesn’t stand a chance. Already after the first meeting, Castiel’s parents really like Candy. Valerie would be more than willing to meet up with her more often or call her on the phone, Jean-Louis is very welcoming for her to come and visit more often as they aren’t around. At some point, Castiel did enjoy some jokes (but not the most of them) and will never admit it was nice to see them. Maybe next time, he won’t be so angsty about it.

Lysander (George and Josiane)

- After a few weeks, so much as a month or two, Lysander would bring up his parents. Just in a small conversation, seeing as Lysander has already seen hers (through the wrath of her father, of course), he’d invite Candy to meet his parents, only if she’d want to.

- The meeting takes place back in his hometown, back on the farmland. Lysander wouldn’t want for his parents to come up all the way into the city and exhaust themselves. Plus, he wouldn’t want for them to come up there anyways, because of all the noise. He just doesn’t want to disturb them, that’s all.

- Honestly, he’d be very happy. Both, because he’s going back home and because his parents are finally going to meet her. He’d give her a warning that his mother is “quite forgetful” and his father has “medical complications” but he’s alright. He’s more concerned if Candy will really like the farmland, depending on her personality towards animals.

- Before meeting up with his parents, Lysander would show Candy that little farmhouse he was in with those bunnies. He’d tell her that “When I was younger, I would almost always be here..this is where most of the bunnies were kept,” goodness he’s just so happy to be back. He’d probably hang out there with the bunnies, until bringing Candy into his parents home.

- Of course, when Josiane first sees Candy, she mistakes her for Rosalya. Josiane is very gentle and kind-hearted, she’s not really a talker, but she loves more company around their 'little quiet’ house. George, on the other hand, is a talker. He’s willing to be the one asking Candy questions, though he might forget what he asked her. Both are very welcoming, already, and would introduce Candy to their home.

- Josiane would talk a lot about Lysander, asking very few questions about herself. Living by her thought of  “If my dear boy, Lysander, is with her…then she must be a very good girl.” She trusts Lysander’s judgement, as much as her husbands, completely. She wouldn’t want to pry in Candy’s business either. She would show her a few pictures of when he was younger and the memories they had in the house until he had moved to the city. Josiane does miss Lysander, but knows he’s just a call away.

- George, again, is a talker. He’d ask Candy about her favorite things to do and trail on and on about what he likes. Not to be prideful, but it’s just what eldery folks do, he could talk for days if he wanted. He’d probably entertain Candy with his little stories of child Lysander and the funny things he used to do around the place. “Did Lysander ever tell you that he’d try to pick up all of the bunny’s around the den? Because oh boy, he really loves them, maybe I could give 'em one?” he loves his skyscraper son.

- Lysander is so happy, just smiling and listening to his parents. He doesn’t get to see them often, as much as he’d love to, but he can’t help but be super loving around them. He’s not embarassed, by the slightest, until George goes like “And have I ever told you how much Lysander would talk about 'cha, Candy? Woowie, that boy could go on for hours if he wanted to!” then he’d just be like 'please, dad, no stop’ inside.

- Leaving would be the hardest part for Lysander and watching him leave would be hard on Josiane. He usually worries about his parents having to be gone for such a while, living alone on a farm (and without Leigh), but he knows they can handle themselves. Josiane loves Lysander dearly and really cares for Candy, even after that one meeting, and hopes that they’ll come again. George would be happy, disappointed that they’re leaving so soon, but this happy old guy is satisfied.

Armin (Arnaud and Victoria)

- He’d be more than willing to introduce Candy to his parents. Seeing as they’re super chill, there’s nothing to worry about introducing Candy to them. He’d be the one to ask her about it, probably a few times, before Candy finally agrees on meeting them.

- Armin isn’t a fancy person, he’s not going to make a reservation at a restaurant for her to meet his parents. No, his house is just the perfect place for that. It’s nice, comfortable, plus he lives there - so he doesn’t have to be the one to leave. Alexy’s excited for his parents to meet his 'best friend’ and keeps on wondering of what his mother will think of her, because of how close they are.

- The house is just top to bottom gorgeous, Victoria being an interior designer (and even my own mother), she knows just how to make the house a beautiful one. Victoria would be very observant of Candy, probably giving her a bad vibe, until she welcomes her with a “So, you’re Candy? Aren’t you just adorable, Armin should’ve introduced you sooner!” indeed, she’s an extrovert.

- Arnaud isn’t much of a talker, he’s probably introverted. But he’s pretty chill, if not, very. He’d just greet Candy with a smile and go “Hey kiddo, welcome to house,” he’d just welcome her and go on with his day. Honestly, he already knows how much of a good person Candy must be for someone like Armin to date her. He’s actually surprised that Armin had a girlfriend, he didn’t suspect it, no offense.

- Victoria wouldn’t take anytime to situate herself and Candy for a little talk. She’d mainly ask about how her and Armin met before already moving onto more sensitive subjects. “Alright, have you guys made out before or not?” she’s just so nonchalant with this type of conversation, it’s so apparent, she’s really willing to talk about anything with her. The conversation would start off slow and then Victoria would move it onto a comedic level, to assure Candy she shouldn’t feel awkward in any way.

- Honestly? Armin would be grinning his ass off, he knew that this was going to be a great meeting. He doesn’t interfere with their conversations, figuring that he’d throw off their 'girl talk’, he’d just hang around with his dad and ask what he’d think of Candy. Arnaud doesn’t have a bad judgement on her, but from what Armin has told him, he’s alright. “I might not know her much, Armin, but she’s a keeper.” what a great dad, making his son’s life easy.

- Victoria wouldn’t embarrass Armin, at all. In fact, she’d keep a low enough voice to tell Candy somethings he’s done in his life so he wouldn’t know. From his energetic behavior as a child to when he was an edgy teen, she’d love to tell him about all the geeky stuff he does, she’d have Candy snorting, for sure.

- After this first meeting, Victoria would end up wanting Candy to come over more often. As for Arnaud, he really doesn’t mind. If his wife is fine with it, then he’s fine, he’s not going to make things difficult (nor does he want to, he’s a peacemaker). In other words, everything’s chill, and Victoria would want for her to come back more.

Kentin (Giles and Manon)

- After a few months of dating the thought of meeting his parents only just hit him when Candy mentioned hers. Honestly, he’s never thought about it. Not in a bad way, he’s just never put thought into her meeting his parents. To be honest, he’s very up to it and would ask Candy what she thinks before he invites her.

- Manon would be so excited, she’d be talking her mouth off to Giles about it. “Ken is finally going to introduce us to his girlfriend! Aren’t you excited, hun?” Giles, honestly, is alright with it but really isn’t into it. Of course he’d like to meet her but he’s just not into this sort of thing, he’d just want to know some things about her and move on.

- As soon as she’s brought through that door, she’d be death-hugged by Manon. No escape, Manon is just so happy to see her, Kentin would laugh. Maybe that’s where he got that mad strength from, other than military camp. “I’m so excited you’re finally over! Ken has been keeping you away for so long!” She calls him Ken, she has the privilege. She’d wait for Candy to get her things off before inviting her into the living room to talk.

- Manon takes no time to ask her questions, of course, like any mother would. “It’s so great to have you here, Candy! I’ve been wondering when we could meet, but it’s very nice to see you.” She’s very well mannered (and energetic) towards Candy as Giles just observes from the sidelines, not being as much as a talker, unlike his wife.

- Giles is pretty alright with Candy, trusting his wife’s judgement about how much Kentin cares for Candy and all.  " has Kentin been acting? Good, I presume?“  He’d inquire her about Kentin and his behavior, making sure he’s been good to her. Because, if not, he won’t hesitate to fix that for her. He’s in a pretty good mood, which just makes Kentin a lot less nervous about him.

- Kentin is in good spirits, too, and is just glad his father is in a good mood. Manon would offer Candy some sweets and would end up over stuffing her with cookies and desserts, Kentin just likes watching his mother interact with Candy. He’s just very proud that he’s his girlfriend and he hopes that Candy is, too.

- The conversation doesn’t last very long, until Manon invites Candy into their kitchen and try to bake. Whether Candy is a baker or not, Manon would be happy to help her around the kitchen and just make her some desserts to take back home. Giles would have to warn Manon not to over-stuff Candy on the first meeting, making a few dad jokes.

- Manon would (again) death hug Candy before she leaves, though she doesn’t mean it. Manon already liked her before she met her, knowing her from middle school when 'Ken’ would talk about her, all the way to when 'Kentin’ would (finally) date her.

- Kentin would ask more for his father’s opinion on her, than his mothers because it’s so apparent on how she feels, Giles would say something like “Well, your mother is right. Your Candy, is a keeper.” As soon as he pats his shoulder, Kentin would just give himself a victory fist when he looks away. He’s so proud.

- At the end, the meeting ends in high and good spirits. Manon already asking if Candy could come back again and Giles just giving her his goodbyes, Kentin won’t hesitate the next time if Candy wants to see them again. He could only imagine how much better it could get.

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can you please do the reaction of the mcl/eldarya guys to candyu/gardy death? thanks!

The saddest Post I’ve made by far.


I wanted to kill someone and I wanted to die and I wanted to run as far and as fast as I could because she was never coming back. She had fallen off the face of the earth and she was never coming back.

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I have lived with you and loved you, and now you are gone. Gone where I cannot follow, until I have finished all of my days.

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There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief

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Everyone keeps telling me that time heals all wounds, but no one can tell me what I’m supposed to do right now.

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Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.

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I know she isn’t coming back, but I still think that she will. Nothing can make that go away. We figure out what death means when we’re born, practically, and we live our whole lives in some kind of weird denial about it

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Every second of every day I still love them, and I won’t believe they are dead until I see it for myself.

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Lucky is the one who dies first, who never has to know what survivors endure.

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